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I really love that [ profile] camelotsolstice kicked off posting last night with the gorgeous Gwen/Morgana artwork Knight. I love that it's getting lots of comments and reading the comments I keep seeing people point out things about the picture that I hadn't noticed before. It's neat that it's so hot even though it's rated G and they're both fully clothed (like, you get to see about as much of Gwen's breasts as in my icon). And like for me the sexiest part is Morgana's armor but for other people it's the placement of their hands and I think for a lot more it's the way they're looking at each other. But just in general wow and yay.

And if you're looking for some more explicit Gwen/Morgana, omg check out [ profile] miakun's The Box!!!
Summary: Gwen discovers a box of kinky sex toys Morgana used with her last girlfriend.
From the kink meme prompt: Gwen/Morgana, spanking
Very sweet established relationship fic but eventually very sexy too!

While I'm reccing, here's an older one that [ profile] kaizoku pointed me to, a really fun vid to a great, catchy song, Not Everything Is Uniform by [personal profile] oltha_heri. It's multiship but tells a story and I love it.

[personal profile] zulu invited me to remix one of her fics so I was looking around and I had a ball reading her House MD/Star Trek Reboot fusion On The Edge Of Night (alternate link).

That was written for [personal profile] roga, and I also really loved Roga's new American Idol/The West Wing crossover Post Lambert, Ergo Propter Lambert, in which the Bartlett White House reacts to the Good Morning America thing.

It's funny because I don't even usually read House or Star Trek or AI or TWW fic, but put them together and I am so there. :D


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