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Title: Night Busting Open
Fandom: Supernatural (with elements of Buffy the Vampire and the song "Thunder Road")
Pairing: Mary/John
Rating: PG
Words: ~700
Summary: It's the summer of 1977, and Mary's tired of standing on this porch, waiting for life to catch up with her.
Notes: Written for [ profile] cidercupcakes and previously posted here as part of [ profile] purimgifts 2009. Thanks to [ profile] roga for the beta. The first photo in this post is by Frank Stefanko and was taken from here. The second is by Pamela Springsteen and was taken from here.

Night Busting Open )
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Here are the ficlets I wrote for [ profile] remixthedrabble! I did two regular assignments and then added four extras in the last few days. I got to try out some fandoms and characters I hadn't written before and I had a great time with it.

Lord of the Rings: Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix)
Galadriel, Arwen/Aragorn, rated PG, 200 words
Remix of Night of Love (scroll down), by [ profile] lindahoyland
Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix) )

The Faculty: Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix)
Casey/Randy (Claudia's OMC), Casey/Zeke, rated R, 200 words, warning for partner violence
Remix of In the Garden of After: Bright Angel, by [ profile] claudia603
Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix) )

Doctor Who: Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix)
Tish and Martha Jones, rated G, 150 words
Remix of Sucks to Be You, by [ profile] studyofrunning
Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix) )

Doctor Who/Firefly crossover: Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix)
Ninth Doctor/TARDIS/Kaylee, rated G, 200 words
Remix of Springs and Circuits, by [ profile] lotus0kid
Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix) )

Supernatural/Heroes crossover: Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix)
Dean/Mohinder, rated R, 400 words
Remix of Achieving Nirvana, by [ profile] emmademarais
Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix) )

Heroes: Delivery (In from the Cold Remix)
AU Maya and Gabriel, rated PG, 500 words
Remix of Warm Thoughts, by [ profile] razycrandomgirl
Delivery (In from the Cold Remix) )
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I sure have been watching a lot of TV lately. 2nd season of the new Dr. Who, 1st season Torchwood, and a bit of 1st season Farscape on DVD, and new episodes of Lost and Supernatural. The ones I'm the most excited about right now are probably Torchwood because of all the same-sex kissing and Supernatural because of the look on Dean's face when he lies. (OMG Dean.) Both of these shows are often gorier than I would like, but…well, most of the time when there's something I don't want to see I just look at my knitting. :)

Another problem is trying to watch new episodes of SPN. The only TV in our apartment is the very small one in my roommate's bedroom that doesn't get cable. Across town, my parents have a cable package with hundreds of channels and DVR, but it doesn't include the CW. What's with that? (At least they do get BBC America.) New SPN episodes air Thursday nights but they don't become available on until the following Tuesday, and by that time the fandom is pretty much done discussing, so I feel all disconnected. Which is probably fine, since I don't know how much I can ever connect with that fandom when I'm not interested in the two of them having sex with each other. Still, I would like to see those new episodes when they are really new!
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I'm not feeling very well today so I think it's a good day for staying in bed and posting a time-consuming meme. I saw this on the journal of someone I don't know, [ profile] anneliese.

I've made a list of 10 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?" "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?" "What would 2 and 7 do if they discovered buried treasure?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which.

Hint: They are from ten different fandoms (all of which have been mentioned at some point on this journal) and may include real people.

1. Monica Dawson (Heroes), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
2. Sam Winchester (Supernatural), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
3. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
4. Rose Cotton (LotR), guessed by [ profile] dreamflower02 (with help from [ profile] claudia603)
5. Rose Henderson (Lost), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
6. Detective Frank Pembleton (Homicide), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
7. Luna Lovegood (HP), guessed by [ profile] schemingreader (after [ profile] gamerchick drew out the clues)
8. Viggo Mortensen (Lotrips), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
9. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
10. Zeke Tyler (The Faculty), guessed by [ profile] claudia603

I'll fill in the names as people guess them.
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This might not work because I don't think all that many of you on my list are watching, but heck, polls are fun.

[Poll #975294]

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To my great surprise, I wrote a thousand words of Supernatural fic this morning. Also wrote about that amount of rps earlier this week. I don't really expect either one of them to get to a point where I can post them, but it is fun thinking in another universe. This felt a little like writing Faculty fic (especially because I was writing Sam when he was younger), though I guess one difference is that I'm a lot less interested in the Winchesters' demons than in Casey's aliens.

Lately I have been writing aimlessly, a few hundred words here and there. But I will try to finish that next set of hobbit drabbles today. I mean, really, another 200 words, how hard can it be?

Today I'm at my parents' house, where the digital video recording seems to be working properly for a change, and I've just got caught up on the last two episodes of Lost. Pretty good eps too! Especially in comparison to that awful Jack episode we had a few weeks ago.

cut for a general spoiler that we've known about for a little while )

SPN and Lost are two fandoms where I've barely read any fic and am not much interested in reading slash, but I think I could go for some intense and angsty hurt/comfort, if you have any recs of that kind to share with me. I've read and very much enjoyed [ profile] andraste_oz's Five Views of an Ending.


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