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HP/Brideshead Revisited podfic: Bounders by sophrosyne31

Title Bounders
Author [ profile] sophrosyne31
Fandom: Harry Potter/Brideshead Revisited
Characters/Pairing: Draco, Harry, Sebastian Flyte
Rating: M
Contains: quidditch, a bit of homophobic language
Summary: "Sebastian is a toff and all pretty and savoir-faire and also, of course, doomed. Draco is also these things, but more pointy."
File info: mp3, 8.3 MB, 18 minutes
Download link: Bounders on Sendspace (temporary)
Bounders at the Audiofic Archive (permanent)
Reader's notes: Sophrosyne isn't active in fandom these days but she does still get notices and I'm sure she'd love to hear from you have any comments on her fic. It's likely that I'll be doing more crossover podfics over the next couple months because they get extra points a [community profile] amplificathon. :)
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This looks interesting! *downloads*