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The new round of [community profile] kink_bingo is open for signups! You can read the short version of how to play and sign up for a card if you want!

I plan to add links and banners to this post as I make things, like I did with my cards and banners collection post last year. :)

I have this card for myself:

sophinisba's kink_bingo card )

[ profile] flammablehat (aka [profile] roughandtouble) and I also signed up as a team in hopes of getting some inspiration for [community profile] pod_together and possibly other projects.

Team Soflambeau's kink_bingo card )

And I got a second card for myself! )

I feel a little lost with my own card, everything seems doable (most of them I've done in past rounds) but nothing really jumps out at me right now as a good place to start. In the past I've filled whatever squares came easiest in whichever order (so I always do way more than five before I get to my first bingo), but I feel like I ought to try being more strategic with Achievements this year, but then I don't know I don't know.

On the other hand, almost ever square in the team card strikes us as perfect for Arthur/Gwen, which is the pairing both of us are excited about working on right now. So that is pretty fabulous, I feel like we lucked out!

achievements and banners! (nsfw) )


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