Jun. 14th, 2013

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(Okay I'm still not really here but)

Today I read some pieces of a recent discussion over at [community profile] podficmeta and was impressed by how articulate and levelheaded most people were. Nice job hosting and moderating, [personal profile] klb! Nice job respecting differences of opinion, podfic community! ♥ ♥

It got me thinking that, as much as I've advocated for authors being explicit about their desires and expectations in their blanket permission statements or transformative works policies, I've never written the kind of "Dear Author" letter that [personal profile] paraka and others have been advocating for years. I've always kind of thought, "Well, most people in fandom have some idea of what podfic is, and if they have questions they can ask!" But that's silly! That's like not having a transformative works policy because, "Well, I doubt anyone would want to record anything of mine, and if they do they can ask!" Why make each individual person ask when I could go ahead and put it out there? So here's an attempt to do that.

Hey, can I make a podfic of this? )


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