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Year in fanworks 2014!

fic by year, fandom, and wordcount

I made more fic in 2014 than the year before! That is not to say that I made a lot or that I feel like I'm on the upswing, creativity-wise, but hey it's a new year, let's have a list and some graphs and commentary! I'm not doing a separate meme for podfic or vids this year because I made very little of them.

-Let Me Go, Brideshead Revisited, vid for [community profile] festivids

-But Never Too Much, Brooklyn Nine-Nine podfic for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology
-Surface, Freya solo poem
-Sharper, Freya solo fic
-Deeper, Freya solo fic

-Clean, Ygraine/Nimueh fic
-No Higher Place, Lancelot(/Gwen) fic
-It's Only Life, After All, Morgana/Morgause fic


-Virginia Heat (the climate control remix), Arthur/Merlin fic



-In Freya's Bed, Merlin/Freya and Arthur/Merlin fic
-The Super Part I Can Handle, Gwen/Freya fic
-And Put Away Wet, The Super Part I Can Handle, and In Kind, three Merlin podficlets
-Centered, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin fic
-Live by the Sword, Gwen/Annis fic
-Trading Day, Gwen/Morgana fic

-Build a Better Bicycle, Gwen/Morgana fic
-This Is a Recording, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin fic


-Pets (The Remix As Nature Intended), Merlin fic with many pairings
-Her Masterpiece Is the Mess Inside You, Arthur/Gwen and Gwen/Morgana podfic


-Dragons Aren't Extinct, Arthur and Morgana gen fic

I'm not going to answer the old meme questions about which ones I like best and all that, because there aren't really that many to choose from, and because I'm kind of tired of thinking about those questions. Basically I liked everything I made but didn't feel like I broke through any big boundaries with things I hadn't done before, and nothing I did was popular. Anyway here are some more graphs and thoughts.

2014 fic by ship type

That "other" here includes gen and solo kink and fic with multiple ships and that I don't know how to classify, so this graph doesn't mean much tbh. Like I could say, "Wow that's the lowest percentage of het I've had since I got into Merlin fandom", but it would be kind of misleading since two of my three longest fics had het in them. Or I could say, "More boyslash than I've done in a while!" but that was pretty much one fic that was mostly gen about a gay guy.

2014 fic by character POV

I believe this is the first year since I got into Merlin fandom that a majority of the fic I wrote was from white guys' POV. o_0

Fanworks by month, 2014

Most of the stuff I made this year was for challenges -- [personal profile] camelotremix in the spring, [ profile] summerpornathon in the summer, [ profile] merlin_holidays in December. Several of the things I participated in had limited wordcount/time, so I don't feel too bad about not having a big volume. Still, it wasn't a great year emotionally. I'd been sad about not participating in fandom much in 2013 so I tried a bunch of different ways of getting back into it in 2014, but I really wavered between
-trying to do my own thing no matter how few readers, and
-trying to join in with with popular, majority-Arthur/Merlin communities.

In the end just about everything I did left me feeling lonely and out-of-place, and also feeling guilty for not wanting to read other people's stuff.

The best part of the year was probably participating in [ profile] summerpornathon, where my teammates and I were generally unpopular but supportive of each other. I'm also glad I took the lead in organizing the Gluttony Remix and thought that was a pretty cool challenge. I'm unsure about whether it makes sense for me to try doing [profile] camelot_remix or [ profile] merlin_holidays again.

So idk, feelings are weird? I kind of don't want to write fic ever again? Or make podfic? But also I want to do both more often? I've been sketching a bit for the last couple weeks and would like to learn to draw fannish characters, and I have some leftover Merlin vid ideas. Also this spring it will be 10 years since I started participating in fandom and I think it would be a shame to stop now.

So here are some resolutions that are more about staying in touch than anything else. For every month in 2015:
-make another journal post that is not a fanwork
-comment on a journal post by someone else that is not a fanwork
-post a fanwork that I made
-comment on a fanwork by someone else
-answer all new comments on my fanworks!
-repost my old podfics on the webspace generously provided by [personal profile] paraka and create pages at the AO3, 20 per month until I'm caught up

I'm not sure I've ever had a year where I posted a fanwork every month but I mean, I can always make time for a five-minute podfic, can't I? And, if I'm going to, my best chance to record something this month is probably going to be today. Hmm.

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