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-There's a party on at [community profile] camelot_fleet this weekend. It's been a few weeks and I've missed them so I'm excited, would love to see you there.

-Sign-ups will be starting soon for the Multifandom Purim Treat-a-Thon, one of my favorite fests of 2008 and 2009. Posting will happen at the AO3 this year but you can follow announcement posts at [community profile] purimgifts on Dreamwidth or [ profile] purimgifts on LJ.

-I'm resisting signing up for the Arthur/Gwen Thing-A-Thon 2010 (a fic/art/graphics/vid) exchange), but it looks cool so maybe some of you will be interested.

-The Casey/Zeke Valentine's Day fest is also going to be run as an exchange this year. Sign up at [ profile] cz_valentines.

Thank you!

Sep. 20th, 2009 06:56 pm
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Thank you all for the lovely wishes and pictures and gifts yesterday. I've enjoyed my birthdays a lot more since I came into online fandom than I ever did before, and I always thought I had an especially good birthday since it's so close to Frodo and Bilbo's (so I could pretend all the hobbit fic getting posted around that time was really for ME), and then this year I got the season premiere of Merlin as a present. I had a good day offline too but I guess I will talk about that in a friends-locked post. Here in public though I want to point to some of the wonderful things people made for me:

-[ profile] julchen11 wrote Questions and answers about Zeke and Casey.

-[ profile] claudia603 shared a Gwen/Morgana ficlet from her Mermaid AU.

-[ profile] mews1945 did a great happy-making picspam.

-[ profile] baranduin made me a beautiful Gwen/Morgana/flowers birthday card.

-The BBC made a new episode of this show I might have mentioned that I like. :D

-[personal profile] briar_pipe made a comment thread for me at the [community profile] camelot_fleet party, and just before I went to bed [personal profile] miarrow posted A Promise To Return - The Cylon Side of Things, a new Cylon!Merlin continuation of her Merlin/BSG fusion.

Thank you, lovelies. I had a great time!
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Faculty fans, have you signed up for C/Z Trick or Treat? It looks like a lot of fun, just claim one of the horror movie titles on [ profile] aliensouldream's list and write, draw, or otherwise make something with it and and with Casey and Zeke for October 31st.

[ profile] remixthedrabble still wants you, whatever your fandom of choice. Sign-ups close Friday.

Almost halfway through September and so far no one's recced any birthday-themed fics at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. Are you all waiting for the 22nd? Okay then, I trust there will be a fabulous reccing party then.

I went to the Merlin multishippers party at [community profile] camelot_fleet again this weekend but didn't get any fics written, which made me sad, and I didn't really socialize as much as I'd hoped. On the other hand, I did inspire others to great works by giving them prompts, so I guess it's still a good thing I was there:
There are many other fics and drawings and great discussions in the comments, with links collected by [personal profile] heathershaped posted at the post-party Roundup.

In other news, I'm feeling lonely in rl and online and I know a link post isn't the way to overcome that. I, um. Hello? What did you do this weekend? What are you reading? What are you writing? Have you seen any good movies lately? Do you find it easy or hard to meet new people when you get into a new fandom? Have you tried editing Fanlore and what were your experiences with that? How are your cats doing? How are you?
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I want to rec two remixes that I loved for pretty much opposite reasons, to the extent that I feel weird mentioning them both in the same post, but still:

Grounded (This Is Not My Beautiful Life Mix) (Harry Potter: Ginny/Luna with Ginny/Harry) because it was so real and sad and made me think about canon and the world and broke my heart; and

Free Range Subjects (The Scientific Method Remix) (Merlin: Merlin/Arthur with OCs) because Aliens Made Them Do It from the POV of the well-intentioned but hapless alien scientist is such good wacky fun. (OMG [ profile] browngirl, I know this is not your fave fandom but I think you would like this alien!)

Chasing Boys (The Grown Up Extended Mix) (The Faculty: Casey/alien!Delilah and ensemble) could still totally use some love!

And speaking of Faculty fic, [ profile] hyel wrote Stokely/Marybeth with Stokely/Delilah for [ profile] femslash09: More Than Nostalgia.

People are starting to post at [ profile] hbpchallenge as well. So much to read and enjoy these days.
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Hey, who wants to read a new Faculty fic? What if it's an alternate ending for the movie with plot, tentacles, creepy alien psychology, Stokely being Snarky, Zeke wielding a tire iron, and Casey getting tied up?

Go read Chasing Boys (The Grown Up Extended Mix)!! It's technically a remix of my story Chasing Boys (part 1) and Casey/Delilah but even if you're not into het or remixes I think you will enjoy it. It's really pretty much an original story and gen and it is awesome. Yay!

And the rest of the remix (including something or other by me) is also live! 235 stories in 65 fandoms including LotR, Lotrips, Merlin, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and Torchwood, and tons of Harry Potter and Supernatural. Check out the community's tags for easy navigating.

And [ profile] lotrips_remix has gone up at the same time! The most recent post in the comm is the index.
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More fics are up at [ profile] remixthedrabble, including Firefly and Doctor Who fandoms. The index posts are at the top of the page and there are fandom tags in the sidebar.

Here is something else neat: the Drabble Tree at [ profile] slytherin100. There are more than 100 100-word drabbles (all involving at least one Slytherin character) in the comments. To join in, take the last phrase of any of the drabbles and use it as the start of a new drabble (which can be about the same characters or other ones). I'm not that much of a Slytherin fan but I love the idea and I've written one so far, have started a couple others. The game is open through June 21st, and next month there will be a multifandom one at drabbletree on Dreamwidth.

I wrote a few Faculty ficlets for old times' sake: a drabble and 2 150-word ones (3 paragraphs of 50 words each). The prompts are from this post at [ profile] writing_game.

Slow Ride – 100w, Casey/Zeke, PG-13 )
Limits - 150w, Casey/Zeke, PG-13 with consent issues )
Chicago -150w, Stokely/Stan, angsty G )
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I wrote my third and final drabble assignment for [ profile] remixthedrabble today, though I'll probably end up doing a couple pinch hits next week. It felt good to get that done. mod chatter )

I'm excited that [ profile] aliensouldream is going to try taking over Tweaked Fiction, the old Faculty fic archive, something I tried and failed to do a year and a half ago. Also I wrote a Faculty drabble-and-a-half this evening. I'll post here when I get through my 20 points at [ profile] writing_game or when a new game goes up.

[ profile] baranduin, [ profile] melusinahp, and others who get annoyed by excessive use of present tense in fic, you might enjoy reading this.

I'm two episodes in to the second season of Battlestar Galactica! I love it so much. I...find I don't have much else to say. I think it must be really hard to write fic for this show, especially when it was going on and you were still finding out things about the characters (as with early seasons of Lost) but also because (unlike Lost in my experience) you trust the writers and their way of revealing things when the time is right. Even if it hurts! I don't know, I'd just be afraid to interfere. Watching it though is fantastic. I think I'm going to watch one more episode tonight and then watch a fourth tomorrow afternoon and get the Netflix disc in the mail again before the post office closes. :)

Fandom meme

Jun. 1st, 2009 04:08 pm
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Here is a meme about the fandoms we love!

The meme and questions: RULES: Comment and I'll LJ stalk you to find THREE FANDOMS you apparently love. And then you answer these questions about them!

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

Here are my answers for the fandoms [ profile] rubynye gave me:

Lotrips )
The Faculty )
Merlin )
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You guys, I wrote inaugural fic!

Fandoms: Homicide: Life on the Street, The Faculty, Doctor Who, Harold and Kumar, Heroes
Rating: G to PG-13 (gen)
Words: 2295
Note: Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for taking a look at this last night!

Five Families Who Watched the Inauguration of the 44th American President )
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Here is my ficlet for the C/Z Xmas Box! My prompt word was tree and I tried to keep it to a drabble but that didn't work out. Thanks to [ profile] aliensouldream and [ profile] honeyandvinegar for organizing the fest!

Title: The Dead Tree
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG
Word Count: 250
Summary: Casey brings Zeke a Christmas tree

The Dead Tree )
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Title: Just for Tonight
Fandoms: The Faculty/Torchwood
Pairing: Casey Connor/Captain Jack Harkness (!)
Rating: R
Warnings: A wee bit of Torchwood-style darkness and consent issues
Words: 800 (eight drabbles)
Notes: [ profile] aprilkat requested Elijah/Captain Jack and I couldn't quite manage it, so I went with Casey instead. Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for looking this over before I posted. Oh, and check out this icon that [ profile] annwyn55 made for me!

Just for Tonight )
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Here's the favorite fic meme that's been going around.

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

These are not in order. I really suck at picking favorites, actually! But these are five fics of mine for which I have some special affection. fic links )

And while I'm talking about my own fics, here are five songs I've quoted in them, which you can download if you'd like (at least for the next week). I've shared a couple of these before. music and fic links )
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Here are the ficlets I wrote for [ profile] remixthedrabble! I did two regular assignments and then added four extras in the last few days. I got to try out some fandoms and characters I hadn't written before and I had a great time with it.

Lord of the Rings: Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix)
Galadriel, Arwen/Aragorn, rated PG, 200 words
Remix of Night of Love (scroll down), by [ profile] lindahoyland
Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix) )

The Faculty: Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix)
Casey/Randy (Claudia's OMC), Casey/Zeke, rated R, 200 words, warning for partner violence
Remix of In the Garden of After: Bright Angel, by [ profile] claudia603
Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix) )

Doctor Who: Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix)
Tish and Martha Jones, rated G, 150 words
Remix of Sucks to Be You, by [ profile] studyofrunning
Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix) )

Doctor Who/Firefly crossover: Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix)
Ninth Doctor/TARDIS/Kaylee, rated G, 200 words
Remix of Springs and Circuits, by [ profile] lotus0kid
Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix) )

Supernatural/Heroes crossover: Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix)
Dean/Mohinder, rated R, 400 words
Remix of Achieving Nirvana, by [ profile] emmademarais
Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix) )

Heroes: Delivery (In from the Cold Remix)
AU Maya and Gabriel, rated PG, 500 words
Remix of Warm Thoughts, by [ profile] razycrandomgirl
Delivery (In from the Cold Remix) )
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Title: Antibodies
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG
Words: 400 (four drabbles)
Summary: Zeke has the flu
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] mews1945 for the prompt.

Antibodies )
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Title: October, 2002
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG
Words: 574
Summary: Casey and Zeke discuss their plans for Halloween.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] shirebound for the prompt and to [ profile] claudia603 for looking this over. This is a little late for Halloween – too bad I didn't go on a writing spree a few days ago. :)

October, 2002 )
sophinisba: Gwen looking sexy from Merlin season 2 promo pics (elijah open by alfiri)

Fandom: The Faculty
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100
A/N: My prompt was "lightning". The title is from the Paul Simon song "Hearts and Bones". Thanks to [ profile] honeyandvinegar and [ profile] aliensouldream for putting this together!

Love Like Lightning )


Sep. 9th, 2008 09:34 pm
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[ profile] agapi42 wrote a lovely fic for me in the [ profile] tindogs_fic (New Who Minor Characters) ficathon: Stitches, Showing Through is about the Italian man Donna meets in the episode "Turn Left", having some very different encounters with her, the Doctor, and Captain Jack in the universe where she turned left. Check out the comm for more fun stories about those characters that only appeared in one or two episodes but made you want to know more.


[ profile] baylorsr's classic Faculty fic Birthright is back online after several years of being hidden, and is still awesome. That link includes the main story and all the additional chapters written by Baylor and [ profile] oselle, including some never before posted publicly. Baylor has provided a helpful list of links to the new chapters here at her journal. Thanks to [ profile] layne67 for letting me know about this!


No recs so far on the new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs: [ profile] lotr_fic_recs: Kinky sex. Come one, I bet you know of some good ones.
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Title: Homecoming (8/8 – Conclusion!!)
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2248
Summary: Casey and Zeke go back to Herrington for their five year high school reunion.
Notes: Love to [ profile] layne67.

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.

Eight )
sophinisba: Gwen looking sexy from Merlin season 2 promo pics (elijah open by alfiri)
Title: Homecoming (7/8)
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1150
Summary: Casey and Zeke go back to Herrington for their five year high school reunion.
Notes: I am very sorry for taking so long to write this fic. It really has been almost finished for months and months, and today I finally make myself sit down and do it. Even though I haven't been answering all comments lately I promise to answer comments on the fic. Thank you for your patience and encouragement, especially to [ profile] layne67, who also gave me the story idea and title.

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.

Seven )
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Authors' names were revealed at [ profile] remixthedrabble last night. I wrote four ficlets and had four written based on my stories, adding up to seven different authors I interacted with in eight different fandoms! I believe all three of these authors were writing in fandoms they haven't written in before, and they did a fantastic job. I enjoyed this round so much.

[ profile] exeterlinden wrote
- Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix), Firefly, 176 words, remix of "Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew".
- Spring (The New Leaf Remix), LOTR: Frodo/Merry, 100 words, remix of "Family and Friends"

[ profile] ibonekoen wrote
-Never Figure You Out, The Faculty: Casey and Zeke, 500 words, remix of "Nobody Else".

And [ profile] lady_smith wrote
-The Mandrake's Tale (Selfish, Stubborn Remix), Pan's Labyrinth, 101 words, remix of "Clean Up This Mess".

I wrote
-Fragments (The Tattered Pages Remix), Heroes: Nathan and Peter, 102 words, remix of these tattered pages by [ profile] takethesky87.
-My Kind of Dream (The Sharing Is Caring Remix), Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Faith, 200 words, remix of The Kind of Dream You'd Never Share by [ profile] sinandmisery.
-Witness (The History of Violence Remix), Harry Potter, Augusta and Neville, 200 words, remix of A History of Violence by [ profile] amathela.
-His Hands (Returning Remix), M*A*S*H: B.J./Peg, 300 words, remix of Hands by [ profile] iamsab.

One of the most amusing parts of this whole thing meeting [ profile] iamsab in the AIM chat room set up for [ profile] remixredux08 participants and not giving away that I'd been reading and remixing her for this other challenge. :D

Speaking of which, I need to rec a Doctor Who (Ten and Martha) fic and two remixes I had nothing to do with. For the full effect, read all three. (Don't worry, they're short and full of awesome!)
-Savile Row by [ profile] iamsab
-Threads (The Backstitch in Time Remix) by [ profile] eve11 in [ profile] remixthedrabble
-Savile Row (The Glass Menagerie Remix) by anonymous in [ profile] remixredux08

ALSO. There is probably going to be a mini-round of [ profile] remixthedrabble sometime soon in which we will remix the remixes. It will be open to people who have participated in past rounds and it will be confusing and fabulous.


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