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Merlin 5x13

I have been badly disappointed by most of this season but I loved Saturday's episode and I adored tonight's. After all the missed opportunities over the years I had long ago stopped hoping for a really satisfying magical reveal. I do still wish it had happened a long time ago but if it had to be in the last episode I don't think they could have done it better. OH MY GOD THESE BOYS AND THEIR FEELINGS. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.

I was not surprised by the deaths of Mordred, that spy girl, Gwaine, or Morgana. I did not like the way it went for Gwaine. I kind of knew Morgana had to die and I was glad it happened in a kind of sort of dignified way (I know I know about how much she has been screwed over by these writers etc, but I'm saying, the end could have been worse). Still, I really did keep hoping until the end that Merlin would defy what everyone else said and would save Arthur and then they would go live the golden age together okay.

I loved that Freya caught the sword.

I was so proud of Queen Guinevere understanding that Merlin was the sorcerer and that he was helping Arthur. I was so proud of her at the end.

I was not prepared for the very end with Merlin on the road (because like I said I was still hoping for Arthur to be okay) but I think I liked it.

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I've not been watching this season, because I'd got so sick of them stretching it out, and not giving us the future Merlin and Arthur were prophesied. But I did watch this one, and I'm very glad I did, even if I still had a lump in my throat this morning.

For all of their messing them about, in the end they gave Arthur the best send off they could, and enough time spent on their relationship to believe in the reveal.

On the other hand, I still want to read the fix-it where it wasn't really Morgana at all, but some kind of magical fake, after the end of season 2, and they find her, and she and Gwen can have their happily ever after. My heart is always going to belong to the boys most of all, but I can completely understand why Morgana fans would not be at all happy with the way her character was distorted.
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it was pretty satisfying, I was surprised that there wasn't a big fight with Mordred but just the two of them together worked wonderfully.