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Here are two recent recordings of me reading things I wrote a long time ago!

People Gonna Talk coverTitle: People gonna talk (whether you doing bad or good) (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
Author: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Ship(s): Freya/Merlin
Size: 12 MB, 22:21 minutes
Summary: Freya and Merlin have sex on the stairway to Arthur's cellar at his NYE party.
Notes: Written for New Year's Eve 2010, recorded for New Year's Eve 2017!

I also participated in the Podfication 2017 Live Performances event in October! The recording is a little less than two hours and my part is probably about seven minutes, to be honest it was really hard for me to stand up in front of everybody and I can't make myself listen now. But it was still a really cool evening and there is the link. There are a bunch of other cool performances too! The story I read was "The L Word", Luna Lovegood gen that I wrote for [ profile] lgbtfest in 2009.


Sep. 29th, 2017 11:04 pm
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Dear podficcer,

Thank you for making something for me! I am a person who used to be active in Merlin fandom and dabbled in a lot of others but has been quiet for a few years. I'm a little nervous to be trying out a challenge again but I love podfic and I've had great experiences with #itpe in the past. I love the mods and the podfic community.

Here is an excerpt from my 2012 #itpe letter which still applies:
I like feelings and people being good to each other. I often enjoy stories about queer people and trans people and kinky people, whether or not there is sex in them. Straight cis vanilla people are also lovely! I like established couples trying new things. In porn some of my favorite things are submission, name calling, and spanking. Please stay away from electricity play or situations resembling interrogation of prisoners.
I'm a multishipper and I like femslash, boyslash, het, gen, poly, and other kinds of stories. As I said in 2015, I'd just as soon skip white dude/white dude pairings, but that should be pretty easy given these fandoms. :D

fandoms )

Oh podficcer, I hope you have a great time!
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I posted last week that I hadn't made any fanworks in 2016, completely forgetting how much I'd struggled to eke out a fic for [profile] camelot_remix:

Title: tell me the story you'd like to hear (the picture's worth a thousand words remix)
Author: [ profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Merlin
Starring: Elena/Mithian, secondary Gwen/Morgana and Vivian
Rating: PG
Summary: Mithian's watched other couples come together through fandom.
Content notes: N/A
Author's notes: A remix of tell me the story you'd like to hear by the fabulous [ profile] growlery. I loved this original when it was first posted and I feel that my remix had potential that it didn't live up to, and in some ways regret the negative attitudes about fannish experiences that it contains. On the other hand, omg I finished a fic in 2016!

hesitations and podfic talk )

So whatever, fannish resolutions 2017:
  • post on Dreamwidth every month

  • make a fanwork

  • archive and post my old podfics at the AO3, five works every week until it's done

Currently feeling very optimistic that if I make it a regular thing most of them won't take nearly as long as last night's. If I stick to five per week I should get them all finished by halfway through the year and I could well finish much sooner.
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Whelp, time to do another recs post but I haven't read anything but that one Merlin fic in weeks! However also I was realizing that when I recced the fic Exiles a few posts ago I forgot to mention the great Art for Exiles by [ profile] DYlogger/[ profile] dylogger. This art has the same things I loved about the fic -- the complicated mix of relationships among the OT4 and the feeling that it's its own fantasy world and slightly less connected to Merlin the TV show than most fanfic and fanart I consume. My favorite of the pieces is the one of ARTHUR AND GWEN DANCING because the COLORS and the sweep of her skirt. <3 <3 <3 Also if you scroll down through this art you will get an idea of what the character death warning on the fic is about.

So since I wanted to mention that I figure I should also tell you about some other fanart I have recently <3ed. This is pretty much all stuff I've seen on Tumblr (which I've been using semi-regularly for the past couple months even though I still don't get Tumblr at all) so if you're following me there you've probably seen these already and if you're not into Tumblr you might not know what to do with these links. Also one of the things I don't get about Tumblr is whether any of these arts have titles and it's possible that I'm not understanding who actually drew some of them so if you notice that please correct me. /o\ Anyway:

-My new friend [ profile] pktsknd made ot3 on a lazy afternoon for my birthday last month!
-She also made ot3 for Mirror, Mirror, one of my favorite art pieces from this year's [ profile] summerpornathon
-knight Morgana and queen Gwen by [ profile] kosmonauttihai
-GWEN/MORGANA MERMAIDS which as far as I can tell is by [ profile] niunae but like I said Tumblr confuses me.

MANY YEARS AGO like maybe in 2007 or something there were a lot of discussions about racism in fandom that I lurked in kind of obsessively and I think that was where I came across the idea that from the descriptions that JK Rowling gives of Hermione it's totally plausible that she's black. It hadn't occurred to me at all before (I saw the first movies before I started reading the books and anyway I'm like most white people in that I tend to assume book characters are while, though I'm working on that.) So I've sort of had that in my head ever since and I think I wrote one or two fics where she was a minor character and in my head she was black but I didn't actually write that out or talk about it, and I only ever saw one or two pieces of fanart following that idea UNTIL RECENTLY and now they're all over and it's awesome! You can see a bunch of fanarts as well as some meta and cosplay and other great stuff by searching for the tag black-hermione. For example:
-"smol-squad" by [ profile] dellbelle39
-Ron meets Hermione by [ profile] refrigerator-art
-Hermione spelling her hair by [ profile] drea-arts2

-Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz star in their own 60s teen detective series by [ profile] celestedoodles
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Rectober: share the magic
banner by [personal profile] capitu

(Eh, I said I'd do a rec post every weekend in October and it may seem like I'm not sticking with that but I had this Monday and Tuesday off so it's still sort of the weekend for me, so yay! I will probably have more trouble next weekend but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.)

Today I want to rec two super-long new/in progress Merlin fics that will take you back to season 1 in very different ways. I loved our characters from all five seasons and at times I missed some of them but I'm tickled by the energy and creativity that these authors have put in to building their own worlds and sets of characters starting from that other, smaller canon that first delighted so many of us.

Exiles by [ profile] story_monger, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, 51178 words, mature
I found this browsing through the After Camlann Big Bang listings for pairings other than Arthur/Merlin and was surprised to see so few comments on an OT4 fic, especially once I dug in and realized the writing was excellent. I did see that there was a warning for noncon but that turned out not to be very explicit (and it's an OC bad guy so you don't have to worry about any beloved characters turning evil). In fact most of the fic reads a lot like gen, but with that delightful level of shippiness that season 1 canon gave us so much of. As I saw someone say on Tumblr a while back, it was that time when Merlin cared about other characters besides Arthur. REMEMBER? The strongest relationships here are Arthur/Merlin and Gwen/Morgana, but there is all kinds of flirting and caring and possibilities and it is just lovely. In some ways it didn't feel like a fanfic so much as a fantasy novel, the author just seemed so in command of the setting and the plotting and everything. (Sorry that is sort of phrased as if I didn't love fanfic. Obvs I do love fanfic.)

I should say that it starts out with an OC POV and that may have turned a few people off, but that's really just a framing story and almost all the fic is spent with the main characters.

But, um, somehow when I started reading I saw the noncon warning but missed the major character death warning, and there is MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH. It happened and I was like, okay, these things happen in fanfic sometimes but there is magic etc and there is going to be a way to work this out and have a happy ending, but then I read and read and read and got to the end of the 51K words and it was to be continued. So, you have to be okay with living with some angst and uncertainty because I have no idea when the author plans on writing the next part (it would be a major undertaking -- maybe for next year's big bang challenge?) BUT I personally found it to be totally worth it, I'm super glad I read this and highly recommend it!

Falconry by [ profile] versaphile, Arthur/Merlin with I guess eventual Gwen/Morgana, 492,451 words and counting, explicit

Okay, so then I'd enjoyed a couple of big bangs so much I was browsing through the Gwen/Morgana tag on the AO3 and came across a 260K WIP called A Bird of Paradise and thought hey why not. I started reading late at night and I was like hey Arthur/Merlin after a magic reveal it doesn't get any better than this! And I was so tired and distracted I didn't realize until the next day when I was several chapters in that this was actually the fourth huge story in an epic series. (Yes, this is the recs post of me not reading AO3 tags very carefully.) I was a little reluctant to go back because, you know, what's better than a magic reveal? Who wants to go read the hundreds of thousands of words leading up to the magic reveal? But it turns out I do! Sadly the first three parts don't have any Gwen/Morgana to speak of, and really this is a very different kind of season 1 vibe from Exiles, like something to get into if what you miss about season 1 is the Arthur/Merlin without other ships getting in the way.

But it's really good! I especially loved part 2 because there was SO MUCH SMUT and plus it's this old-fashioned OTP smut where Arthur's really toppy and Merlin's all yes I would give my life for you and I belong to you and so on. Super hot!! Right now I'm in the middle of part 3, which is plottier and involves a lot of fighting and some magic. To me it is a little weird to read about all these adventures with Arthur's knights who are not the knights we know and love but hey, that is what we did after season 1, and it was great! This series actually takes its turn after the first episode of season 2 and it's just hugely impressive how much the author has developed their own world. Also there are regular updates! I almost feel silly reccing it because I guess it's hugely well known but hey, I had to stumble into it so maybe you haven't read it either and maybe you will love it too.


Oct. 9th, 2015 06:26 pm
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I just signed up for the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange for the first time since 2012 I guess! Thank you for making something in one of my fandoms, secret person! My requested fandoms are Merlin, How To Get Away with Murder, Orange Is the New Black, The Hour, and Hamilton! My general preference is not to have a white dude/white dude pairing (Hamilton/Burr would be a-okay though) and in the case of OITNB I'm not too interested in Piper, Alex, or Stella. Also here are two paragraphs I wrote three years ago:
I like feelings and people being good to each other. I often enjoy stories about queer people and trans people and kinky people, whether or not there is sex in them. Straight cis vanilla people are also lovely! I like established couples trying new things. In porn some of my favorite things are submission, name calling, and spanking. Please stay away from electricity play or situations resembling interrogation of prisoners.

I like very short podfics and longer ones. I like podfics with or without music and sound effects. I like all kinds of accents. I hope you have fun!
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Rectober: share the magic
banner by [ profile] capitu

Okay, so I guess a bunch of people are doing recs this month. Yay recs! I said I would do a recs post every weekend and here we are at the end of the weekend so here goes!

A couple months ago I wrote a little ficlet of a modern AU where magic is regulated by the government and drug companies, and I was reflecting that I love these kinds of AUs with a passion and wish they would get written more. Most Merlin fics are either canon-era with magic banned or modern AUs without magic, and of course there are many other variations but DAMN, MODERN AUS WITH MAGIC ARE THE BEST.*

  • My all-time favorite, as many of you could probably guess, is the 2010 classic 125K fic Arcane Asylum by [ profile] new_kate. It starts with Arthur, who's been framed for a magical crime, going into a prison for magic users that's mostly been taken over by the inmates and especially by the most powerful wizard among them, Merlin. There is some threatened non-con early on and then there is an epic Arthur/Merlin love affair and adventure. This fic, as they say, gives me all the feelings. To be honest my favorite parts are not the main plot of the story but the flashbacks to Merlin's childhood and the way his mother tried to protect him, then to his youth on the run before he got caught. It seems to me that these parts of a very strong "magic as metaphor for gayness" feel and that has always been one of my favorite things about this fandom and I love it. Then also much later in the fic there's the amazing Arthur/Sophia noncon flashback. The podfic I made of it in 2012 is by far the longest podfic I've ever made -- it sort of took me six months -- and I imagine you can sort of hear my voice flagging in the second half and then picking up again when Sophia shows up. Anyway, the whole thing is glorious really and if you came in later or just somehow never got around to this I recommend it most highly. As an anon once commented on my podfic, "this is such a satisfying fic! it is the thanksgiving meal of fanfiction."

  • Here is another old favorite: Seasons by [profile] wangler who used to go by another name though I'm not sure we're supposed to connect them. This is another long (40K) Arthur/Merlin fic with some other pairings mixed in. It is really good for crying though at times it will cut away when you are wanting to see more. Besides loving this fic in a way that makes me feel like a mess all over the floor I really admire it for the way the author shows us little pieces of the universe through tiny details, like Nimueh telling the paramedics that Merlin is Class Four even though his driver's license says two. That is just fabulous. For a while I thought I would make a multi-voice podfic of this and I even recorded the Merlin parts years ago so if you want to do Arthur let me know and I'll see if I can salvage those files. *sigh*

  • Okay so then later this summer a few weeks after I wrote that ficlet we were leaving prompts for each other on Team Gluttony and [ profile] lady_ragnell wrote me this gorgeous little piece of Hunith and Freya gen with background Freya/Merlin, Forget the World. And I thought wow, Hunith and Freya and modern AU with illegal magic my life cannot get any better, and then...

  • A few days later I got the notification that my new friend [ profile] polomonkey had posted a new fic called In Spite of Everything, the Stars and oh it was just 82249 words of Arthur/Merlin tagged Kidnapping and Hurt/Comfort and Alternate Universe - Modern With Magic. On top of the fantastic story this has really gorgeous artwork by [ profile] mushroomtale and I just got to sink into a really long fic and read all weekend in a way that I have not done with a Merlin fic probably in years. Part of what was so fun was squeeing about it on Twitter and realizing that other people who barely read Merlin fic anymore were just as excited and it was so satisfying and good.

  • (*omg if you are my [ profile] merlin_holidays writer or artist and you are freaking out because you already started making something for one of my other requests please don't worry, when I say "the best" here I really just mean "awesome" but I also feel that magic reveals are the best and gen is the best and kink exploration is the best and so on.)

    Anyway yay recs! If you would like to feel responsible for doing a certain number of recs posts this month you can go tell [ profile] birdsofshore or else you can just start making some recs posts!
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    So what have you been up to? / Major life changes? Same old same old?

    Stressed about work (for no real reason tbh, just bad feelings), but things are pretty good on the home front. Tomorrow we're planning to buy a tree!!

    What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?


    Where do you hang out online?

    Still mostly just hang out on Twitter, and for the last month or so I've also been checking in intermittently on Tumblr, but I would still say (no matter how much people explain it to me) that I don't really *get* Tumblr. I've checked in at the [ profile] merlin_writers chat room a few times and might get more into that, idk. I was sad when [ profile] summerpornathon and the Gluttony chat room slowly emptied out.

    What are you reading?

    A really long Merlin series that I will talk about in another post since I think I'm about to sign up for Rectober.

    What are you watching?

    Excited about the new seasons of How to Get Away With Murder and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Also this week I enjoyed two season 2 episodes of Elementary and might eventually catch up with that.

    What are you making?

    I have a good assignment and I think a pretty strong bunny for [ profile] merlin_holidays but haven't actually put down any words yet. I have intentions of making some podfics and recs.

    What are you squeeing about today?

    Got through another work week intact oh yeah. Also ran for several minutes (not continuous) this evening.

    If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be...

    To be honest I wish someone could rope me into a new fandom but nothing seems to stick. Mostly I just love Merlin. Oh but I listened to some Hamilton this week and like I don't think it's going to become my new fandom but I like it and am supportive of people getting into it, if that makes any sense.

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    The latest round of [ profile] summerpornathon wrapped up yesterday. It was shorter this year and I didn't make anything much for the bonus challenge, so I just have these five fics, all Merlin fandom and approximately 750 words each. Title links go to the fics on the AO3.

    Title: Travel My Way, Take the Highway
    Ships: Gwen/Morgana
    Rating: R
    Contains: references to racism and homophobia
    Summary: Gwen and Morgana on the run in 1950s Texas and New Mexico.

    Title: Early Results of Clinical Trials
    Ships: Arthur/Merlin
    Rating: NC-17
    Contains: potentially disturbing metaphors and no happy ending
    Summary: Pendragon Pharmaceuticals manufactures the drugs that allow carriers of magic to participate fully in society.

    Title: Let's Be Rational About This
    Ships: Arthur/Gwen
    Rating: NC-17
    Contains: Aliens Made Them Do It-style dubcon (but mostly consensual)
    Summary: "You see, I've been doing a lot of research on their lifecycle so they... they've suggested a reciprocal arrangement – which is really only fair, in principle!"

    Title: Better
    Ships: Elena/Mithian
    Rating: NC-17
    Contains: mistress/slave relationship, orgasm denial, fic doesn't make clear how consensual it is
    Summary: "I'm not angry at you, dear, it's only the way you were raised. But you admit it yourself, you have no self-control. Well, from now on you won't be able to disobey me. And won't that be better for both of us?"

    Title: A Happy Arrangement for All
    Ships: Merlin/Elyan, past Merlin/Gwen
    Rating: R
    Contains: n/a
    Summary: Merlin returns to Camelot to find that Princess Guinevere has married another. Her brother, however, is still single.

    thoughts )

    Just like last year pornathon leaves me wanting to write more Merlin fic and [ profile] merlin_holidays is nicely timed. I will sign up again and really hope that more multishippers decide to join this year!
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    I made a podfic this week and realized I had two other shorter podfics from the last year that I hadn't posted here. Here they are!

    Title: Her Masterpiece Is the Mess Inside You (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
    Author: [ profile] teprometo
    Fandom: Merlin
    Rating: NC-17
    Ships: Gwen/Morgana (noncon), Gwen/Arthur
    Size: 5.2 MB, 5:37 minutes
    Summary: "There's an ugliness in Arthur."
    Notes: Mind control/noncon, see AO3 tags for more content notes. This was a gift at an anonymous fest so I didn't put my name on the recording. It's locked to AO3 users because I feel kind of weird about that but, uh, can't seem to be bothered to fix the recording.

    Title: The Mechanic (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
    Author: [ profile] i_claudia
    Fandom: Merlin
    Rating: NC-17
    Ships: Gwen/Everyone
    Size: 5.2 MB, 5:36 minutes
    Summary: The grease gets under Gwen's fingernails and works its way so deep into her skin that even a dedicated scrub can’t clean her up completely.
    Notes: I made this as part of the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V, February 2015!

    Here's the new one!
    Title: Someone Special (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
    Author: [ profile] teprometo
    Fandom: Merlin
    Rating: NC-17
    Ship: Arthur/Merlin
    Size: 13/19 MB, 25:45 minutes
    Summary: Merlin’s best mate’s older brother is really hot. It’s sort of a problem.
    Notes: Underage/age difference and some other issues, see AO3 listing for details.
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    Well it's a good thing I made a New Year's resolution to post a fanwork each month, or I wouldn't have edited this last night and posted it this morning:

    Title: Fall of Princes
    Author: [personal profile] kaizoku
    Fandom: Merlin
    Rating: NC-17
    Ships: Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin
    Summary: Arthur wants to see Gwen with another man.
    Notes: OMG you guys this story is so hot.
    Links: Text, download, and streaming links at the AO3

    Another one of my resolutions was to repost twenty of my old podfics to the AO3 each month until it's done. Well, work has been busy and I've been putting it off so I didn't really try until today, and so far I've done three. Lots more uploaded to the webspace [personal profile] paraka's giving me, but it will take a long time to fill everything in, especially with some authors having left fandom and/or taken down their fics, and with the files on my own computer being way more disorganized than I'd realized.

    Anyway, here are my works tagged podfic on the AO3. It will be gradual. I'm using a posting skin that [personal profile] eosrose made and shared at [community profile] podfic_tips a while back, with the colors tweaked by [personal profile] fire_juggler and I really like how it looks. I sure regret not doing this years ago.

    The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology is happening again this year with submissions due by February 8th. This is a fun thing to participate in even if you haven't made podfic before. I am happy to have a deadline to motivate me to make something in February.
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    fic by year, fandom, and wordcount

    I made more fic in 2014 than the year before! That is not to say that I made a lot or that I feel like I'm on the upswing, creativity-wise, but hey it's a new year, let's have a list and some graphs and commentary! I'm not doing a separate meme for podfic or vids this year because I made very little of them.

    List of previously posted fanworks, January through September )


    -Pets (The Remix As Nature Intended), Merlin fic with many pairings
    -Her Masterpiece Is the Mess Inside You, Arthur/Gwen and Gwen/Morgana podfic


    -Dragons Aren't Extinct, Arthur and Morgana gen fic

    I'm not going to answer the old meme questions about which ones I like best and all that, because there aren't really that many to choose from, and because I'm kind of tired of thinking about those questions. Basically I liked everything I made but didn't feel like I broke through any big boundaries with things I hadn't done before, and nothing I did was popular. Anyway here are some more graphs and thoughts.

    statistics!! )

    So idk, feelings are weird? I kind of don't want to write fic ever again? Or make podfic? But also I want to do both more often? I've been sketching a bit for the last couple weeks and would like to learn to draw fannish characters, and I have some leftover Merlin vid ideas. Also this spring it will be 10 years since I started participating in fandom and I think it would be a shame to stop now.

    So here are some resolutions that are more about staying in touch than anything else. For every month in 2015:
    -make another journal post that is not a fanwork
    -comment on a journal post by someone else that is not a fanwork
    -post a fanwork that I made
    -comment on a fanwork by someone else
    -answer all new comments on my fanworks!
    -repost my old podfics on the webspace generously provided by [personal profile] paraka and create pages at the AO3, 20 per month until I'm caught up

    I'm not sure I've ever had a year where I posted a fanwork every month but I mean, I can always make time for a five-minute podfic, can't I? And, if I'm going to, my best chance to record something this month is probably going to be today. Hmm.
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    Well, [ profile] summerpornathon ended a few weeks ago. Here are the fics I made for it this year.

    Previously linked here on my journal )

    Also written for this year's pthon and posted on the AO3

    Title: Live by the Sword
    Ships: Annis/Gwen (other pairings mentioned)
    Rating: NC-17
    Contains: Reference to canon character deaths, grief, object insertion
    Wordcount: 750
    Summary: If ever there was a time to take a young ruler under her wing, it is now.

    Title: Trading Day
    Ships: Gwen/Morgana, offscreen Arthur/Gwen
    Rating: NC-17
    Contains: nonmonogamy, can be read as infidelity
    Wordcount: 750
    Summary: He can't begrudge her a kidnapping or two, not with so little else to stand out from the flatness of life on the colony. (FEMSLASH IN SPACE.)

    Title: Build a Better Bicycle
    Ships: Gwen/Morgana
    Rating: R
    Contains: slight dubcon due to mistress/servant power dynamic
    Wordcount: 746
    Summary: Morgana can trust Gwen to make the necessary adjustments.

    Title: This Is a Recording
    Ships: Arthur/Gwen/Merlin and subsets
    Rating: NC-17
    Contains: spanking and a teensy bit of D/s
    Wordcount: 750
    Summary: This is new for her, Merlin thinks. She only half believed him when he whispered that they were lovers first.

    Thoughts )

    Ooh, I was just going to say I hope [ profile] merlin_holidays runs again because I'd like to participate again, and it looks like signups open tomorrow! I need to think about what I want to request ack. Also gosh that deadline is going to come up quickly. But anyway yay Merlin!!!

    Sign-ups for [community profile] merlin_holidays begin Sept 22 at 10 am Eastern
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    At the end of [ profile] summerpornathon challenge two (Secrets & Lies!) I decided to podfic a couple of my favorite entries (yeah, I like the one I wrote!). They are my first podfics since February! :D And it happened that I was finishing them up around the time [ profile] teprometo posted the week 5 bonus challenge, which is fanworks that pass the Bechdel Test. (There are many delightful fanworks over there, and also some heated discussions and a wee bit of trolling.) These first two podlets fit, and the third doesn't but I really like it so I posted all three of them over there.

    And here they are on my journal! Um, putting them behind a cut because the display is fucked up on Dreamwidth and I can't with coding anymore tonight. For once I recommend viewing this post on LJ (though sadly I lack any lesbian icons there)

    Elena/Vivian, Gwen/Freya, Arthur/Morgana, ~five minutes each )

    So far I like the entry I've started for this week's main challenge and I'm excited to see what other people come up with. Personally I think [ profile] teprometo's prompt of "Snatch" is a brilliant way to encourage people to try out making ladyporn without requiring it, and I'm proud of her for how she's been handling everything.

    I do hope some people will feel inspired to try something new this week and have fun with it. Others will decide they'd rather write about capers than vaginas and that's okay too. Femslash has always been part of my Merlin writing experience (not so much in my previous fandoms) so this week's prompt isn't a stretch for me, but I'm grateful for other ones that have been, at [ profile] summerpornathon and at [community profile] kink_bingo and [community profile] camelot_fleet, and elsewhere.

    I also ♥ my buddy [ profile] flammablehat like whoa.
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    At one point there were only five Arthur/Gwen/Merlin stories on the AO3 and three of them were by me. When I went back to look tonight it turns out we're still only up to 57, and somehow I've only written five of them? Let's get on that, self and fandom.

    Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
    Title: Centered
    Fandom: Merlin
    Ships: Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin
    Rating: R
    Contains: n/a
    Wordcount: 750
    Notes: Written for [ profile] summerpornathon challenge 3, Trades & Professions
    Summary: Arthur and Gwen go to a pottery class with her old friend Merlin.

    Read it at the AO3!
    sophinisba: Wee Gwen admires wee Merlin's magic! (gwen merlin by el_jamon)
    I'm having a really good time with [ profile] summerpornathon so far!

    Although my previous team was also awesome I am really psyched to be on Team Gluttony this year because I have a bunch of friends there. In the past Team Gluttony has almost always won the tournament but now that I've joined we're in fifth place. COINCIDENCE? No, but it's cool, none of our stories have won prizes yet but we keep finding out afterwards that we voted for each other without knowing it. It is exciting for me to be making fanworks and interacting with people regularly after more or less dropping out of fandom for a year and then writing some seriously unpopular fics earlier this year.

    Of the three main entries I've done so far I only really like the second, and I'm feeling especially insecure about my porn writing abilities, but I also feel like I have the chance to keep improving as the fest goes on. Here are the first two reposted on the AO3 (the third is anonymous until next weekend, and there will be four more):

    In Freya's Bed (748 words) by sophinisba
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Merlin (TV)
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Freya/Merlin (Merlin), Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin), Elena/Morgana (Merlin), Freya/Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin)
    Summary: (731): Look I know it's late and I hope this doesn't wake you up but I feel like you should know that I'm sleeping on my couch in my own apartment so that my friend can get laid in my bed, and I would do the same for you. (

    The Super Part I Can Handle (744 words) by sophinisba
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Merlin (TV)
    Rating: Mature
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Freya/Gwen (Merlin)
    Summary: Freya's secret identity is less mysterious to Gwen than she thinks.

    In past years I've struggled a lot with the bonus challenges that happen between Tuesday and Thursday every week, but this year I'm really proud of myself for finishing the first three right away on Tuesday night:
    1. a snippet of Will & Merlin friendship fic, canon AU
    2. some Gwen meta inspired by the movie 20 Feet from Stardom
    3. a ficlet about Vivian reading romance novels, late 20th century AU

    And then also this week, unrelated to pthon, [personal profile] livrelibre let me know that they'd made a podfic of The Archer's Aim, a Hunger Games poem that I wrote two years ago. I listened to it tonight and it was awesome! I also hope to make a couple podfics soon, but then I often hope that. We shall see. :)
    sophinisba: Gwen looking sexy from Merlin season 2 promo pics (merlin chainmail by gwy)
    I signed up for [ profile] summerpornathon! I didn't do it last year but am really looking forward to going back. You know, a few months back [ profile] flammablehat and I tried setting up a weekly writing challenge but it didn't really come to anything, and I had a few other fannish disappointments around that time (February/March), well, you know how it is, it's hard when you're away from a fandom for a while and you feel like when you come back it'll be exciting but it turns out in the meantime your friends also left so it just ends up being extra lonely. But whatever this is pthon and it will be awesome.

    Maybe you would like to join too! Signups are open through July 10th.

    It's funny to me that it's starting so late because I've had a pretty long and enjoyable summer that's pretty much over at this point, but I'll talk about that more in another post.

    I was thinking that since I'm going to be hanging around here in fandom more for the next couple months I should do a general update about what I've been up to, but then thinking about all the different things started to feel overwhelming, so I think I'll make a series of shorter posts with topics such as:
    -the World Cup!
    -other TV?

    And so on, and most of those will be f-locked.

    I don't have much more to say in this post about fandom because, you know, I haven't been fannish! It's funny, I don't know if it was two years ago or three years ago at pornathon, but as I getting to know the other people on my team I just boggled at how many said oh yeah, I haven't really been in fandom in the last year and I don't read my flist, I just come back for pornathon. Like, at the time (whenever it was) I could not even imagine not keeping up with my LJ and Dreamwidth friends. But here we are, I've been away and I'm back for pornathon, but who knows maybe it will lead to me being more social and creative in general, at least for a while.
    sophinisba: Merlin smiling with forest background (ep. 1.04) (merlin smiling by miakun)
    Title: Virginia Heat (the climate control remix)
    Fandom: Merlin
    Starring: Arthur/Merlin, with Leon, Uther, Morgana, Lancelot
    Rating: PG-13
    Contains: a little religious homophobia at the beginning but it's mostly very cheerful, really
    Wordcount: 4000
    Notes: Remix of Virginia Heat by [ profile] millionstar for [personal profile] camelotremix 2014. I had some difficulties with this (my first substantial fic since last year's remix) and am really grateful to the the wonderful mods [ profile] venivincere and [ profile] sapphirescribe for giving me some extra time, and to my dearest [ profile] flammablehat for reading, encouraging, and helping me figure out what this fic was about.
    Summary: Arthur the preacher's son has a plan to make it out of his hometown unscathed. Merlin shoots it all to hell.

    Read it at the AO3!
    sophinisba: Wee Gwen admires wee Merlin's magic! (gwen merlin by el_jamon)
    One of my first Merlin fics, written a little while after I watched season one, was about Gwen figuring out that Merlin was gay and telling him she was fine with that. I'm so pleased that my [personal profile] camelotremix remixer decided to write another version of that, with lots of Lancelot being a dear and Morgana being fabulous and warm season one feelings. It is called My Friends, They Are So Beautiful (the Belle Epoque remix), and it is awesome.

    The last remixes went up last Saturday and the authors' names will be revealed this coming weekend. Some others that I enjoyed a lot are Be Thy Mercies Known (Send Her Victorious remix), which takes a fun Arthur/Merlin + friends party fic and remixes it into something super sad, Danger Zone (The Being Safe is Overrated Remix), a longish Arthur/Merlin high school AU (with magic!) that just has a really nice deft touch, and Falconress (the wind beneath your wings remix), a lovely short post-canon fic about Hunith and Merlin. But I'm sorry to say I've only read or looked at a small fraction of them. What are your favorites?
    sophinisba: Morgana smiling from ep 2.03 (morgana happy by gwy)
    It's Only Life, After All (905 words) by sophinisba
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: Merlin (TV)
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Morgana/Morgause (Merlin)
    Characters: Morgana (Merlin), Morgause (Merlin)
    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Professors, Lazy Mornings, Femslash, Community: merlinblitz, Dialogue Heavy

    College professors on a Sunday morning.


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