Jan. 21st, 2010

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Title: The Love You Kept Inside
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Hunith/Nimueh (other pairings mentioned), Merlin and Gaius
Warnings: Reference to character death (canon and OCs); grieving, miscarriage, one scene of a lesbian character having sex with a man.
Spoilers: Only through the end of season one. (Not fully compliant with season two.)
Rating: R
Word Count: 25,191
Summary: When she was the age Merlin is now, Hunith made her own journey from the village to Camelot, trying to find her destiny.
Author's Notes: This was the fic I wrote for the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] themadlurker for [livejournal.com profile] camelotsolstice! She requested Hunith/Nimueh with bonus points for Hunith having magic and for Nimueh being connected to Merlin's birth. Big thanks to my beta [livejournal.com profile] slightlytookish who helped make this much better, to [livejournal.com profile] claudia603 for reading and handholding, and to my special guest femslash beta [livejournal.com profile] glimmergirl.
Links: You can also read this in three posts at camelotsoltice or in one file at the AO3.

The Love You Kept Inside )
sophinisba: Gwen looking sexy from Merlin season 2 promo pics (gwen by infinitesunrise)
Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] slightlytookish! Thank you for helping lure me into Merlin fandom. It's been great having a familiar friend around and getting to know you better this past year as we've both been trying new things. I'm glad your mathom was released in time for your birthday. :) I hope you have a great day.

Now I get to do the giant fic year in review meme! I love this meme and I always look forward to it, but it wouldn't have made sense to post it before I could claim my Solstice fic, which was more than a third of my writing for the year.

I had a good fic writing year! Most of my fics were very short but there was that one long one and I think I ended up with more in quantity (words) than in 2007 or 2008, though probably less than 2006. (This is the first year I've totaled up wordcounts though so I don't know that for sure.) I'm happy to have found a place in a new fandom where I'm (sort of) comfortable and enjoying reading and writing. I feel about as good in my online life now as I did back in 2006, when I was really settling in with hobbit fandom.

So, for the first part of the meme I have links to the fics I posted each month. I've listed the fandom for everything except the Merlin fics. list )

Next comes the part of the meme where I get to ramble!

themes, favorite stories, etc. )


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