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I made a set of four podfics for [community profile] amplificathon and for the current "Pick One Kink" mini-challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo. The kink I picked is "spaces, scenes, and settings" and the scene/setting I picked is SPACE!

Details and mp3 downloads below. The set came out to 33 and a half minutes. Once it occurred to me I could not resist calling it "Rare ships were meant to fly", even though Doctor/River is not actually a rare ship. (That one also keeps it from being a set of four "space AUs but what are you gonna do, it's awesome.) All download links take you to MediaFire pages.

Download anthology as m4b, 15.7 MB
Download anthology as mp3, 19.3 MB

Title: No Dancing Shoes in Space
Author: [ profile] itachitachi
Fandom: Merlin
Starring: Gwen/Merlin, OT4
Rating: NC-17
Contains: foursome including two adopted siblings
Author's summary: "Merlin and Gwen are born on a Rock. They dance, and fly, and never stop staring spaceward."
Reader's notes: This was one of my favorite fics at [ profile] summerpornathon 2011 and it made me so happy when it won first place for its round!
File info: mp3, 3MB, 6:29 minutes
Link: Download No Dancing Shoes

Title: running you with red
Author: [ profile] sophieisgod
Fandom: The Hour
Starring: Freddie/Lix (background Freddie/Bel)
Rating: PG-13
Contains: drugs/alcohol
Author's summary: "In which Lix Storm: Space Pilot acquires a protégé."
Reader's notes: This is my first podfic for The Hour - I had so much fun doing it! <3 <3 <3 Lix.
File info: mp3, 3.4 MB, 7:21 minutes
Link: Download running you with red

Title: Setting Bones
Author: [ profile] starbeast
Fandom: Teen Wolf (Star Trek fusion)
Starring: Scott/Isaac, also featuring Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Contains: hurt/comfort
Author's summary: "Every time Scott gets injured in the line of duty, Isaac is the half-human, half-Romulan medic who takes care of him. This is one of those times."
Reader's notes: This is also my first Teen Wolf podfic. It was harder than I expected!
File info: mp3, 5.3 MB, 11:25 minutes
Link: Download Setting Bones

Title: You're My Oxygen
Author: [ profile] leiascully
Fandom: Doctor Who
Starring: Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Rating: PG-13
Contains: asphyxiation, breathplay
Author's summary: "The TARDIS needs an anti-idiot setting, but fortunately River will always be there to save the Doctor when he jumps out of spaceships."
File info: mp3, 3.8 MB, 8:19 minutes
Link: Download You're My Oxygen
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Podfic cover: What We've Become (the Mt Saint Helens Remix
Cover by [personal profile] xenoamorist

Title What We've Become (the Mt. Saint Helens Remix)
Author: [personal profile] vanitashaze
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Donna/Martha
Summary: Sometimes Martha thinks the world is like that: composite. Layers on layers, and no foundation in sight.
Reader's notes: I made a podfic of What We've Become by [personal profile] thedeadparrot for the [ profile] podtor_who challenge in December. I always meant to do the remix as well (in fact it is one of my favorite remixes) but didn't get permission from the author in time for that challenge. However, I was able to record it for the [community profile] chromatic_podfic, and [personal profile] xenoamorist made me this awesome cover!
Length: 1 hour 9 minutes for the remix alone, 1 hour 34 minutes for the original and the remix together.
Download links (take you to MediaFire download pages):
-Remix only.mp3 (31.7 mb)
-Remix only.m4b (31.9 mb)
-Original and remix.mp3 (53.9 mb)
-Original and remix.m4b (43.6 mb)
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Okay, so I participated in the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II and it was (and continues to be) awesome!

Cover art by [personal profile] bessyboo
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, text over collage of 144 women's faces
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II

Those links go to the post on [ profile] halfamoon, where you can see the list of readers and download a podbook or a zip file or browse by fandom and download individual MP3s. The total running time is over 7 and a half hours and there are 47 readers and 86 authors in 64 fandoms. Some of these readers are brand new to podfic and I believe this is the first podfic that's been made in some of the fandoms. I have been listening on my way to and from and around work and it's really a wonderful experience, to hear so many different voices and ways of reading. A lot of the fandoms are unfamiliar to me and some of the readers are people that I know on Twitter or whose names I've seen around, but I've never listened to them read before because I'm not into their regular fandoms. I love that there are pieces about motherhood and fighting and having sex and saving the world and all kinds of other things women do. It is making me very happy. [personal profile] fire_juggler has a really nice post about it and how listening to an anthology is different from listening to a long podfic.

I contributed seven pieces in seven different fandoms, several of which were new to me! They are each between 1 and 10 minutes long.

seven short podfics: Avatar, Doctor Who, Merlin, Northern Exposure, Pan's Labyrinth, Torchwood, X-Men )

Another awesome thing that happened was that [personal profile] fitz_y made a podfic of I Ache Myself for More a piece of Gwen/Morgana noncon that I wrote last year. I believe it's the only noncon piece among the 104 podlets in the anthology and both [personal profile] fitz_y and I feel a bit self-conscious about that, but, well, Guinevere is still awesome even when bad things are happening to her. I loved hearing Fitzy read this as well as a very porny Gwen/Morgana fic of her own, and there are several other Merlin podfics in the collection. In conclusion, yay ladies!!!


Feb. 11th, 2012 07:43 am
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The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology is coming along very well! So far people have listed 65 different podfics in...MANY different fandoms they're working on or have finished in our spreadsheet. This is not quite as many as [personal profile] klb managed to gather on her own last year, so if this year's team of four mods doesn't match that we will feel pretty bad about ourselves. However, there seem to be quite a few people who are planning or hoping to make something this weekend but haven't put their information in the spreadsheet yet, so I am almost certain we will beat last year's anthology.

I've made four pieces in four different fandoms so far and will probably do one or two more this weekend. Short podfics are so much fun, such a nice accomplishment from starting and finishing something within an hour or so.

I've talked to a few people who are making their first podfic for this project! Are you interested in doing that? Remember, you could read one of your own drabbles or something by someone who's given blanket permission. This is a nice project to be part of because a lot of people are likely to download it, whereas if you put out a two-minute podfic on your own you don't normally get as many listeners.

So if you are interested in joining us drop a comment at the amplificathon post and get your podfics uploaded by Sunday night. I should be around a fair amount this weekend if anybody needs help figuring out the basics on GarageBand, and other people are around for handholding on Audacity.

Meanwhile, some of us will be making a Nimueh page at Fanlore this weekend to document how fandom has dealt with her character. I used to edit at Fanlore and I stopped because the lack of interaction made me lonely and anxious. HOWEVER, a small group of folks getting together for a concentrated effort can make a lot of improvements there and also be a lot fun. If you aren't into Fanlore or wiki editing but you have a link to (or even a vague recollection of) a good post about Nimueh or a vid you saw once, stop by the chatroom and say hello, drop a comment on the [community profile] camelot_fleet post or add some a line to the google doc, and we will do the formatting and stuff for you.

Last weekend a few people put together a Percival page and this will probably be going on for a few more weeks. You can follow the project at the Fanlore challenge tag on [community profile] camelot_fleet.

I am in the middle of reading The Adventure of the Hopping Vampire by [ profile] hradzka, a long, plotty fic starring Jenny and Vastra from Doctor Who (my icon on this Dreamwidth post). It has a nice light tough and a lovely Jenny POV, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

ETA: I re-listened to [personal profile] intransitive's reading of Give Me My Sin Again by [personal profile] viklikesfic the other day. Cate Blanchett/Miranda Otto D/s and leather fetish, an hour and 9 minutes, OMFG SO HOT. I was riding the bus and I was so turned on I thought I was going to combust. It was awesome
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The holiday femslash podfic extravaganza continues! [personal profile] cantarina and [ profile] bessyboo organized a podfic exchange on Twitter, with presents being delivered yesterday, and [personal profile] cantarina and I got assigned to each other! She made me three beautiful Merlin femslash podfics, which I will link to once she makes a journal post, and I made these two Doctor Who podfics!

Titles: This Is Tomorrow and This is Tomorrow (the getaway driver remix)
Authors: [personal profile] glinda and [personal profile] netgirl_y2k
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Ships: Donna Noble/Christina de Souza
Rating: PG (the original is marked teen at the AO3, but I don't see it)
Contains: hijinx
Length: 18 and 24:30 minutes
download them individually:
This Is Tomorrow.mp3
This Is Tomorrow (The Getaway Driver Remix).mp3
or as a set:
This Is Tomorrow and The Getaway Driver Remix.mp3
This Is Tomorrow and The Getaway Driver Remix.m4b
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Title: What We've Become
Author: [personal profile] thedeadparrot
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing/Characters: Donna/Martha, Jack
Rating: marked "general audiences" at the AO3 - I would say PG-13 (for nipples!)
Contains: n/a
Author's summary "Donna meets someone new and learns a few things about herself."
Reader's notes Made for [ profile] podtor_who, a Doctor Who podfic challenge running 20th November to 19th December.
File info: mp3, 25 minutes

Links download podfic from MediaFire // read text at the AO3
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-[ profile] aralias has started up [ profile] podtor_who, a new comm for Doctor Who podfic! Sign up for a day between Nov. 20 and Dec. 19 to post a newly recorded Doctor Who podfic! Wouldn't it be great if we had one for every day?

-The Kaleidoscope fanworks exchange is probably going to go live this weekend! In the meantime, they are looking for pinch hits in the following fandoms:
十二国記 | Juuni Kokki | Twelve Kingdoms
青い花 | Aoi Hana | Sweet Blue Flowers
NO.6(ナンバー・シックス) | No. 6 (anime)
Epic of Gilgamesh
Dragon of the Lost Sea - Laurence Yep
Static Shock
サイレン- | Psyren
東海道HISAME | Toukaidou Hisame
姑獲鳥の夏 | Ubume no Natsu | Summer of the Ubume - Kyōgoku Natsuhiko
The mods would appreciate it if you'd pass on this info to people who might be able to help. You can also browse all the requests and make extra treats if you want. ETA: I am so amused by the two Y tu mamá también requests, right there one after the other. That is fandom, right there. God bless. /eta Some of the requests are open for art and fanmixes and vids as well as fic. All the links you need are at [community profile] dark_agenda.

-Speaking of rare fandoms, Yuletide is open for signups! I'm not especially in a writing place these days and the nominations process looked scary, so I've decided to sit out official participation again this year, but I do hope to write a treat or three! You can get the links you need for that at [ profile] yuletide_admin. The years I participated in Yuletide I had a really awesome time!

-OMG OTW elections! If you're a member, you should have instructions and useful links in your email.
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Fan artists love feedback and podficcers are no different. Feedback can motivate us, inspire our muse and help us create more of out art. However feedback on podfic can be rather light. To find out how you can help increase feedback for podfic check out [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW.


Here are links to a few of the awesome things I've been listening to!

-some people just change your life, you know? - [personal profile] anatsuno reading [personal profile] jinjurly's podfic meta totally made me cry on the bus when I listened on Wednesday. I had read it a couple times before but it just made such an impact to hear it spoken out loud. I love how anat sounds calm and thoughtful but at the same time passionate about it. It made me realize that I quote that essay all the time without realizing I'm doing it, for instance in a post I made at [ profile] pornspiration the other day about the things people are doing when they listen to podfic. Also this:
i'm tired of the ways that we minimize our own contributions, and the ways that we say we don't deserve our place. i'm tired of being told i'm too involved in 'boosterism' in the podfic community, and i'm tired of seeing people told they are doing it wrong. i'm tired of people saying that some people have accents and some don't. i'm tired of women saying their bodies are ugly, of being ashamed of their voices, and of the things they love, and of hiding their joy for fear of derision.

Sing it!

-Audiometa: Kink_Bingo and Podfic, Perfect Together by Sophinisba
- [profile] meri_sefket listened to anat's recording too and was inspired to record the podfic meta that I wrote for [community profile] kink_bingo in June! That is a less emotional post and half of it is me doing my typical "Look, here is a comm! Here are some things you can do!" spiel, but about halfway through it gets to the park about podfic being inherently kinky I do think it gets really interesting and cool to hear spoken out loud. Meri talks in a really clear and sincere voice and has an American accent that's fairly similar to mine, but she also emphasizes different words than I would have and has a different kind of tone than I probably would have used, and that all makes it so much more interesting to listen to. In that post I quoted both [personal profile] yue_ix and [personal profile] jinjur, so we had Yue record the parts she had written and Meri edited those in, along with clips of anat reading Jinjur! I think the editing is really smooth and I'm just so thrilled that this exists now, wow!

-Podfics and languages (accent extension) a really interesting conversation between [personal profile] yue_ix (who is French Canadian) and [personal profile] emei about podfic from the perspective of non-native English speakers.

-An OK Man Kinda Sorta Tries to Battle - [personal profile] cantarina's podfic of an Inspector Spacetime ficlet by [ profile] havent_got_a_clue. Ridiculous fake British accents for a ridiculous fic in a ridiculous fake British fandom. IT IS THE BEST.

And so so so much more! Go check out the other posts at [community profile] pod_aware and [ profile] pod_aware! There is so much!

I also started a thread for myself at the podfic love meme!

a black microphone on a purple background. text reads another podfic artist love meme, i love it when you read to me
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icon meme!

Sep. 4th, 2011 05:13 pm
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So [personal profile] paraka decided to throw an impromptu "Podfic a novel in three days" fest this weekend and, since I was behind with my [community profile] ladiesbigbang project, I sorta joined in. It's been nice keeping tabs on each other on Twitter; I tend to make a lot of "Editing is hard! Podfic is a stupid hobby!"-type Tweets whenever I'm doing this stuff, but this weekend other people are actually responding and tweeting about similar things, both good and bad. So that's been a lot of fun and I'm feeling pretty good about being able to finish my rough drafts by the end of the long weekend.

Even so, my goodness is podfic editing time-consuming and tedious! So it's time for an icon meme! I asked [personal profile] such_heights to pick five of my icons because we have an amusing number of icons in common. Let me know if you would like to play and I will pick five of yours!

icon talk! )
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Here are some neat things on the Internet!

Doctor Who podfic - [ profile] lunchy_munchy, [ profile] fishpatrol, [ profile] paraka, and [ profile] cantarina1 collaborated on a podfic of In an Interstellar Burst, an AU of Journey's End in which Rose, Martha, and Donna sort out the Doctor's problems and their own and then go have trope-y adventures and sexytimes in space. !!!!!

Vidding meta - [personal profile] thingswithwings has an interesting discussion about the genre of multifandom Women Are Awesome vids.

XMFC recs - [ profile] rubynye posted Fanfic & Social Justice: An X-men: First Class Recs Post, a great resource for interesting stories that ends with a great mini-essay contesting the idea that social justice discussions inhibit creativity in fandom or produce boring fics that nobody wants to read:
all of these stories are on my list because I enjoy them, and that enjoyment is enhanced by the truths their authors chose to include rather than elide when they wrote them. In these stories I see a broadened range of our shared humanity, and I think that is an absolutely excellent development.
Fuck yeah [ profile] rubynye!

Merlin fic - [personal profile] themadlurker posted How to Survive Promotion in the Middle Ages, over 80,000 of fun, tightly plotted fic involving Arthur and Gwen as adorable young marrieds plus Merlin, Gwaine, Lancelot, OCs, sword fighting, secret identities, medieval literary references, and other fine things.

The AO3 - The Archive of Our Own is still awesome and getting awesomer all the time! Kudos! Tags! Sorting! Easily downloadable files! And now prompt memes hurrah!! I have invite some codes so let me know if you would like one. Accounts are useful even if you're not interested in posting fic there.

Merlin fest - [community profile] kinkme_merlin is running the Never Have I Ever challenge, where you earn points by filling prompts with ships, kinks, and fanwork types that you haven't done before. I would probably sign up for this if I weren't already working on exactly the same goals at [community profile] kink_bingo and [ profile] summerpornathon this summer (and if I could ever get used to posting anon comments without freaking the hell out). This seems to me like a neat way of encouraging variety at the meme without seeming to be against the most popular pairings, the thing that seemed to upset so many people about Project Diversity last year. Anyway I hope other fans have as much fun as I have been having trying out new things. (Unless they prefer to keep developing their strengths/do more of what they've been doing, which is also cool!)

Not a link )
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My Canadian friends, I am sorry! *hugs*

I was meaning anyway to make a post about things that have been making me happy lately, so maybe you will also find some of them distracting.

*[personal profile] roga talked about the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour and it has become my new favorite podcast. It makes me think of how [personal profile] such_heights sometimes shows us clips of the Doctor Who cast hanging out and asks, Why are these people not my best friends? I want the PCHH team to be my friends, except in some ways listening to the podcast is even better because there's no pressure on me to think of what to say. I just get to listen to these four friends enjoying each other's company and talking about things like movies and music and TV. Yay! It's a very upbeat show and all the people laugh a lot.

*omg Abed!!! Troy and Shirley and everybody too but I mean omg Abed!

*AHHHHH THE VIDEO WITH COLIN MORGAN READING FROM HENRY IV I CAN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT YOU GUYS ALL I CAN DO IS WATCH IT OVER AND OVER OH GOD I WANT HIM AND SHAKESPEARE FOREVER (even though I feel kind of bad because it looks like it wasn't really supposed to be public on the Internet).

*podficcing )

*Here's a fic and podfic rec! The Space Race, written by [personal profile] nostalgia and read by [personal profile] juniperphoenix, about 20 minutes. Doctor Who, Eleven and River, stranded in the '50s! It is light and clever and features the Doctor being discombobulated by River, which is always awesome.

*Here is another! Ach, des Knaben Augen, written by [profile] toomuchploor, read by [personal profile] pennyplainknits and with art, audio editing, and accompanying podmix by [personal profile] xenakis, about two and a half hours. Inception, Arthur/Eames, but look even if you're not into that pairing this is a really fantastic podfic, I mean it will expand your conception of how great podfic can be. The recording integrates pieces of the Schubert and Beethoven the characters are practicing and performing and it adds so much to the story. <3 <3

*Doctor Who is back! Treme is back! And there will be new episodes of The Good Wife starting tomorrow and I'm all caught up! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALICIA AND KALINDA???

*Lots of activity on Dreamwidth for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. I was hoping to participate and I haven't really felt up to it, but there are a bunch of mini fanwork fests and friending memes and random extra posts and I am in favor. I've also been enjoying reading a lot of people's responses to the 21 days of Dreamwidth meme, including several people in the last couple days answering the question about the community you wish were more active by saying, eh, Dreamwidth has more activity on personal journals and less on communities, and that's okay.

Here are two recent posts about Community:
-Blast from the past post: Community by [personal profile] livrelibre
-Community: a tv show by [personal profile] thingswithwings. I haven't read this post yet but I'm excited to because it's a post I asked T'wings to make, which again makes me feel powerful and important, and also I'm interested in what she has to say. Yay!
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You guys, I am so happy with what I've gotten for Purimgifts! Three Avatar ficlets and three graphics with so many of my favorite things, including both thoughtful character-focused genfic and an explicit kinky threesome!
-The Moon and the Ocean, Katara and Yue gen
-An Ounce of Blood, gen about wee!Mai and her uncle the Warden
-'Bending, Katara/Mai/Zuko!!!

There is also moar Avatar fic!

Here are a few other fics I've enjoyed:

-The Jewish!Lestrade series - Sherlock (BBC): Sherlock/Lestrade with Jewish!Lestrade! Smart and funny and nicely achy in parts.

-Ten to One, part 1, part 2, and part 3 - Doctor Who: the Doctor/Queen Elizabeth I with Liz Ten! So clever and fun but also with some angst! I love the character voices in this.

-Tickle Me Ink - Harry Potter: Hermione/Luna with writing on the body.

There are also about a hundred other fandoms, with a few more fics going up soon! Please post recs if you got 'em. I've had some trouble navigating the collection on the AO3 so I'd really appreciate extra pointers.

Speaking of cool collections on the AO3, a friend recently pointed out hetnotstraight and I was happy because I was able to add several stories that fit, that is, het fics where at least one of the characters is not straight. I have also bookmarked a few to read.

[personal profile] havocthecat is thinking about running a multifandom femslash challenge, either mini-big bang or a remix! What would I like more than a femslash remix? Not very many things! I told her that I have already twice remixed non-femslash fics into femslash remixes, I've needed this so much in my life. Go vote for the remix in the poll at [community profile] girlgay and give her your thoughts!

ETA: Look at [personal profile] frigg's new Gwen/Merlin art, Rosebud with a flush! Winged messengers omg! His suit!
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I've got 2 hours and 13 minutes of new podfic up at [community profile] chromatic_podfic! Thank you authors and betas and mods and cheerleaders!

Title: Still Flying True
Author: [personal profile] livrelibre
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairing: Zoe/River
Content notes: Reference to canon character death, mental illness and abuse. Significant age difference in pairing.
Length: 13 minutes

Title: Serenade
Author: [personal profile] trascendenza
Fandom: Psych
Characters/Pairing: Gus/Shawn
Content notes: Intoxication, singing.
Length: 21 minutes

Title: It's The Thought That Counts
Author: [personal profile] thedeadparrot
Fandom: Harold and Kumar
Characters/Pairing: Harold/Kumar
Content notes: Drug use.
Length: 11 minutes

Title: Independence Wars
Author: [personal profile] kerrypolka
Fandom: West Side Story
Characters/Pairing: Maria (gen)
Length: 18 minutes

Title: Mr & Mrs Smith (Go To Lyrae)
Author: [personal profile] significantowl
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Martha
Length: 29 minutes

Title: Intersection
Author: [personal profile] redsnake05
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters/Pairing: Toshiko (gen)
Content notes: Tattooing; reference to canon violence, character death, and imprisonment; antagonistic view of Martha Jones (but listen to Owl's fic and it'll cheer you up!).
Music credit: "10 Segundos" by La Portuaria
Length: 40 minutes

Download mp3s of any of these or a podbook (m4b) of all six at the comm! Firefly, Psych, Harold and Kumar, West Side Story, Doctor Who and Torchwood Podfics by Sophinisba
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Dear [community profile] purimgifts writer/graphics person!

Thank you for signing up with one or more of my fandoms! I hope you will find I'm easy to write for. I love gen and ships of all kinds. I said I'd take a maximum rating of Explicit and I've been on kind of a porny streak in my journal lately, but I really am a big fan of friendship stories and character pieces too. I like happy stories and sad stories, h/c, kink, and stories about identity, community, and belief. For the most part I do not like torture in interrogation scenes or cheating in relationships.

I had a really good time with this challenge in 2008 and 2009 and I'm excited about coming back to it. This year I requested only fandoms where I like pretty much all the characters, so even though I'm listing some of my favorites under the cut, I'd be really happy to read about or look at any of the others too. All these fandoms have ladies and a few also have Jewish characters, though in most cases that isn't really developed so there's a lot of room for you to do more, if that's where your interest lies. I'd also be really interested in bringing out Jewish themes or parallels to the Esther story in shows like Merlin or BSG, or casting say Long Feng from Avatar as an evil vizier. Also do whatever you'd like with the pictures!

fandoms )
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-Are you reading the new WIP at [ profile] kinkme_merlin where Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his beta? If not, don't you sense that you life would be better if you were? Listen, I don't usually believe people when they say "You don't have to know the fandom to enjoy this" and I don't always like metafic, but this is really so much fun, I want you all to enjoy it. So many familiar little details just make me grin the whole time I'm reading it, whether it's Merlin chatting with Gwen while trying to be nonchalant about responding to a comment, or Arthur doing his best to ignore the haters at [ profile] fail_fandomanon. It's got me thinking too about our relationships, how you can be attracted to someone or consider them one of your good friends without knowing things like how they pronounce their name or what they look like or what gender they are. Comments on the story have also been fun (although I'm hoping the little subthread about BNFs in Merlin fandom doesn't go any further).
ETA: Completed and reposted in three parts! Pairing: Pendragon/Merlin

-I've been liking the kink meme a lot lately. I used to really dislike the format and feel like it wasn't a good place for me but, besides seeing a lot more interesting rareship prompts and fills than I used to, I've really gotten to like the idea that anyone can post anon (or not) and just make their own decisions about whether and when to claim it, and other people respect that. And I'm always so impressed with the job the mod mice do. Did you see this fanart of them? So awesome.

-I've been doing a lot of podfic recording! And some editing! (I used to not get how people could say recording was the fun part but I understand now! These characters!) It's a little weird holding back on them, because I'm used to posting stuff as soon as I've finished and listened or had somebody listen to a draft. I think it will be especially weird with this longer one I'm doing where I think, eh, I could probably finish it in the next week or so, but big bang posting isn't until April. It makes me feel like I should take on something BIGGER, but then I think about all the other things I should be doing, so it's hard to know.

-The [community profile] camelot_fleet Finishathon looks really awesome. Lots of great work from [personal profile] briar_pipe and [personal profile] themadlurker to help each person design their own challenge and get the support they need.

-Among many reasons for ♥ing my friends on LJ and Dreamwidth and Twitter, I love that I get to see so much spontaneous squee over awesome ladies, including Rose, Martha, Donna, and Amy, as well as both Gwens.
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I've already recorded three short podfics for the [community profile] chromatic_podfic challenge (without having signed up yet ha ha)! Editing will come later but shouldn't be too bad (I mean, one case looks like it'll be challenging but in a good way). What I've done so far has been fun but does not fit too well with my NYR to make more podfics of over 30 minutes. Maybe you can help me out by recommending some good fics starring characters of color or from fandoms where the creators are people of color, and that are between 5000 and 10,000 words, any genre.

One character I'm especially interested in is Martha Jones, but strangely enough (or maybe just because I don't read a lot of Whofic except for multifandom challenges I'm in) my favorite Martha fics that I can think of are all remixes or remixed, and I don't want to record one of those stories without its complement, but because of the old remixy POV shift and most of the other characters being white, one of the two stories is not really appropriate for this challenge. (Maybe I can do them later though!)

And now, let's have a meme!

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you:
a) a fact about them from my personal canon
b) a reason he/she sucks
c) a reason he/she is amazing
d) a thing that I'd like to see happen to them
e) someone that I can't ship that character with
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Look you guys! [ profile] fitz_y posted a gigantic Merlin Fic Rec Extravaganza Eleganza for slash, femslash, and multi ships other than Arthur/Merlin. This is a great resource (and I'm not just saying that because it includes a couple of my fics and a bunch by my friends)! There's a lot of great variety in Merlin fandom but the Arthur/Merlin stories do tend to be the most popular, and the rarepair stuff can be hard to find. I know when I've used Delicious or AO3 tags to try to find Gwen/Morgana fic, I mostly get Arthur/Merlin fic with Gwen/Morgana in the background. Fic tagged Lancelot/Merlin often turns out to be about Merlin starting out in a relationship with Lancelot but eventually realizing he really loves Arthur. Obviously there's nothing wrong with those kinds of stories, but Fitz's list points us right at the awesome fics where the rarepair is the main one. Hooray!

The epicness of that post puts me to shame - so much I haven't read, even for my favorite rare pairings! But here is my own humble rec list, just four more of my favorites from the Yuletide stories I've read.

fandoms: The Catcher in the Rye, Old Spice Man/Beowulf, The Muppet Show/Doctor Who/Doctor Who RPF, The Handmaid's Tale )
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This icon and the one on my previous post are from this icon post by [ profile] redscharlach. Thanks to [personal profile] sally_maria for the heads up.

Now let's have a meme! This is not the fic year in review meme yet because I still hope to write more fic. :) I saw this on [personal profile] cereta's journal.

A year-in-fandom meme )

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Note to anonymous someones
Hello! *waves encouragingly* I don't have any more advice on remixing than what I've written at [personal profile] camelotremix or any more specific Merlin femslash fic requests than what I put in my [ profile] merlinfemfest sign-up. As far as art and vids go, I like all kinds, and I like looking at the ladies of Merlin! So, both of you, have fun and do something that makes you happy (or sad or aroused or creeped out in a good way, etc.), and I'm sure I'll enjoy it too. :)

Fannish things I'm doing
OMG camelotremix and merlinfemfest! Also kink-bingo and songwriting )

-The [ profile] kinkelot Tentacles challenge is running through the end of the month. I said in a post a little while back that I thought Merlin was a difficult fandom for tentacles, but [personal profile] frigg has convinced me I was wrong with her fabulous Merlin tentacle porn manifesto. I love this post so much. It talks about the general awesomeness of tentacle fanarts as well as all kinds of Merlin-related scenarios that make me think, of course, it seems so obvious now that Merlin fandom and tentacles are made for each other. I was actually thinking recently about writing a manifesto about why I think tentacles are so hot (it's a lot to do with a particular kind of dubcon) but I also like that Frigg's post talks about the practical advantages for creators. (My favorite line is from a paragraph aimed at fan artists: "If you ever find yourself drawing a character in a sexy pose but then are just stuck as to what else to do so as to complete the pictures - try tentacles!") I now have a bunny involving Merlin, magic, and possibly Uther! If that doesn't work out, I may try to do a podfic. I hope lots of other people will make things too!

Things I'm probably not doing but that look exciting
-[ profile] girlsavesboyfic, a ficathon for stories about girls saving boys!

-A Doctor Who in Camelot Ficathon at [ profile] dwincamelot!

-[ profile] camelotsolstice sign-ups open on September 1! Last year they filled up crazy fast, so if you're interested watch the comm for how to get your sign-up ready before the post actually goes up. They are raising the word minimum on fics to 2000 this year, which seems like a good idea to me! It's not like they'll have a hard time getting enough people to sign up, and I'm excited to see some meatier stories. (Not that there's anything wrong with short ones! I am a drabble writer and I like all kinds of stories, I'm just saying it's nice that different fests have that variety.)

Today I did significant work on several real life tasks that I'd been avoiding. Nothing anywhere close to being finished but it is now a lot less terrifying. I can do this.
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Remix is revealed and I've still only read a few fics )

But anyway! I got remixed twice! My theory is that my assigned remixer ran out of time and ended up turning theirs in a few days late, so a pinch hitter got assigned and then there was more fic! That is, EVERYBODY WINS! Thank you, Remixers!

I actually think it's really cool how the two of these shook out, because I'm sure the two different authors weren't aware of what the other was doing, but they made really similar choices about what to Remix and then went in completely different directions with them. The originals were both written last year within about two months of each other, 200-300 words, using from [community profile] writing_game prompts, PG-rated slash starring enemy pairings! (And you guys, I write a lot of PG-rated slash but I almost never write enemy pairings so that is pretty crazy.)

So from there [ profile] o0o_faor_o0o made Impossible Equilibriums, (Harry Potter, Dumbledore/Grindelwald, 1173w, teen), which is poetic and psychological and very much inside the moment and the characters' heads.

And meanwhile [personal profile] netgirl_y2k wrote In My Place (the synchronised unicorns remix) (Merlin, Gwen/Morgana and Gwen/Nimueh, 1265w, marked as general audiences although, hmm), which took a drabble that was about a moment and built a whole story (with a plot omg) around it, lovely and funny and sad, and including a character who hadn't even appeared in canon at the time I wrote the original.

I was reading this and thinking the style seemed familiar and when I got to the line in the fic about synchronized unicorns I thought, "Oh, of course, it's Netgirl." And a few hours later I was chatting with [ profile] themadlurker and told her I thought the author was and when she got to the same line she said, "Yeah, I think that's a pretty good guess." :D

I also very much enjoyed reading

-All Across the Sands (Bones of an Impressive Romance Mix) (Doctor Who, Rose/Martha) by [ profile] vnilla;

-A Mirror of Moths (LotR, Frodo/Aragorn) by [personal profile] vulgarweed (omg yays for oldschool interspecies hotness, I loved this);

-Snow on a Hot Barn (The Backdrifts in B Major Remix) (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin) by [personal profile] kumquatix.

[personal profile] kumquatix was also my remixee! I was very happy to get the chance to remix her clever Gwen-centric fic The not so excellent past life regression adventure into Talking Books and Burning Sticks (The Excellent Adventure Remix). I don't think it's especially clever or great as a remix but it is a fun fic and I'm glad to have added to the small number of stories featuring two of my favorite ships (implied in the original), Gwen/Merlin and Arthur/Gwen/Merlin. (At this point if you search for A/G/M in the AO3 you get five fics, three of which are by me lol).

I hope you guys had good Remix experiences this year and that I'll get to see a bunch more recs and reposts and meta in the next few weeks!


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