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Merlin ficlet: Yes I'll Go with You

Title: Yes I'll Go with You
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing : Gwen/Morgana
Rating : G
Words: 200
Notes: A few days ago we stopped in a gift shop where [ profile] claudia603 found a mermaid doll that immediately made us think of Gwen from the BBC series Merlin, which we'd been forcing our friends to watch. She decided to buy it along with a matching Morgana doll as inspiration both for an original fic (which is not about mermaids) and for a Merlin AU (which will be). I wrote this double drabble for the AU. Claudia's pic is under the cut -- something that's hard to make out in the picture is that they're both wearing crowns with little hearts on them.

mermaid Morgana and Gwen

Left to herself, Gwen might have kept to the sleepy places, the comforting cool darkness of the deep sea, where nothing much happened and no one paid her any mind. But Morgana liked swimming up near the surface, singing with the dolphins, teasing the sailors half-mad with want. And Gwen liked being with Morgana more than anything, so she followed, and she found the shallows could be just as lovely as the depths.

They'd find a swift current and chase each other across wide stretches of sea, past a dozen mermaid kingdoms and twice as many islands – kingdoms and colonies of two-legged men whose names Gwen didn't trouble to learn. And even though she'd never swum so fast before, she didn't feel tired.

Sometimes Gwen swam underneath, and the sunlight shone around Morgana's face like a golden crown. Sometimes Gwen swam on top, and she knew Morgana saw the same vision when she gazed up at her, for when they called to each other they both sang, "My queen." From time to time Morgana would give a great smack with her tail and leap out of the water, and when Gwen joined her they both laughed in the open air.
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OMG, this was so great. I can't describe how absolutely great this really is. ;ja;sdkflja;sdklfj I'm so glad you posted this!!!!

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Oh, wow. This is just beautiful. I now want, more than anything, to be a mermaid.

Seriously, the beauty and longing and contentment of this piece is kinda mind-blowing. It's haunting.

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I love happiness. :)
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Aww, this is so adorable and happy and fun :D