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Year in Review Meme

All the fics I posted in 2007 and what I think about them, this version gacked from [ profile] rubynye.

Total list of stories:
Crickhollow, September, LOTR, the four hobbits, G, 200 words.
Lasting Effects, part 8, The Faculty, Casey/Zeke, R.
Drabbles for the timestamp meme, LOTR, various characters and ratings, 500 words.
Clean Up This Mess, Pan's Labyrinth, Mercedes, PG, 300 words.
Leaving, LOTR, hobbits and Aragorn, G, 1500 words.
Homecoming, part 1, The Faculty, Casey/Zeke, PG.
Homecoming, part 2.
Homecoming, part 3.
Where I'm At Today, LOST, Rose, PG, ~1100 words.
Wherever the Wind Will Blow (Leaves in the Wind), Pirates of the Caribbean, young!Jack and Bootstrap Bill Turner, PG-13, written for [ profile] remix_redux.
The "Fics I would never write" meme, various fandoms, characters, and ratings.
Message in a Bottle, LOST, Charlie, PG-13, 2183 words.
Lasting Effects, part 9.
Post-Quest AU, part 1, Loss, LOTR, Frodo and Rosie, PG-13.
Post-Quest AU, part 2, Stop.
Unimpressed, LOTR, Merry/Estella, G, 670 words.
Reflections, LOTR, Celeborn/Galadriel, G, 100 words.
Cold (Next Generation Remix), LOTR, Elanor and RSF, PG-13, 257 words, written for [ profile] remixthedrabble.
Homecoming, part 4, PG-13.
Forever, LOST, Rose/Bernard, PG, 300 words.
Burdens to Carry, LOST, various characters, PG, 500 words.
Chasing Boys 1, The Faculty, Delilah and Casey, PG, 1365 words.
Permanent Marks, LOST, Sayid, PG-13, 1675 words.
Waiting, LOST, Sun and Vincent, G, 100 words.
Hero, LOST, Hurley, G, 100 words.
Three Firefly ficlets, two more, four more, and another three, various characters, pairings and ratings, 100-500 words each.
If I Keep You Beside Me, LOTR, Pippin, Boromir, and Denethor, G, 4341 words, written for the [ profile] waymeet Fabled Fellowship Challenge.
Merope, HP, Merope/various, PG-13, 2835 words.
Post-Quest AU, part 3, Homecoming.
Ficlets for [ profile] remixthedrabble:
-Brothers (The Happy Beginning Remix), Brokeback Mountain, Jack/Ennis, G, 100 words.
-Lovely (The Six Times Seventeen Remix), Firefly, Kaylee/Inara, PG-13, 102 words.
-One World That Never Collided With The Firefly Verse (The Gamgee Remix), LOTR/Firefly, G, 200 words.
Healing a Healer, LOTR, Frodo/Aragorn, PG-13, ~12,000 words, written for [ profile] a_conspiracy, the hobbit remix challenge.
Out of Breath, LOTR, Merry, G, 100 words, written for the challenge at [ profile] elfmoot2007.
Odd and Even Numbers: Four, LOTR, Frodo/Pippin, NC-17, 3000 words.
Post-Quest AU, part 4, Yule.
Chasing Boys 2, Faculty, Casey/Delilah, R, ~3750 words.
Post-Quest AU, part 5, Hero.
Post-Quest AU, part 6, Caught.
Let No One Put Asunder, HP, Parvati and Padma, PG, 4150 words, written for [ profile] choc_fic, round 1.
The Box, LOTR/Homicide, Frodo and Lewis, PG, 1266 words.
Odd One Out or Odd and Even Numbers: Five, LOTR, Merry/Pippin, PG, 2900 words, written for the [ profile] waymeet Moveable Feast exchange.
Close Enough to Touch, Heroes, Molly, PG, 100 words.
Five Kisses for Hiro, Heroes, Hiro/various, PG, 500 words.
Promises, Pan's Labyrinth, Carmen, PG, 200 words.
Compromise, Pan's Labyrinth, Ofelia and Carmen, PG, 100 words.
Three more drabbles for [ profile] remixthedrabble:
-Touch of Stone (The Breathless Remix), LOTR, Pippin/Denethor, PG.
-Contentment (The Unenchanted Remix), Brokeback Mountain, Jack/Ennis, PG.
-Inspector Uhl's Regrets (The Picking Up the Pieces Remix), The Illusionist, Uhl/Eisenheim, G.
Haikus and haiku sets for [ profile] haikuathon:
-Ten Heroes pieces, various characters, pairings, and ratings. and lengths.
-Seven in other fandoms, Brokeback Mountain, Everything Is Illuminated, Lost, Mysterious Skin, Northern Exposure, and Pushing Daisies.
-Three more, Northern Exposure, Firefly, and Brokeback Mountain.
Four [ profile] yuletide fics:
Into That Good Night, Children of Men, Theo/Julian, PG-13, 16200 words.
Extended Version, Jessie's Girl, R, 520 words.
Esperanza, Saved!, OFC/OMC, PG-13, ~3000 words.
Homespun, Pushing Daisies, Emerson, PG, 2586 words.

*wipes sweat from brow*

Overall Thoughts:I continue my trend of starting things and not finishing them. I have lasting guilt and bitterness about that but not about other things like I did last year. I see less and less of the hobbits as the year goes on, and that makes me sad, but I did enjoy playing around with drabbles and other short-form ficlets in a lot of different fandoms this year, including some very small fandoms. In general I paid more attention to stories that interested me and less to ones that I thought other people would want to read. While this has been fun, I admit that I sometimes get bummed when they don't get as many comments.

I wrote almost no porn this year and I think I'm pretty much okay with that. It's never been something I've been really comfortable writing, much as I like to read it, but I pushed myself to write more of it in 2006 as a way of, you know, stretching different writing muscles and trying to get people to like me. I did more het and femslash than I had last year, but most of that wasn't very explicit.

My best story of this year: My Yuletide fic, "Into That Good Night", I think. I'm not good at judging my own stories but that one got some of the most enthusiastic comments of anything I've written, and I do know that I worked really hard on it.

My favorite story of this year: Possibly the same one. My post-Quest AU would probably be my favorite if I had actually finished it.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Probably "Chasing Boys 2" but I don't feel bitter about this. People like some pairings and genres better than others and I totally get that. I despised Casey/Delilah as a pairing right up until the time I started writing this fic, and I knew going into it that it wouldn't be a big hit. Still, I thought it had some of my better writing (especially writing about sex).

I also thought that in general the fics at [ profile] a_conspiracy didn't get as much appreciation as they deserved. This includes my own fic, but I felt it more strongly for others like [ profile] rubynye's and [ profile] hyel's.

Most fun story to write: Not a single fic, but boy did I have a ball with those haikus, especially the longer and sexier ones.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Like I said, not so much with the porn this year. I guess it could be "Odd and Even Numbers: Four" or chapter 8 of "Lasting Effects" (which was actually written around New Year's 2006), depending on your taste.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Merope, the one where the little girl gets raped by her father and brother. Not really much of a contest there, but the two runner-ups were the Heroes haiku sets "Insaciable, Indomable" and "Evolution".

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: "Chasing Boys" 1 and 2. I'd had very little sympathy for Delilah before I started writing that.

Hardest story to write: Both of the challenge fics I posted in September. "Let No One Put Asunder" was hard because I was terrified I'd RUIN the characters of color ficathon by bumbling into some racist cliché or other. "Odd One Out" was a Pippin fic that was frustrating to write because I kept feeling like I was repeating everything I'd said in every other Pippin fic I'd written (except for the things I wasn't able to say because they're against community rules). They both worked out really well – [ profile] choc_fic was one of my favorite challenges of the year and I'm planning on writing again for the next round. The Pippin fic was written for Dana, one of my favorite people to write for, and was also read by a lot of other people who said kind things. Still, I was really tearing my hair out at the time, and poor Claudia had to put up with a lot of whining in e-mail.

Biggest Disappointment: I started two more multi-part fics that I said I would finish and then didn't. I feel especially bad about the post-Quest AU. I have so much trouble with WIPs and getting motivated to finish them. I have this trouble with lack of confidence in all spheres of my life and that definitely includes my feelings about my own writing. I'll get discouraged over some little thing or other, decide no one cares about my fic anyway, stop writing for a while, and when I try to come back to it the guilt and shame over having abandoned it makes even thinking about the fic unpleasant. In this case the idea of going back to it is especially scary because I wrote most of it a really long time ago and I don't feel the same way about a lot of the characters as I did then, so I just feel kind of removed from it all. I hate this about myself and my fan writing career. *kicks things*

Biggest Surprise: The three Yuletide Treats that I wrote in the last few days before the archive opened. After all that time I spent adding a few hundred words a day to my assigned story and writing almost nothing else, I couldn't believe how fast those other three came out.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: I don't know about unintentional because I'm usually pretty aware of it happening at the time, but in general I find that anything with a girl's POV on sex makes me feel extra exposed but is also a lot of fun to write. "She" was a first-person femslash haiku set about a character (Alma Jr.) who looks a little bit like me irl, so it was especially strong there.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: Well, there's the endings to the WIPs, of course. :( :(

There are some unfulfilled requests from Yuletide that I'd like to try. New Year's Resolutions can be posted right up until Yuletide starts again next fall, and some people are talking about having a little bit of Yuletide Madness the third weekend of every month. I think that sounds like fun. Some of the ones I'm interested in are the Octavia E. Butler novel Kindred, Cassandra/Roland from Saved!, and Dana's Pan's Labyrinth request.

And I'm hoping someone else will feel inspired by my unfulfilled requests for Pan's Labyrinth, Children of Men, and Mysterious Skin.

I also want to pick a prompt or two for the new round of [ profile] choc_fic and have more fun and less angst with it this time. The huge lists of prompts are here and here and I think they're open until fic posting starts on February 1st. I'm really pleased that [ profile] hyel has claimed several of my Harry Potter prompts, and she and [ profile] rubynye are both planning to do a lot.

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Sort answer: I adore you. *huggles you*
Long one coming soon! (Going out tonight)

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So I'm home again. :) I wish I could take away your feelings of guilt and shame over the progress of your stories, because I empathize with them so much. And oh, I know what you mean about writing the Treats so fast. I can't believe how fast I wrote mine.

You wrote some wonderful stories this year, you know, and had a consistent outlet. Here's to an even better year in 2008!
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*love-filled hugs!*

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You've been extremely prolific this year.