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Sophinisba Solis ([personal profile] sophinisba) wrote2007-03-31 11:58 pm
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But before I go...

I would like to say something about this week's Lost.
The thing I liked most about the first season of Lost was the tricks it would pull on us as viewers. My favorite example of this will always be the first Locke episode, "Walkabout". I love the way the reveal in the last scene changes the meaning of everything that we've seen before that. Part of my frustration with the last two seasons is that we haven't had enough of those surprises, so I am always excited when the writers seem to be remembering how cool the show used to be, even if they can't really pull it off the same way they used to.

I loved the little nods to that episode in last week's, "The Man from Tallahassee", in particular the first scene, when Locke's sitting at the interview with the woman from disability services, and the fact that he gets up at the end of the scene contradicts our assumptions watching it up till then. After I watched that I forced my friend S to watch "Walkabout" on my DVD so she could see how good this show can be.

I really liked the idea of this past week's episode. I was very bored at first (the scenes taking place in Australia) but I loved going back to scenes from earlier in the series and seeing them from a different point of view. I love the fact that our main characters have never paid much attention to Nikki and Paulo, and if they had things might have gone a lot differently – the hatch, the case, etc. I love that the first time through the scene where Nikki collapses I couldn't understand what she was saying, and the second time through, knowing everything that had happened before, it made sense. And if Sawyer and Hurley had been paying attention to what had happened before, they wouldn't have frickin' buried them alive.

On the other hand, meh. I like the idea of them bringing out characters that have been present but ignored up till now, but I wish they could have done something more interesting with them. Why should I care what happens with the diamonds? Why should I care about any of this?

(Charlie confessing to Sun was nice. We could use more of that kind of thing.)

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Do you think that it might be a set-up to bring in the spiders later for a future crucial plot point without having to explain the implications?
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Charlie confessing to Sun was probably the only scene in the entire episode that I cared about. I had a bias toward Nikki anyway. When she showed up in that one episode awhile back and was asking lots of questions to Locke and Sawyer, etc., I felt this instant dislike toward her and she seemed very icky and skanky to me and I just wanted her to go away and never show up in another episode again. So that the WHOLE episode was about her just really annoyed me. And also, why couldn't at least she have been a decent person? I'm getting really tired of con people being portrayed as sympathetic people...grrr..never mind me. That episode just...

I just don't care about them enough to care that they got buried alive. I bet they don't die. Alas. :-)
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omg, that's funny! omg I just hate them both. :D I liked the recent Locke episode...

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I really enjoyed the last episode for all the reasons you state above. In fact, I've thought that last couple of episodes have been great!

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(Charlie confessing to Sun was nice. We could use more of that kind of thing.)

That was the best moment in the whole episode.
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I have such mixed feelings about Lost right now. If the writers had given us more time with Nikki and Paulo, given them the development they should have had, their "farewell" episode would have been much more effective.
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I have really really enjoyed the last four eps when they have gotten away from the oh so boring trio of Kate and Sawyer and Jack *yawns*. I am all fired up after these last few episodes! So much fun! OMG!