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Name:Sophinisba Solis
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Hello and welcome! This is a fannish and personal journal that contains material intended for adults. My main fandom used to be Lord of the Rings (mainly hobbits) and is now Merlin. I've also dabbled in Lotrips (as a reader), The Faculty, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and some other fandoms. Most of my fandom entries are public and my personal entries are f-locked. I sometimes subscribe to people first and give access later if/when we've gotten to know each other better. You can always subscribe or unsubscribe from me without worrying about offending me or causing drama.

My fanfic is tagged fic, listed in my fic index, and archived at the Archive of Our Own. My podfics are tagged podfic, listed in my podfic index, and archived at the Audiofic Archive. You can find other things on my journal through my tags.

kittens hiding under a blanket with text: BLANKET PURRRMISSION TO PODFIC (or otherwise transform), U CAN HAZ
macro by [personal profile] helens78, gankable

I love transformative works such as fanfic, remixes, fanart, and podfics (including repods). If you'd like to play with something of mine, please go ahead, and give me a link when you've finished so I can squee over it with you!

What's your transformative works policy? You can make life/fandom easier for podficcers like me by putting a blanket yes, blanket no, or "ask me first" policy on your profile page.

The name Sophonisba is normally spelled with two Os and one I. I spelled it with two Is by mistake, but I've come to like it this way. My friends call me Sophie.

screencap of Frodo looking scared with text: Suspect Gandalf chose Ringbearer on account of blue eyes and pouty lower lip, rather than possession of heroic-type fortitude. I am a pervy hobbit fancier
Frodo's my fancy!
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Fanfic Flamingo says: One day I'll love a non-problematic canon.
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