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I just signed up for the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange for the first time since 2012 I guess! Thank you for making something in one of my fandoms, secret person! My requested fandoms are Merlin, How To Get Away with Murder, Orange Is the New Black, The Hour, and Hamilton! My general preference is not to have a white dude/white dude pairing (Hamilton/Burr would be a-okay though) and in the case of OITNB I'm not too interested in Piper, Alex, or Stella. Also here are two paragraphs I wrote three years ago:
I like feelings and people being good to each other. I often enjoy stories about queer people and trans people and kinky people, whether or not there is sex in them. Straight cis vanilla people are also lovely! I like established couples trying new things. In porn some of my favorite things are submission, name calling, and spanking. Please stay away from electricity play or situations resembling interrogation of prisoners.

I like very short podfics and longer ones. I like podfics with or without music and sound effects. I like all kinds of accents. I hope you have fun!
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Oh my gosh, I am so excited to be participating in Festivids for the first time! I haven't been too active in fandom in recent months (as you can probably tell from my journal), and I'm not signing up for any exchanges this season, but I have loved watching Festivids vids the last couple years and I can't wait to see what you will come up with. Thank you so much for signing up and offering one of my fandoms!

I don't have much to say here, being just a baby vidder with very broad tastes and no triggers to speak of. To be honest I struggled to come up with anything to say in my requests beyond "Their faces!" I like all kinds of music, all kinds of vids, and pretty much all the characters in these shows. I'll just copy my requests below. I mentioned not wanting to see torture from Scandal but if you're interested in exploring the violence from other sources like Children of Men and Top of the Lake you should go for it. I really hope you have fun making the vid you want to make, whether or not it matches with the characters that I mentioned. <3 <3 <3

in random order: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Caramel, Children of Men, The Hour, Top of the Lake, Never Let Me Go, Scandal )
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Dear [community profile] purimgifts writer/graphics person!

Thank you for signing up with one or more of my fandoms! I hope you will find I'm easy to write for. I love gen and ships of all kinds. I said I'd take a maximum rating of Explicit and I've been on kind of a porny streak in my journal lately, but I really am a big fan of friendship stories and character pieces too. I like happy stories and sad stories, h/c, kink, and stories about identity, community, and belief. For the most part I do not like torture in interrogation scenes or cheating in relationships.

I had a really good time with this challenge in 2008 and 2009 and I'm excited about coming back to it. This year I requested only fandoms where I like pretty much all the characters, so even though I'm listing some of my favorites under the cut, I'd be really happy to read about or look at any of the others too. All these fandoms have ladies and a few also have Jewish characters, though in most cases that isn't really developed so there's a lot of room for you to do more, if that's where your interest lies. I'd also be really interested in bringing out Jewish themes or parallels to the Esther story in shows like Merlin or BSG, or casting say Long Feng from Avatar as an evil vizier. Also do whatever you'd like with the pictures!

fandoms )
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Haven't seen any of these on my flist yet! I know a lot of people think they aren't necessary (remixes are not gifts and do not have to please the remixee etc.) but I have trouble containing my Remix excitement, so:

Dear Remixer )

PS I'm serious about being really happy with my assignment. I know it's just random and computerized and all but I think I got a really great match and I'm looking forward to the reading and writing. \o/
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for signing up to write one of my fandoms! These movies are all pretty well known and accessible, and in my opinion very ripe for ficcing, but with a few exceptions for Harold and Kumar they just haven't been. I hope you're excited about the chance to write something new and that you'll go with whatever ideas appeal to you. If you're looking for extra guidance you can read my ramblings below, but know that I will be thrilled to read anything about these worlds and these characters. I go on about some more than others but I'd be just as happy with any of the fandoms, and I could go for completely ridiculous crack or something very serious about the meaning of friendship, family, or God. Just tell the story you want to tell and know that I will be delighted.

Life of Brian )

Harold and Kumar movies )

About a Boy )

Keeping the Faith )

General )
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Hello, [livejournal.com profile] springtime_gen and [livejournal.com profile] purimgifts writers! I'm sorry for being a little late to post. I've been freaking out a little about having signed up for two challenging challenges at the same time and I had to run away for a bit. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with though, and I hope you're feeling good about the assignment you got.

Harry Potter person: You will have noticed that this is not my main fandom. In fact, this is the first time I've signed up specifically for an HP challenge, though I've ended up writing it a couple times in multifandom challenges. I find HP fandom kind of intimidating just because it's so huge, but I figured this could be a good chance to be a little more social in it. I don't think I have much to add to what I said in my request. I like girls (but also boys). I like fairly realistic fic (but also magic). I like different perspectives on the events of canon (but also Harry's perspective). I am pretty easy, really!

Purimgifts person: I had a great time with this challenge last year and I'm excited about doing it again. I requested a bunch of fandoms so I have a lot of things to say, though obviously optional details are optional… favorite characters and such )

Yay, fic exchanges! Thank you for signing up and for writing for me! I hope you both have a really good time with this.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering to write in one of these fandoms! I was refreshing the requested fandoms page a lot last week and it was so exciting to see other people offering to write these as well as requesting them. Maybe you are one of the other people who requested the same things as me and maybe we will get multiple stories! Or maybe you are just a generous person writing something you didn't request. Either way, this is going to be awesome and I will love what you do!

I am pretty easy in that I like gen, boyslash, girlslash, and het, and I don't have a lot of squicks. So if you have a different idea from what I wrote in the details you should go with that! Last year (my first Yuletide) I wrote a longish letter about my general tastes in fic and that stuff all still holds.* This year I am just going to talk a little more about the fandoms I requested. They are all movies that are pretty easy to find so if you feel stuck on the one where we matched maybe you will feel like trying something else. Children of Men, Akeelah and the Bee, The Lookout, and Harold and Kumar )
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So, I'm in a really good mood. I got my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment this morning and have been lurking around my recipient's journal, and I think this request is a perfect match for me and what I want to write. I'm also very squeeful about the idea of someone writing something for me.

Here's a letter for that someone – goodness but it got long. )

It'll be funny if after all that rambling and linking it turns out the person assigned to me is someone who already knows me like [livejournal.com profile] danachan or [livejournal.com profile] baranduin! :D


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