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Year in Fanworks

I made so few fanworks in 2013 that it doesn't make sense to do the questions meme, as much as I normally enjoy that, but I can't resist making a list and a graph.

January25 Merlin femslash drabbles for Kink Bingo-
February-Rumpled (Elena/Vivian)
Swan Song (Harry Potter: Cho gen)
After (Bible: Eve/Lilith)
March-These four links go to the same post:
No Dancing Shoes in Space (Gwen/Merlin and OT4)
running you with red (The Hour: Freddie/Lix)
Setting Bones (Teen Wolf: Scott/Isaac)
You're My Oxygen (Doctor Who: Doctor/River)
AprilRed (The Gift That Keeps On Giving Remix) (Arthur/Percival, Arthur/Leon)guest spot in might as well kiss the monster, laugh and fuck until you’re dead (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles and various ships)
August-guest spot in Feeling is First (Glee: Santana/Brittany)
December-Desk Job (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy/Rosa)

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table showing fic and podfic stats by month

And no vids.

So, you know, just my least productive year in fandom ever, but what are you gonna do. I would like to say some positive things:
-Lots of ladies!
-I like making sets of things! I think my [community profile] kink_bingo blackout with 25 different femslash ships for 25 different kinks is really, and so is my set of podfics in space.
-I had fun with that Amy/Rosa podfic last week, and it's made me want to get back into podficcing again. Conveniently, I expect to have a little more time alone at home over the next few months than I did the last few months.
-I know I will make at least one vid in 2014, because I'm signed up for [community profile] festivids and they are due in... ah ha ha less than two weeks! No, but it's cool, I have clipped and I have a song. I will manage something.
-Having just made a bunch of links, I think I will update my podfic index today, and maybe even post to [community profile] amplificathon
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[personal profile] fire_juggler 2013-12-31 05:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't think I ever commented (because I fail at commenting), but I really loved your work with KLB on Feeling is First! A totally delightful little podfic and you two complemented each other so well!

I hope your 2014 is a wonderful one! Happy New Year!