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Help with Sherlock Holmes and recipes

I really enjoyed the first part of the new BBC miniseries Sherlock! Could have used more ladies, and the suspense in the scene with the pills didn't work for me because I couldn't stop thinking about The Princess Bride, but I thought both the leads did a great job and the overall feel of it was a lot of fun (and of course very slashy).

One of the things I liked was recognizing little parallels with A Study in Scarlet, which is lucky because that happens to be one of the few pieces of the original canon that I've read. Does any one know which story/ies I should read in order to get a better appreciation of the next two episodes? I'd like to read them before I watch.

In other news, I have more carrots than I know what to do with. (I'm going through one of those phases where I try to be a responsible consumer who buys locally grown vegetables and all that, but I'm not very good at following through, you see, and tend to give in and order a pizza after a few days...) Can anyone point me towards a ridiculously easy but delicious carrot cake recipe? What are your other favorite things to do with carrots?

Thanks in advance, f-listers, you are awesome!
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Drive-by commenting to say I felt exactly the same about the pills! I spent pretty much the entire time going 'They're both poisoned, he has an immunity/antidote/whatever, you're a genius, how is this not obvious' and am still sort of convinced that that's what was going on. :D
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hee! Yeah, I'm pretty fond of Sherlock. I don't know about Episode 3, but Moffat has stated that yesterday's episode was loosely based on The Dancing Men, so.
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Yeah, I'm delaying on seeing the next one until I can at least do a quick re-read of whatever their basing it on. It was fun noticing all the things they took/modified from A Study. I especially loved the Rache/Rachel thing.