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Sophinisba Solis ([personal profile] sophinisba) wrote2013-10-23 09:02 pm

Wednesday Reading Meme surprise: fic!

I hadn't read any fic in ages, but I had some insomnia Friday night and went looking around the AO3 and ended up with a really nice long X-Men WIP called Pantheon by [ profile] Yahtzee. It's a Roman slave AU mainly an Erik/Charles love story but also featuring Logan and Rogue and Emma and some other people. At the time I was reading over the weekend it was at four out of eleven chapters but the author just posted another one tonight, so it's now up to just under 50K and I have more achy sad fic to read while curling up with my cat and ignoring my other responsibilities tonight.

I also started another Erik/Charles fic, it's like one of us woke up by [personal profile] kaydeefalls the other day. It's a long canon-divergent AU and all Charles POV (Charles is my favorite) with peril and feelings and I'm enjoying that one a lot too.

I never really got into this fandom but now I feel all nostalgic for it. :) I guess there's another movie coming out next year and ... I can't even really say I'm looking forward to it because I kind of expect there to be a lot of disability fail along with the same kind of gross sexism and racism we saw in XMFC. But also James McAvoy's beautiful face! Feelings about found family and community! Erik and Charles and their doomed love! <3 <3

I've only read a few more pages of those novels I mentioned last week, Flight Behavior and Purple Hibiscus. Man, life is different when you're not traveling.

In other news, I am happy with my Festivids assignment. B suggested a song that I like a lot and we're planning on rewatching the source together soon. I have a bunch of ideas for treats I could make but I think making my official assignment plus one treat is a good goal to aim for (you know, after not making any vids all year).
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Hey, glad you're enjoying the fic! :)
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I missed that you're reading Purple Hibiscus! I enjoyed that one a lot.
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I have so many complicated feelings about XMFC fandom. I am actually looking forward to the movie, mostly because of Erik and Charles's doomed love, and because Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are going to be back for it.
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I've dabbled in XMFC fandom. I had a vid idea I really wanted to make but never got around to and now I feel like it's probably too late with the new movie coming out. That Roman slave AU sounds interesting.

I'm doing Festivids too. I got a couple of ideas for songs yesterday. I feel like I need to rewatch but it's a TV show, maybe I'll just rewatch a few episodes. I'm doing Yuletide too so I don't know if I'll be able to make any treats but that would be fun.

I'm thinking about doing a podfic. Is there a basic guide for newbies that you could direct me to?