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Hello, here is some meta for the “leather/latex/rubber” square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. Some of the post is negative about leather.

thoughts )
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Title: Do You Wanna Come Over and Kill Some Time?
Author: [ profile] Amber
Fandom: Merlin RPF
Characters/Ships: Bradley James/Colin Morgan
Rating: NC-17
Contains: n/a
Author's summary: "Colin Morgan is a bit of workaholic. | It has been, give or take, six months since Bradley realized he fancied his co-star; that he wanted to do with him all the things people on the internet speculated they did. Possibly forever. Half that time he wasted bollocksing about having a bit of a sexual identity crisis and being totally oblivious to Colin's totally obvious reciprocal feelings, and then the rest of it was mostly taken up with filming, so he feels he cannot be blamed, truly, for wanting to take advantage of a night off."
Reader's notes: For the "washing/cleaning" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card! This one was something of a struggle for various reasons, including having to use a new version of GarageBand for the first time on the editing, but now it's done and I finished my bingo in time to post for the January mini-challenge. Yay!
Length: 33 minutes
Download mp3 from MediaFire
Download m4b from MediaFire
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You guys look, [personal profile] cantarina recorded my Gwen/Morgana sonnet Where History Ends as part of the Peck on the Lips femslash podlet fest for International Day of Femslash yesterday!!!! Go listen and tell her how awesome she is! (She has a Box link there so you can listen online without having to bother with downloading and syncing, although I obviously chose to download for keeps.) Yay!!!

Also I made these two podfics!

Title: Late Night Games
Author: [personal profile] dagas_isa
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee
Rating: mature
Contains: D/s, verbal humiliation, electricity play
Author's summary: Azula sends a flash of light through the sky to indicate that she wants to play.
Reader's notes: Made for the Kisses fest at [profile] podfic_project and International Day of Femslash, and for the "humiliation (verbal)" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card!
File info: mp3, 7 minutes, 3.3 MB
Download link: Late Night Games at Mediafire
[Link updated July 17, 2012 to include cover by [personal profile] manifesty]

Title: Open (Filthy Reverence)
Author: [ profile] kick_flaw
Fandom: Merlin RPF
Characters/Pairing: Bradley James/Colin Morgan
Rating: EXPLICIT LIKE WHOA (This one rivals Experienced for porniness you guys.)
Contains: mild powerplay, barebacking, butt-plugging, roleplay
Author's summary: "I'm going to put it in now," Bradley says.
Reader's notes: Made for the "sex toys (worn under clothing)" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card!
File info: mp3, 23 minutes, 10.6 MB
Download link: Open (Filthy Reverence) at Mediafire
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So, I would like to run a Merlin fandom remix later this year, probably with signups in early August and fics posted in late September. It would be like RemixRedux in that the fics themselves would be posted at the AO3 and you'd need to qualify by having written a certain amount of them already, but different in that it would be just for Merlin FPF and Merlin RPF.

It's possible also that we'd do the matching in such a way that people could specify shipping/genre/rating preferences, whereas the big remix says that if you sign up you have to be able to work with anything in the fandom. Hand matching worked pretty well for us at [ profile] a_conspiracy, but we only had 13 participants there. (I also did hand matching for 78 participants in...a very large number of fandoms at [ profile] remixthedrabble round 6, but I'd rather not do something like that again!) I'd prefer to use the AO3's matcing process if we got more than 30 or so people, but I don't know how flexible that set-up will be since they're still working on it for RemixRedux.

Anyway, that's all a long way off, I just thought I'd mention that general intention in a public post, in case it helps people plan their commitments. Let me know if you're interested in participating or helping out, or of course if someone else is already planning to do something like this. And don't forget that sign-ups for RemixRedux end this Wednesday.

I've spent most of this weekend editing the Merlin pages at Fanlore, hanging out at the Fanlore chatroom and collaborating with some [community profile] camelot_fleet peeps and Fanlore regulars like [personal profile] facetofcathy and [ profile] frogspace. I still find Fanlore editing to be frustrating in a lot of ways but it's helped to have that interaction by gathering to do it as a group. Tonight some of us were talking about giving it another push in a month or so, not trying to work on it all the time or we'll burn out. I think we've gotten a lot of good stuff done this weekend and I'm especially impressed with [personal profile] heathershaped's work on the Gwen character page and [personal profile] ara's on Arthur and Merlin.

If you're curious, you can see the pages I've been editing on my user contribution page. I'd be especially grateful for any feedback or suggestions (either there on the wiki or here on LJ/Dreamwidth) on the Merlin/Gwen and Merlin/Uther pages. They're both pairings I ship and pages where no one else has written anything, so I feel very much like I've just written a "This is why I like this pairing! Here are some of my favorite fics!" but dressed up in fake neutral language. :)


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