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Sophinisba Solis ([personal profile] sophinisba) wrote2008-10-31 04:20 pm

C/Z Halloween drabble: Love Like Lightning

Fandom: The Faculty
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100
A/N: My prompt was "lightning". The title is from the Paul Simon song "Hearts and Bones". Thanks to [ profile] honeyandvinegar and [ profile] aliensouldream for putting this together!

Love Like Lightning

Casey's never minded thunderstorms. People he might get scared of sometimes, but nature's on his side. Water's cool and cleansing on his face, and lightning reveals the nightscape with the beautiful clarity of a camera flash.

He doesn't mind them tonight either. The hard rain keeps the kids away and leaves him alone with Zeke and the chocolate. They turn out the porch light, undress in the dark, and in bright instants Casey flashes on – a plane of torso a – dark thatch of hair – tongue licking lips Zeke's – long arms reaching out. To touch him.

They roll with the thunder.

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God, what great images! Very well written and I love the fact that the rain is allowing Casey to have Zeke AND all the chocolate all to himself! Great last sentence.

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This is incredibly beautiful and erotic. Such marvelous images. Water's cool and cleansing on his face, and lightning reveals the nightscape with the beautiful clarity of a camera flash. This is just my favorite of so many lovely ones.
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oooh, this was awesome! Such sensual details! I could so totally picture that. Naw, I wish it was storming here tonight!
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hee. We have some Reece's Peanut Butter Cup, too. Will probably save some for another time...

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That last line is GENIUS :)

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Oh, wow, this just carried me away.

And that last line is just perfect!

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Woah! Very sexy. I love the idea of Casey seeing 'flashes' of Zeke with the lightning strikes. Dramatic and beautiful.

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Sophi, that's a beautiful image you've given us there, Casey and Zeke seen during the flashes of lightning ...

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This is downright stunning. It makes me ask, why the hell aren't you writing C/Z at a constant, rapid rate? The imagery is sublime. *sighs*

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Mmm... I like the imagery. Casey lit by lightning = nice!


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What a wonderful image. Like watching movement under a strobelight. I can picture it oh so very clearly. Very very nice. :)

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OMG...what gorgeous images as the light flashes. This is so erotic it is leaving me breathless. This is truly gorgeous and I can see them there *sighs* hugs you and thank you! xoxoxo v

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That is so erotic. It makes beautiful images in my head!

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Oh, fantastically vivid imagery, and powerful last line. I love this! Thank you very much. :)

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So sensual and so erotic!You painted wonderful images with your words, dear.

"They roll with the thunder."

It's a killer line!
Brilliant work. Thank you so much!

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love this. It's so evocative and flows so wonderfully. The ending made me smile so very very much. Thank you! A gem, not just on Halloween!