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I hadn't read any fic in ages, but I had some insomnia Friday night and went looking around the AO3 and ended up with a really nice long X-Men WIP called Pantheon by [ profile] Yahtzee. It's a Roman slave AU mainly an Erik/Charles love story but also featuring Logan and Rogue and Emma and some other people. At the time I was reading over the weekend it was at four out of eleven chapters but the author just posted another one tonight, so it's now up to just under 50K and I have more achy sad fic to read while curling up with my cat and ignoring my other responsibilities tonight.

I also started another Erik/Charles fic, it's like one of us woke up by [personal profile] kaydeefalls the other day. It's a long canon-divergent AU and all Charles POV (Charles is my favorite) with peril and feelings and I'm enjoying that one a lot too.

I never really got into this fandom but now I feel all nostalgic for it. :) I guess there's another movie coming out next year and ... I can't even really say I'm looking forward to it because I kind of expect there to be a lot of disability fail along with the same kind of gross sexism and racism we saw in XMFC. But also James McAvoy's beautiful face! Feelings about found family and community! Erik and Charles and their doomed love! <3 <3

I've only read a few more pages of those novels I mentioned last week, Flight Behavior and Purple Hibiscus. Man, life is different when you're not traveling.

In other news, I am happy with my Festivids assignment. B suggested a song that I like a lot and we're planning on rewatching the source together soon. I have a bunch of ideas for treats I could make but I think making my official assignment plus one treat is a good goal to aim for (you know, after not making any vids all year).
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Okay, so I participated in the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II and it was (and continues to be) awesome!

Cover art by [personal profile] bessyboo
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, text over collage of 144 women's faces
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II

Those links go to the post on [ profile] halfamoon, where you can see the list of readers and download a podbook or a zip file or browse by fandom and download individual MP3s. The total running time is over 7 and a half hours and there are 47 readers and 86 authors in 64 fandoms. Some of these readers are brand new to podfic and I believe this is the first podfic that's been made in some of the fandoms. I have been listening on my way to and from and around work and it's really a wonderful experience, to hear so many different voices and ways of reading. A lot of the fandoms are unfamiliar to me and some of the readers are people that I know on Twitter or whose names I've seen around, but I've never listened to them read before because I'm not into their regular fandoms. I love that there are pieces about motherhood and fighting and having sex and saving the world and all kinds of other things women do. It is making me very happy. [personal profile] fire_juggler has a really nice post about it and how listening to an anthology is different from listening to a long podfic.

I contributed seven pieces in seven different fandoms, several of which were new to me! They are each between 1 and 10 minutes long.

seven short podfics: Avatar, Doctor Who, Merlin, Northern Exposure, Pan's Labyrinth, Torchwood, X-Men )

Another awesome thing that happened was that [personal profile] fitz_y made a podfic of I Ache Myself for More a piece of Gwen/Morgana noncon that I wrote last year. I believe it's the only noncon piece among the 104 podlets in the anthology and both [personal profile] fitz_y and I feel a bit self-conscious about that, but, well, Guinevere is still awesome even when bad things are happening to her. I loved hearing Fitzy read this as well as a very porny Gwen/Morgana fic of her own, and there are several other Merlin podfics in the collection. In conclusion, yay ladies!!!
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Here are some neat things on the Internet!

Doctor Who podfic - [ profile] lunchy_munchy, [ profile] fishpatrol, [ profile] paraka, and [ profile] cantarina1 collaborated on a podfic of In an Interstellar Burst, an AU of Journey's End in which Rose, Martha, and Donna sort out the Doctor's problems and their own and then go have trope-y adventures and sexytimes in space. !!!!!

Vidding meta - [personal profile] thingswithwings has an interesting discussion about the genre of multifandom Women Are Awesome vids.

XMFC recs - [ profile] rubynye posted Fanfic & Social Justice: An X-men: First Class Recs Post, a great resource for interesting stories that ends with a great mini-essay contesting the idea that social justice discussions inhibit creativity in fandom or produce boring fics that nobody wants to read:
all of these stories are on my list because I enjoy them, and that enjoyment is enhanced by the truths their authors chose to include rather than elide when they wrote them. In these stories I see a broadened range of our shared humanity, and I think that is an absolutely excellent development.
Fuck yeah [ profile] rubynye!

Merlin fic - [personal profile] themadlurker posted How to Survive Promotion in the Middle Ages, over 80,000 of fun, tightly plotted fic involving Arthur and Gwen as adorable young marrieds plus Merlin, Gwaine, Lancelot, OCs, sword fighting, secret identities, medieval literary references, and other fine things.

The AO3 - The Archive of Our Own is still awesome and getting awesomer all the time! Kudos! Tags! Sorting! Easily downloadable files! And now prompt memes hurrah!! I have invite some codes so let me know if you would like one. Accounts are useful even if you're not interested in posting fic there.

Merlin fest - [community profile] kinkme_merlin is running the Never Have I Ever challenge, where you earn points by filling prompts with ships, kinks, and fanwork types that you haven't done before. I would probably sign up for this if I weren't already working on exactly the same goals at [community profile] kink_bingo and [ profile] summerpornathon this summer (and if I could ever get used to posting anon comments without freaking the hell out). This seems to me like a neat way of encouraging variety at the meme without seeming to be against the most popular pairings, the thing that seemed to upset so many people about Project Diversity last year. Anyway I hope other fans have as much fun as I have been having trying out new things. (Unless they prefer to keep developing their strengths/do more of what they've been doing, which is also cool!)

Not a link )

X-Men recs

Jul. 2nd, 2011 01:40 pm
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Anthem for Doomed Youth by [ profile] fahye is a really fantastic long X-Men fic, Raven-centric with Charles/Erik, taking place before and during the movie. Very much recommended if you wanted to see and understand more of Raven's feelings, and just in general because the writing is really beautiful and conveys so much emotion. Thanks to [ profile] lolafeist for the rec!

I kinda want to ask about doing a podfic, because the language is so pretty and I think it would be fun to read because of that (plus there's not a ton of telepathy). On the other hand it is long so it would take a lot of work and not count for kink-bingo! So then I thought well what about using it as my project for [community profile] ladiesbigbang, seeing as how I signed up and all! But despite it being Raven POV I am not really sure if it's lady-centric enough to be in the spirit of lbb, what with so much of it being about her relationships with Charles and Erik. So I don't know! (And it's possible the author wouldn't want a podfic anyway, or that someone else is already working on it, so it's sort of weird of me to be talking about this in a public post, but yeah.) What do you think?

Also here is a really interesting post of X-Men meta and history by [personal profile] ruthi, about Israel and Holocaust survivors in the '50s and how that might affect Erik's story.

I rewatched Atonement the other night and I still love it a lot. Like, really really a lot. (I am sorry if that takes away from the strength of my recs for you - I guess some fans really hate this movie!)

Also rewatched the first X-Men movie a couple weeks ago, am now in the middle of watching the second one. I can't actually remember whether I've seen this one before. I find them kind of forgettable but fun, and I do like this second one a bit more than the first. It's nice to have most of the character introductions out of the way so they can focus on sexy stuff like mind control. Also, Erik and Charles are still in love, so there's that.

In non-X-Men-related news, Why You Should Have Been Watching Treme Instead of The Killing has kind of a silly framing (it's not like Treme doesn't get talked about, and I don't agree that The Killing was that bad, and also it ignores the fact that lots of people would watch Treme if they could afford HBO...) but I like what it says about Treme being a show about creativity. There's been more violence in the second season (and I'm not happy about some of those stories), but
violence isn’t the show’s engine. The artist’s life is. There’s a meta-quality to many of the scenes of artists making art, since nearly all of them touch on debates about which types of creativity are authentic, political, pleasurable, meaningful, or lucrative, questions that clearly apply to the creation of the series itself. But rather [than] argue like an op-ed, Treme feels like poetry, and even better, it has begun to incorporate critiques of its own New Orleans exceptionalism, playfully showing the ways these attitudes can sour into pedantry, as they do on occasion with that Indian Chief, who is currently in New York driving his jazz musician son crazy with his passive-aggressive provincialism.
In general this person thinks the second season has been a lot less preachy than the first, and I guess I agree with that. I'm happy to see Annie and especially Antoine's stories getting more attention and direction, and like the reviewer am kind of amazed that I'm actually starting to care about Sonny.


Jun. 19th, 2011 02:26 pm
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-I posted a paragraph about the Brazilian movie Madame Satã over at [ profile] lgbtq_recs. I also made this icon (Dreamwidth only) for Leonera, the movie I recced last week. I've been having fun playing with Photoshop over the last few days and making some Treme icons for [community profile] kink_bingo. (I had also intended to finish a long-ish podfic before the [community profile] amplificathon deadline tomorrow but I haven't felt like working on it, so I haven't.)

-omg [ profile] summerpornathon! Over 56,000 words of sex toy fic by 78 different authors written last week and posted on Friday. So far I've read and voted on one of the three sets of 26. Almost all the ones I read were really good! Fun and hot and inventive and with a lot more variety than I was expecting. Still, I feel so overwhelmed, and I have no idea what to say at any of the party posts, eep, so shy and not wacky enough! And the new challenge just went up, and of course it looks awesome (kink grab bag!) but also eep!

-The June 10th edition of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour starts off with a discussion of X-Men: First Class. Not an especially substantive one, but as with most episodes it made me laugh and made me happy. They also talk about all the awful previews they (and I - twice!) saw before that movie, and about the recent silliness over whether YA fiction has gotten too dark. Could be a nice introduction to the podcast if you haven't listened before.

-I think people who are interested in the subject have already seen [personal profile] thingswithwings's new vid The Price and accompanying thoughts on manpain, but, well, here are those links again! As someone with a long history of enjoying watching men cry over their guilt (ha ha she used so many of my favorite Mulder moments) I have many reactions and feelings! Which I probably won't post about, but the reading and processing has been good. Someone also linked me to [personal profile] cesperanza's reaction post The Missing Link, where my friend and I agreed that Ces makes some smart and interesting points on her way to a conclusion we totally disagree with. :) Good discussion in those comments too - a nice treat to see people with different perspectives making a real effort to understand each other.

-Man, I'd love to read some good meta about manpain and the new X-Men movie, especially if someone wanted to put it in conversation with [personal profile] marina's post about Erik as a Holocaust survivor and/or [personal profile] happydork's less impressed post about that, and idk a bunch of other good meta that I haven't read. That is a post where I would lurk like whoa.
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I wasn't going to get into this fandom you guys I don't even know. I was just going to read some critiques but then last night I started reading fics, and tonight I read some more fics and then I went out and watched the movie again.

The best Charles/Erik fic I have read is You Told Me Again You Preferred Handsome Men, But For Me You Would Make an Exception by [ profile] feverbeats, especially recommended if you were bothered by Charles' arrogance in the movie (which I wasn't especially but still, good fic).

Here are two lovely ensemble pieces also with Charles/Erik, more appealing if like me you were crushing on Charles:

Five Minds Charles Never Read (And One He Did) by [ profile] Leyenn

Five Lessons Charles Taught (and One He Learned) by [ profile] kaydeefalls

I may be running out of things I want to read on the AO3 and will have to start venturing into the kink memes soon. /o\ What I really want to read is all the hurt/comfort in the world, so if you have those recs I will take them.

I do not have any ideas for fics I want to write. That's pretty normal for me - I need to spend a lot of time reading in a fandom before I start writing, and in this case I probably won't, and that's okay. I was thinking I could do some podfic but pretty much every fic does this telepathy business where Charles hears Erik's thoughts and speaks in Erik's mind and, although several friends on Twitter suggested I could handle that in a podfic with filters (reverb etc.), I fear that would end up sounding really cheesy and I just don't want to do it. So for now I'm just reading okay!

And I watched the movie again! )

In other news, I watched the movie Hanna and thought parts of it were really neat, and liked that there was no rape or threatened rape and that she got to keep her clothes on, but was not really satisfied by the story.

Today I bought Photoshop Elements and then realized that I should get the trial version before I opened the box and since then have spent many, many hours waiting for the trial version to finish downloading. At the moment it says it'll take another thirteen hours. :(

For the past month or so the trackpad on my Macbook hasn't been working properly. Sometimes it lets me select text (for copying and pasting, for instance) but often it doesn't. Same thing with trying to drag and drop anything, for instance regions when editing podfic. Argh.

Last week I friended [ profile] summerpornathon and [ profile] teamgreed but forgot to add them to the not-Dreamwidth filter, so I totally missed the challenge announcement on Sunday and get-to-know-you stuff for my team. :( However once I finally noticed on Tuesday I managed to write a ficlet without too much trouble. If I think about it in terms of competition or strategy I start to freak out, but if I think in terms of "First porn I have written since February!" I feel pretty good!


Jun. 11th, 2011 01:29 am
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I have FEELINGS about X-Men: First Class (which is a little weird because I don't think I've really had feelings about X-Men before. I think I saw the first two or three movies and liked them fine). I need to read CRITIQUES by other people who enjoyed its gayness but wanted it to have actual gay people and be less sexist and racist than it was. Where are the CRITIQUES PLEASE.


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