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Podfic masterlist

ETA (March 7, 2018) I'm no longer updating this index. Please see my podfic on the AO3.

ETA (Oct 29, 2017) My podfic is now archived on the AO3, with file hosting generously provided by the wonderful [personal profile] paraka. This index links to the Dreamwidth posts where most of them were originally posted, but those download links may be broken.

Here are links to my podfics! If you're looking for a podfic that's not listed here, try the podfic tag. If you're looking for fic written by me, the best place is [ profile] sophinisba, but I also have an out-of-date fic index that mostly links to journal entries.

Today is the first day of [community profile] pod_aware! Today we want to make you aware of what podfic is:
Podfic: it's an audio recording of a fanfic, like an audiobook, how awesome is that? Fans from all over put their voices out there so you can enjoy fanfic on the go or just in a different way. To find out more about podfic, why we do it and how to get started, check out [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW.

If you would like to help make things easier for podfic fans, please pass on this info and this link! There is a fun podcast up at the first day's post and some other cool things linked in comments and other posts at the comm!

My fanwork for today is a masterlist of the podfics I have made! (Other people are posting more community-oriented things but whatever, this is something I've been putting off for a long time and I think it will be helpful.) I will do my best to keep it updated, but you can also always find my podfics by paging back through the podfic tag on my journal. If you ever feel like linking to this post you can also just use the tag: index Let me know if you find any broken links or other problems so I can fix them. Also if you ever feel like leaving me feedback on a podfic/some podfics but don't want to/can't find the individual post page, you can comment here!

This list is sorted first by fandom (in alphabetical order) and then by date, with the newest podfics on top. Links go to my journal posts with full headers and download links (or, for some more recent podfics, AO3 posts).


There's No Backing Up Now by [personal profile] themadlurker, Google Desktop/Norton Antivirus, 9 minutes

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Moon and the Ocean by [ profile] Rebecca_Hb, Katara and Yue, 6 minutes

Late Night Games by [personal profile] dagas_isa, Azula/Ty Lee, 7 minutes


Crossover with Doctor Who: Come By Any Time by [personal profile] such_heights, Darcy Lewis/Amy Pond, 13 minutes (next two podfics at the same link)

Chief Executive Officer by [ profile] TheCheerfulPornographer, Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov, 11 minutes

Women's Weapons by [personal profile] thingswithwings, Maria Hill/Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov, 29 minutes

For Love of Country by [ profile] Geonn, Maria solo, 9 minutes

if you clock me, you got me by [personal profile] sabinetzin, Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark, 10 minutes


Candles by [ profile] gala_apples, Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way/Pete Wentz, 9 minutes

Battlestar Galactica

Still Life by [personal profile] fallingtowers, cover art by [personal profile] yue_ix, Dualla and Kara, 31 minutes

What We Want by [ profile] lizardbeth, Kara/Sam/Lee, 9 minutes

Being Human

Crossover with Jewish folklore, Torchwood, and Merlin: From the Honolulu Heights Guestbook by [personal profile] sophinisba, Annie and others, mostly gen, 16 minutes

The Vampire Lestat Lied to Me (so did Edward Cullen) by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, Annie and Nancy, 28 minutes

The Bible

After by [ profile] rubynye, Eve/Lilith, 5 minutes

Brideshead Revisited

Crossover with Harry Potter: Bounders by [ profile] sophrosyne31, Draco/Harry/Sebastian Flyte, 18 minutes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

But Never Too Much by [ profile] neveralarch, Amy/Rosa, 3 minutes

Desk Job by [ profile] MoreThanSlightly, Amy/Rosa, 7 minutes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Crossover with It's a Wonderful Life: Dance by the Light of the Moon by [personal profile] melannen, Spike/Drusilla and George Bailey, 17 minutes

Piquancy by [personal profile] sasha_feather, Buffy/Faith, 9 minutes


Amateur Production by [ profile] geonn, Britta/Page, 7 minutes

#AnniesMove by [personal profile] katarin, Abed/Troy and Abed/Annie/Troy, 23 minutes

On a Steal Horse I Ride by [ profile] blackwayfarers, Abed/Annie/Troy, 46 minutes

automated daydreaming by [ profile] loveyouallwrong, Troy/Abed, 14 minutes

Crossover with Huge: Intro to Public Relations by [personal profile] happydork, Troy/Abed/Becca, 18 minutes

Doctor Who

You're My Oxygen by [ profile] leiascully, Eleven/River, 8 minutes

Crossover with Avengers: Come By Any Time by [personal profile] such_heights, Darcy Lewis/Amy Pond, 13 minutes

What We've Become (the Mt. Saint Helens Remix) by [personal profile] vanitashaze, Donna/Martha, 1 hour 9 minutes

Two Worlds by [ profile] allfireburns, Martha, 2 minutes

This Is Tomorrow by [personal profile] glinda, Christina/Donna, 18 minutes

This Is Tomorrow (The Getaway Driver Remix) by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, Christina/Donna, 24 minutes

What We've Become, Donna/Martha, 25 minutes

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Go To Lyrae) by [personal profile] significantowl, Martha/Ten, 29 minutes

The Eagle/Eagle of the Ninth

Learn to Fly by [ profile] Sineala, Marcus/Esca, 10 minutes

Wings by [ profile] osprey_archer, Marcus and Esca, 13 minutes

Ringed With Silver by [personal profile] carmarthen, Marcus/Esca, 53 minutes

The Faculty

Five Things that Never Happened to Stokely Mitchell by [personal profile] sophinisba, Stokely/various, 34 minutes


Navigations by [personal profile] solvent, Kaylee gen, 6 minutes

Impersonal by [personal profile] anna_bird, Inara/Zoe, 24 minutes

Still Flying True by [personal profile] livrelibre, River/Zoe, 13 minutes

The Good Wife

something to talk about by [ profile] etben, Cary/Dana and Cary/Kalinda, 7 minutes

Harold and Kumar

It's The Thought That Counts by [personal profile] thedeadparrot, Harold/Kumar, 11 minutes

Harry Potter

Swan Song by [personal profile] sophinisba, Cho Chang gen, 1 minute

Being Liquid by [ profile] rotaryphones, Teddy/Victoire, 44 minutes

Crossover with Brideshead Revisited: Bounders by [ profile] sophrosyne31, Draco/Harry/Sebastian Flyte, 18 minutes

Something to Squeal About by [ profile] amanuensis, Cho/Luna, 15 minutes

Homicide: Life on the Street

three-part disharmony by [profile] bossymarmelade, Frank and Tim, 9 minutes

The Hour

running you with red by [ profile] sophieisgod, Freddie/Lix, 7 minutes


In Gear by [personal profile] kass, House/Wilson, 5 minutes

Collar by [personal profile] danwriteskink, Lisa/Thirteen, 11 minutes

Come In(to) My Parlour by [personal profile] danwriteskink, Lisa/Thirteen, 11 minutes

Multi-tasking by [personal profile] highlander_ii, Cameron/House, 5 minutes

How To Get Away With Murder

Ritual Madness by [ profile] clio_jlh, Laurel, Michaela, 15 minutes


You're My Best Friend (And I Love You) by [personal profile] torachan, Becca/Chloe, 7 minutes

Crossover with Community: Intro to Public Relations by [personal profile] happydork, Troy/Abed/Becca, 18 minutes


Plotted by [personal profile] locketofyourhair, Ariadne/Arthur, 3 minutes

Crossover with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: A Run of Crazy Dreams by [personal profile] gloria_mundi, Arthur/Eames, 17 minutes

Avec mes souvenirs by [ profile] airgiodslv, Ariadne/Mal, 13 minutes

Prägnanz by [ profile] recrudescence, Arthur/Eames, 48 minutes (next two podfics at same link)

Prognosis by [ profile] recrudescence, Arthur/Eames, 60 minutes

Sickness and Shame by [ profile] recrudescence, Arthur/Eames, 48 minutes

It's a Wonderful Life

Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dance by the Light of the Moon by [personal profile] melannen, Spike/Drusilla and George Bailey, 17 minutes

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Crossover with Inception: A Run of Crazy Dreams by [personal profile] gloria_mundi, Arthur/Eames, 17 minutes


The Pie Job by [personal profile] thingswithwings, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, 7 minutes

Like Water for Chocolate

La Adelita, Gertrudis gen, 15 minutes

The Little Mermaid

Now, the Matter by [ profile] rubynye, Ariel/Ursula, 5 minutes

Lord of the Rings

Dank by [personal profile] claudia603, Frodo/Aragorn, 20 minutes

Torn from the Map by [personal profile] sophinisba, Frodo/Aragorn, 32 minutes

He Came to Meet Me by [personal profile] sophinisba, Pippin/Diamond, 17 minutes

Bind His Hands by [personal profile] claudia603, Frodo/Faramir, 8 minutes

Gondor Has no Buttons, Gondor Needs No Buttons by [personal profile] sophinisba, Merry/Pippin, 33 minutes

Lessons for Boromir by [personal profile] sophinisba, Aragorn/Boromir/Frodo, 4 minutes

Lord of the Rings RPF

Dom's on top again by [personal profile] cesare and [personal profile] anatsuno, Dom/Elijah, 32 minutes

Birthday Toes by [ profile] hanarobi, Dom/Elijah, 18 minutes


Home by [ profile] sassafrasx, Gwen/Morgana, 5 minutes

Her Lady's Favour by [ profile] flammablehat, Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Arthur, podfic collaboration with [personal profile] analise010 and [ profile] teprometo, 6 minutes

Someone Special by [ profile] teprometo, Arthur/Merlin, 26 minutes

The Mechanic by [ profile] i_claudia, Gwen/everyone, 6 minutes

Her Masterpiece Is the Mess Inside You by [ profile] teprometo, Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Arthur, 6 minutes (locked to AO3 users)

Fall of Princes by [personal profile] kaizoku, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin, 16 minutes

And Put Away Wet by [ profile] flammablehat, Elena/Vivian, 5 minutes (next two podfics at the same link)

The Super Part I Can Handle by [personal profile] sophinisba, Gwen/Freya, 5 minutes

In Kind by [ profile] malu_3, Arthur/Morgana, 5 minutes

No Dancing Shoes in Space by [ profile] itachitachi, Gwen/Merlin and OT4, 6 minutes

Rumpled by [ profile] samyazaz, Elena/Vivian, 5 minutes

Chokepoint by [ profile] flammablehat, Arthur/Gwen, 22 minutes

Naptime by [ profile] alba71, Arthur/Merlin, 6 minutes (next two podfics in the same post)

Making Reparations by [ profile] sheswatching, Arthur/Mary, 6 minutes

Feather Pillows by [ profile] lady_ragnell, Vivian/Elena/Mithian, 3 minutes

shot to the heart of hell by [personal profile] growlery, Gwen/Morgana, 5 minutes

Kit'n Kaboodle by [personal profile] cat_77, Gaius, Gwen, Arthur, and Merlin, 3 minutes

Some Kind of Strength by [ profile] lolafeist, Arthur/Merlin, 12 minutes

Yonder Comes the Morning by [personal profile] vanessarama, Arthur/Merlin, 38 minutes

Arcane Asylum by [ profile] new_kate, cover art by [ profile] lolafeist, Arthur/Merlin with other pairings, 12 hours and 43 minutes (omg)

Of apples and spectacular things by [personal profile] emei, Merlin and Will, 12 minutes

Trio by [ profile] lawgoddess, cover art by [personal profile] cat_77, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin, 33 minutes

Crossover with Torchwood: Rebirth by [personal profile] such_heights, Ianto + ensemble, 8 minutes

Ever More and More by [ profile] matchsticks_p, cover art by [personal profile] growlery, Gwaine/Merlin, 22 minutes

Listen, Learn, Arthur/Merlin, 23 minutes

Like This by [personal profile] bewarethesmirk, Morgana/Nimueh, 3 minutes

Before and After, Arthur/Merlin, 41 minutes

Merrily On High by [personal profile] gnimaerd, Gwen/Morgana, 1 hour 39 minutes

The Tree by [personal profile] briar_pipe, Gwen-centric, 3 minutes

Waking Up by [personal profile] fitz_y, Gwen/Morgana, 10 minutes

Best of Both Worlds by [ profile] flammablehat, Arthur/Merlin, 7 minutes

All he Wants by [personal profile] incapricious, Merlin/Morgana, 7 minutes

Down in the Valley (where nobody knows), Elena/Morgana, 9 minutes

The Fuckmachine (1 and 2) by [ profile] lolafeist, Arthur/Merlin, 38 minutes

We'll Slide Down the Surface of Things by [personal profile] sophinisba, Arthur/Gwen and Arthur/Gwen/Merlin, 34 minutes

The Telegraph Boy by [personal profile] corilannam, Arthur/Merlin, 16 minutes

Limited Edition, Vivian/All The Ladies, 6 minutes

Fur-lined Gloves by [ profile] marguerite_26, Arthur/Merlin, 5 minutes

The Red Collar by [ profile] kathkin, Arthur/Merlin, 6 minutes (next two podfics in the same post)

Hold It In by [ profile] lolafeist, Arthur/Merlin with Uther and others, 4 minutes

untitled by [ profile] ninja_orange, Cenred/Merlin, 4 minutes

My Best Kept Secret by [personal profile] sophinisba, Freya/Merlin, 11 minutes (next three podfics in the same post)

Tools of the Dragonlord by [ profile] itachitachi, Merlin/Will, 4 minutes

Guessing Game by [ profile] visbranndrage, Arthur/Merlin, 7 minutes

Did Someone Send for the Fire Brigade? by [personal profile] themadlurker, Gwen/Lancelot, 13 minutes

Grease-stained by [ profile] heather, Gwen/Morgana, 4 minutes

The Universal Language by [ profile] srin, Gwen/Morgana, 1 hour 35 minutes

Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love by [ profile] new_kate, cover art by [personal profile] yue_ix, Arthur/Merlin, 1 hour 30 minutes

A Lever and a Place to Stand by [ profile] twoskeletons, cover art by [personal profile] lunatique, Arthur/Merlin, 1 hour 22 minutes

Experienced by [ profile] lolafeist, Merlin/Uther, 54 minutes

Crossover with Being Human: From the Honolulu Heights Guestbook by [personal profile] sophinisba, Annie and others, mostly gen, 16 minutes

Dwell in Possibility by [personal profile] glim, Gwen/Merlin and Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, 16 minutes (next five podfics in the same post)

It's How You Take Them Off by [personal profile] significantowl, Gwen/Merlin, 10 minutes

Wonder What You Are by [ profile] capricornucopia, Gwen/Merlin, 12 minutes

untitled by [ profile] srin, Gwen/Merlin, 9 minutes

Just Friends by [profile] meri_sefket, Gwen/Merlin, 12 minutes

Bird of Passage by [personal profile] emei, Gwen/Morgana and Gwen/various, 12 minutes

The Unbroken Thread by [ profile] dayari, Arthur/Merlin, 1 hour 14 minutes

Protect Me from What I Want by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, Morgana/Morgause, 23 minutes

Be So Bold by [personal profile] sophinisba, Gwen/Morgana, 20 minutes
Be So Bold (The Boys' Own Remix) by [personal profile] significantowl, Merlin/Will, 13 minutes

Silk by [personal profile] glim, Gwen/Morgana, 3 minutes
Silk (The Strange Magic Mix by [personal profile] glinda, Gwen/Morgana, 11 minutes

Stripped Bare by [ profile] chicago_ruth, Arthur/Merlin, 13 minutes

Pastimes and Lifestyles by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, 1 hour 47 minutes

Glory Hole by [ profile] tetsubinatu, Arthur/Merlin, 9 minutes

Trust (lay down your burdens) by [personal profile] such_heights, Arthur/Gwen, 6 minutes

The Secretary by [ profile] gnimaerd, Gwen/Morgana, 29 minutes

Four Times Arthur Was Seduced By Magic, and One Time He Wasn’t (the five things remix) by [ profile] slashweaver, Arthur/Merlin, 30 minutes

A Connecticut Caterpillar on Prince Arthur's Leaf, Arthur/Merlin, 5 minutes

For the Love of Arthur's Armour and Working Out the Kinks by [ profile] slightlytookish and [personal profile] themadlurker, Merlin/Arthur's armour, 10 minutes

Building Destiny by [ profile] srin, Arthur/Merlin, 5 minutes

Change for the Better by [personal profile] sophinisba, Gwen/Morgana, 5 minutes

A Rose by Any Other by [ profile] srin, Gwen/Morgana, 16 minutes

The Box by [ profile] miakun, Gwen/Morgana, 17 minutes

Yes I'll Go with You by [personal profile] sophinisba, Gwen/Morgana, 1 minute

Merlin RPF

Do You Wanna Come Over and Kill Some Time? by [personal profile] amber, Bradley/Colin, 33 minutes

Open (Filthy Reverence) by [ profile] kick_flaw, Bradley/Colin, 23 minutes


The E-mail by [personal profile] sophinisba, Dave/Lisa, 14 minutes

Northern Exposure

Just Listen by [personal profile] trascendenza, Marilyn, 1 minute

Pan's Labyrinth
Returning to the Deep by [personal profile] tristesses, Mercedes, 10 minutes

Parks and Recreation

And a Matching Bra For an Extra Boost by [personal profile] escapedsnake911, Donna solo, 3 minutes

Concession by [personal profile] thingswithwings, Leslie Knope/Jennifer Barkley, 14 minutes

Break the Sky by [ profile] listedheart, Andy/April, 15 minutes


Growing Pains by [personal profile] thingswithwings, Gus/Shawn, 41 minutes

Serenade by [personal profile] trascendenza, Gus/Shawn, 21 minutes

Stargaze by [personal profile] toft, Gus/Shawn, 5 minutes

Star Trek (2009)

Have in Mind by [ profile] rubynye, Kirk/Pike, 15 minutes

Receive Transmission by [personal profile] tristesses, Spock/Uhura, 24 minutes

Lunch and Other Obscenities by [personal profile] rheanna, Uhura and Gaila (gen with Spock/Uhura), 55 minutes

Expectations by [personal profile] ysobel, Spock/Uhura, 8 minutes

A Meditative State by [personal profile] tristesses, Spock/Uhura, 18 minutes

Teen Wolf

Setting Bones by [ profile] starbeast, Scott/Isaac, 11 minutes


Crossover with Merlin: Rebirth by [personal profile] such_heights, Ianto + ensemble, 8 minutes

Come Back and Haunt Me by [ profile] allfireburns, Suzie/Toshiko, 4 minutes

Crossover with Being Human: From the Honolulu Heights Guestbook by [personal profile] sophinisba, Annie and others, mostly gen, 16 minutes

Intersection by [personal profile] redsnake05, Toshiko gen, 40 minutes

West Side Story

Independence Wars by [personal profile] kerrypolka, Maria gen, 18 minutes

The Wire

Back in the Day by [personal profile] marina, Omar/OMC, 2 minutes

Practical Legends by [personal profile] kristin, Ziggy and Omar, 7 minutes

X-Men: First Class

Wouldn't, Would by [ profile] rubynye, Mystique/Azazel, 1 minute

podcasts and meta

AUs and Kink by [personal profile] toft, 24 minutes

Exploring, perverting, failing, and sharing in multiple media, a conversation with [personal profile] yue_ix for [community profile] kink_bingo, 33 minutes

There are some things I need to tell you. by [personal profile] dingsi, 3 minutes

Pod-aware day 4 accents, me talking about podficcing in British fandoms with an American accent, 23 minutes

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[personal profile] woldy 2011-11-08 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, this is an impressive list and there are a bunch here that I'd missed. Thanks for putting together a masterlist!
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[personal profile] heard_the_owl 2012-02-17 04:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm downloading a bunch of Merlin podfics of a longish nature so I may CLEAN ALL THE THINGS while enjoying fic!

And I hope you don't mind I've added you to my circle/flist/whatever they call it. I WILL BE BACK FOR LOTS MORE!