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Merlin podfic: "Ever More and More" by matchsticks_p

Title: Ever More and More
Author: [ profile] matchsticks_p
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Ships: Gwaine/Merlin
Rating: PG
Contains: n/a
Author's summary: "A knight, a servant, a journey, and a mother at the end of it. And a whole lot of courtly, chivalric UST throughout. (Gwaine/Merlin, blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to possible past Arthur/Merlin)"
Reader's notes: My first Gwaine/Merlin fanwork! I got this on a rec from [personal profile] leish and I had so much fun reading it, both silently last month and when I did the recording this afternoon. It is so funny!!
Length: 22 minutes
Links: download at MediaFire
download at the Audiofic Archive

Edited March 23, 2012, to add cover by [personal profile] leish:
cover for Ever More and More by matchsticks_p, read by sophinisba>; Gwaine in the foreground, Hunith and Merlin in the background.
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*flails like a giant flailing person* I LOVE GWAINE?MERLIN!!!!!!!!! Ok. *deep breaths* Downloading now.


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When I hit the download link it asks me to upload something. Am I being a complete luddite as usual?
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That works. Thanks! I love this hilarious story. I'm sure to be grinning like an idiot on my next walk.
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[personal profile] leish 2012-03-24 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
I really love that you can read everything from the porniest of porn to, like, chivalric UST and it's always consistently amazing.

BUT YES. I was grinning pretty much all the way through this because this fic and your voice, but particularly delightful was the scene with Gwaine and Uther at the start and, like, the entire visit with Hunith. The scene where she asks him if he's a courtesan is the BEST, and your delivery of the entire thing is so great, especially why on earth would you tell my cousins. OH MERLIN. And the bandit scene! Your unimpressed tone while reading the bandits' faily shenanigans was priceless. And! And! Basically this entire thing is glorious, I love you, thank you a ridiculous amount. ♥
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