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summerpornathon 2015 recap

The latest round of [ profile] summerpornathon wrapped up yesterday. It was shorter this year and I didn't make anything much for the bonus challenge, so I just have these five fics, all Merlin fandom and approximately 750 words each. Title links go to the fics on the AO3.

Title: Travel My Way, Take the Highway
Ships: Gwen/Morgana
Rating: R
Contains: references to racism and homophobia
Summary: Gwen and Morgana on the run in 1950s Texas and New Mexico.

Title: Early Results of Clinical Trials
Ships: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Contains: potentially disturbing metaphors and no happy ending
Summary: Pendragon Pharmaceuticals manufactures the drugs that allow carriers of magic to participate fully in society.

Title: Let's Be Rational About This
Ships: Arthur/Gwen
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Aliens Made Them Do It-style dubcon (but mostly consensual)
Summary: "You see, I've been doing a lot of research on their lifecycle so they... they've suggested a reciprocal arrangement – which is really only fair, in principle!"

Title: Better
Ships: Elena/Mithian
Rating: NC-17
Contains: mistress/slave relationship, orgasm denial, fic doesn't make clear how consensual it is
Summary: "I'm not angry at you, dear, it's only the way you were raised. But you admit it yourself, you have no self-control. Well, from now on you won't be able to disobey me. And won't that be better for both of us?"

Title: A Happy Arrangement for All
Ships: Merlin/Elyan, past Merlin/Gwen
Rating: R
Contains: n/a
Summary: Merlin returns to Camelot to find that Princess Guinevere has married another. Her brother, however, is still single.

This was a good year for me and for Team Gluttony, even though none of my fics placed and our team ended up one point away from last place. Our fics and art would go up and be anonymous for a week, and at the end of the week we'd get together and realize that most of our favorites were written or drawn by other people on the team. Often we'd also voted for the fab Arthur/Merlin fics that ended up winning, but not a lot of other people voted for us, so we bonded as a team without getting a lot of points. I was especially touched to find this pattern held true the week I wrote Arthur/Merlin (for the first time since joining Team Gluttony), so I knew it wasn't just that we were seeking out other pairings, but that my friends really liked what I did even when they had no clue it was me.

We had perfect participation (everyone created something for each challenge and bonus challenge and voted for all four groups in every challenge) for the second year in a row! When we did that last year it was the first time any team had done so in the history of [ profile] summerpornathon! I'm not sure if anyone else managed it this year. This year was a little easier to participate in because there weren't quite as many fics to read every week and there were only five weeks instead of seven. Anyway, go team!

I'm also pretty happy with the fics I wrote! I did struggle a lot with including porn, especially for the first couple weeks. I really do love the challenge of writing a story in just 750, but what's interesting for me about that is coming up with a world I haven't written before and implying it in a few phrases, whereas the sex, eh. The one week where I was pretty happy with the porn was when I did Elena/Mithian, but I was also sad there that I didn't have room to write out the universe as much as I wanted to, or indeed to write about Morgana and Mithian going shopping and trading tips about how to discipline their girls (Freya and Elena, respectively).

This is the closest I've ever come to meeting all four of my personal pthon goals:
1. Write a different ship every week
2. Write Arthur/Merlin once
3. Write a trans or genderqueer character or a disabled character
4. Write a male character of color
I did not have a trans, genderqueer, or disabled character but I had Morgana starting to figure out butchness in week one so I'm giving myself a score of 3.5 (compared to 3 in my first year, 3 in my second year, and zero in my third year). I also did femslash, het, and boyslash, and a ship I hadn't written before (Merlin/Elyan).

Just like last year pornathon leaves me wanting to write more Merlin fic and [ profile] merlin_holidays is nicely timed. I will sign up again and really hope that more multishippers decide to join this year!