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A few recs and things!

First of all let's talk about some podfic things!

-[ profile] erica_schall just posted a new podfic of Four Times Arthur Was Seduced By Magic, and One Time He Wasn’t, a wonderful fic that [ profile] slashweaver wrote for [personal profile] camelotremix a year and a half ago, in which Merlin turns Arthur and himself into several kinds of animals. This is the first time someone's repodded a podfic of mine and I thought it would be weird to listen to but it's just great, the enjoyment of listening to a story I like without the stress of ugh I had to say that line 15 times and I never quite got it right. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but I did just listen to the WOLFSEX scene, which has always been my favorite, and it was glorious.

-Back in December, [personal profile] cantarina made three short Merlin femslash podfics for me as part of an exchange that she helped organize. They are Boys and Girls (canon-era Gwen/Morgana with Arthur/Lancelot roleplay) by [personal profile] penknife, Everything Still Turns to Gold (Gwen/Morgana 1970s AU) by [personal profile] oubliette, and Girls & Horses (Elena/Mithian pre-femslash) by me. They are all quite awesome and full of feeling!

-Speaking of Merlin femslash podfic, [personal profile] leish also makes that now and her work includes And I Am Done With My Graceless Heart, the Gwen/Morgana fic by [personal profile] dollsome that made us all cry after 4x09. Do you need to cry about Gwen and Morgana some more! Then go listen to this lovely and compassionate reading.

-Round 2 of [community profile] chromatic_podfic is now open for posting. I still have some work to do to finish up mine but I hope to manage it this weekend.

-And signups also just started for a second round of [community profile] podfic_bingo. I signed up for this last year and decided it wasn't for me, but it is a really cool idea and something other people have fun with. I've enjoyed seeing people post and tweet about it in the last couple days.

Here are a few fics I've enjoyed reading recently!

-BROKEN by [ profile] lawgoddess, Arthur/Merlin, 13,600w, R. I was having such a wonderful feeling of nostalgia and contentment when I was reading this angsty hurt/comfortastic fic about Merlin being traumatized after having been kidnapped and I was going to say, "This! This is what sucked me into this fandom!" but then I realized that wasn't true, that it was reveal fics that made me fall for this fandom. This is actually the kink of h/c that made me fall for Fandom in the first place, those first couple months of lurkdom where I was reading everything I could find about Frodo being hurt and the king and all his friends taking care of him because they love him so much. But also! With Arthur and Gwen and all the knights from season 4. It was so great.

-Seasons by [ profile] lolafeist, Arthur/Merlin, 40,000w, NC-17. You know, [ profile] lolafeist has been one of my favorite writers for a while now, and I had seen notices about the parts of this going up, but I had skipped them mostly because I don't read a lot of long fic these days and also because they were labeled high school AU and I kind of, you know, tend to associate that with fluff and silliness and things I'm not into. But this turned out to be one of my very favorite things, which is a modern AU that's a real AU where magic matters and there are laws about it and it's one of the things that people have identity angst about. Besides that, like, okay, the main reason I don't read a lot of longfic is that I get distracted to easily, but another reason is that too often I feel like the longfics I try to read are needlessly long, that they are repetitive and just spelling everything out more than they need to. So I really loved the way this one was just carefully, casually giving us a few details of the world and letting us figure out or guess at the rest. I wonder if I would have been frustrated if I'd read it as it came out and was waiting for months in between installments. As it was it was just these two or three days where I got to think about Arthur and Merlin ALL THE TIME, including a couple hours when I woke up in the middle of the night and I wasn't even annoyed about the insomnia, I was just so glad to get the chance to read some more. It was full of angst and mistakes and also had great parts for Freya and Nimueh and I recommend it!!

-Stamboul Train by anonymous at [ profile] merlin_games, a great angsty, atmospheric reincarnation fic set in the 1920s!

-Ever More and More by [ profile] matchsticks_p, Gwaine/Merlin, 4000w, PG. This was one of the Gwaine/Merlin fics [personal profile] leish recced for me and since she said it was about Gwaine going to meet Hunith I figured it would warm my heart because I love Hunith. I did not expect it to also be so funny but you know, courtly love is really pretty ridiculous! I just fell in love with it and am hoping to get a chance to podfic it soon.

-untitled Arthur/Gwen porn at [ profile] kinkme_merlin. As Arthur/Gwen fans (and people who read my complaints on Twitter) know, it is difficult to find even an Arthur/Gwen prompt to write for at the kink meme because most of the things tagged Arthur/Gwen are actually requests for "Arthur loves Merlin and doesn't love Gwen". What a treat then to comm across this delicious piece of mammary kink when I was just paging through the meme the other night. Arthur thinking he'd better deny himself for a few more months for a few more months because he shouldn't sully Gwen with his perverted desires is so Arthur. And Gwen being as horny as Arthur, God, I want to see so much more of horny Gwen in my fandom. Also canon era kink. Yes please!

And here are links to some other things!

-[community profile] month_of_meta is a new comm encouraging people to post meta during March. I really enjoyed [personal profile] lunabee34's post Fannish Trajectories: Isolation, a Sense of Disconnection from Fandom, and How We Deal and saw a lot of parallels with my own experience, though she and I are in pretty different places now.

-[personal profile] eruthros made an epic picspam of famous people and animals (mostly dogs and cats) that is sure to brighten your day, evening, etc. There are more pictures of cute animals and other happy-making things in the comments to [personal profile] thingswithwings's post sick: send help.

-The March mini-challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo is to try new things, ideally "A character/pairing I've never worked on before, from a fandom I've never worked on before, doing a kink I've never done in my fanworks before, in a medium (painting/fic/vidding/podfic/etc) I've never tried to do before." This idea makes me happy! I realized there are not a lot of fandoms that I like but have never podficced in, but my current plan is to write a song for a pairing I've never worked on in a fandom I've only made a couple podfics for (never written in), and a kink where I've so far only written a drabble. I think that should be a good challenge!
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I always enjoy your recs! MOAR GWEN!

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Hot A/G I haven't read? Thanks!