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First, here is another fest link:

[Multifandom friendship fic fest]

Yay, something to do on Valentine's Day besides thinking about romantic love!

Now let's have another meme! From [ profile] rubynye,

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

I don't actually have a WIP folder, but here are a bunch of file names of unfinished fics. Some of them are very old! I put fandom folders in bold and subfolders in italics.

Angst City (This was my working title for the post-quest AU - I had written another 14,000 words beyond the 28,000 I posted)
Cloudburst (Frodo and Merry MT).doc
cousins at home (Jen).doc
crazy Merry.doc
fabulous four.doc (Did I ever tell you guys about the 8500 words of Frodo/Sam/Merry/Pippin BDSM porn I didn't finish?)
Faramir Merry.doc
Frodo Aragorn Bree AU kiss.doc
Frodo Aragorn MT post-trauma.doc
Frodo to Rivendell.doc
jail for Claudia (this is a folder that includes chapters of one of my first fics - I posted five chapters and then never finished)
Lobelia femslash today.doc
Lobelia Southfarthing.doc
Merry dream MT.doc
Merry in Rivendell.doc
Nightmare AU.doc (11,500 words of Frodo/Aragorn slavefic, mostly written during a visit to Claudia's old place.)
Odd and Even Numbers (I posted 5 stories in this series but had started two others)
orcs memory.doc
party (Cindi).doc (underage!Frodo/Dwarf OC dubcon)
Pipnapping MT.doc
Pippin Cormallen.doc
Pippin in Bree (a trashfic Dana and I were trying to write together)
Pippin misses Frodo.doc
Rohan.doc (4500 words of what was planned to be a giant plotty fic, begins with the note, "*IMPORTANT THIS SCENE MUST TAKE PLACE IN BED WITH BOTH OF THEM NAKED*")
true trash (folder containing the file Frodo slave.doc)
Vampire hobbits.doc
Welcome to Bree.doc
wtf 26 Mulder at Bag End.doc

Dom detective.doc
Elijah Viggo NZ.doc
Jake Chicago fic.doc
Josh Elijah South Theater.doc
Prague AU

blood drive.doc
Lasting effects (There were a few unfinished chapters beyond the ones I posted, ah WIP shame)
Stokes talks to Zeke.doc
What happened.doc

Angelina Tonks.doc
Argentine AU
Dean Padma.doc
drabbles intermarriage.doc
Sandcastling (Dean and Luna).doc
Stokely Draco.doc
Tonks child

Mal, Kaylee, Inara.doc
post-Serenity drabbles.doc
Safe AU.doc
wtf 25 Frodo on Serenity.doc
Zoe five things.doc

Naomi Driveshaft.doc
Sun and doctors.doc

Sam abused.doc

Merlin omg
That is the name of the folder - I was really excited when I got into this fandom lol. I use more subfolders these days so I'm organizing this list differently too.

Merlin Amnesia fic.doc
trust double date

camelotremix fic
Angel Katie glasses
Five Marks writing.doc

Gwen quest

kink meme
AGM angst drama.doc
Morgana slave.doc

kink-bingo merlin fic
Gwen Lancelot Spin class.doc
Gwen Morgana historical roleplay

AGM donkey toys.doc
Gwen Merlin uni hands.doc
Lancelot asks.doc
Merlin Uther tentacle.doc

[loose files]
campfire morgana.doc
Chilean Lancelot.doc
destiny text.doc
Gwen Freya sword.doc
hanging tree.doc
Morgana Morgause piercing.doc
ot4 slavefic omg.doc

That took a long time but it was fun!

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