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Mostly podfic-related links (of awesome)

I was looking at my journal last night and thinking how boring I must have become for people who aren't interested in podfic or Merlin. Well...that problem will not be solved by this post. :/

This has not been an awesome week for me offline (the previous week was though so that's okay) but it has been awesome here in fandom!

The most exciting thing is that [personal profile] meri made a podfic of Believe This Is Real, the Freya/Merlin ficlet I wrote for [ profile] summerpornathon. Meri is one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote (in terms of wanting to see people like us and our friends in fanfic) that so it is especially lovely for me to hear it in her voice.

Since she posted I've been getting a few extra kudos on the fic and meanwhile she hasn't been getting comments, so that's a little bit weird. But then, feedback on podfic is always weird. And talking about feedback is always weird. Anyway, it is a really nice recording of less than five minutes and she's got a streaming link on her journal, so if that interests you at all go check it out and comment! Also she posted it with a cover that is totally adorable.

I am not very graphically inclined and usually when I finish a podfic I am impatient to post, so I post without a cover, even though I know that a lot of people like to have covers. Some listeners care enough about having covers for all their podfics that they made their own.

Well! On Wednesday I got a comment from [personal profile] manifesty, whom I'd never interacted with before, saying they'd made a cover for Late Night Games, an Avatar podfic I'd made last July! So that was awesome and I went and added it to the mp3 file and re-uploaded, so now that podfic is no longer naked.

And then the very next day I was posting that Gwaine/Merlin podfic and said on Twitter that I was too lazy to make a cover, so [personal profile] leish volunteered to make one for me, and she did and it is just right.

And if everything goes according to plan, this weekend someone else will make a cover for a longer podfic that I haven't posted yet, and another person will record one of my fics as their first podfic!! And I will get my Remix to the 1000-word minimum at least. I feel like everybody else is getting theirs done early and I am a bit anxious about being behind, but mostly I feel good. My remixee and I are well matched and I'm excited about the plan I have for the remix I want to write.

I really love this feeling of interacting with each other's work, being part of the conversation.

Then also there are things that I read and think about but don't comment on (except maybe to say "I agree!" or "I enjoyed this"). Maybe you will find these interesting too!
-[personal profile] bookshop at MangaBookshelf: Fannish Inquisitions: Countering Assumptions About Fandom - My favorite is False Assumption #3.
-[personal profile] cesare: in the fandom afternoon - Ces and I both have feedback angst (you probably do too!) and we manage it in very different ways. I liked this post a lot.
-[personal profile] elf posting in [community profile] ao3some: What's the collective noun for kudos? - Kudos you guys! So awesome!!!
-[personal profile] thingswithwings: Community thoughts, and most especially Britta thoughts
-[personal profile] leish: The Trouble With Witches, podfic of the story by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k.
"She'd had some weird dreams while she was unconscious. She'd dreamed of a beautiful white dragon swooping down and breathing life into her dying body. A delusion, it must have been. Pretty white dragons didn't appear from nowhere to save failed witch-queens, they probably only troubled themselves for people like Arthur and Gwen. Prancing fucking unicorns would probably turn out to save Gwen, Morgana thought bitterly."
I listened to this right after I read T'wings's post about Britta and it had me wishing so hard that Merlin (the show) would allow Morgana to fuck up and still be loved. She's never been one of my favorite characters in canon but the way Netgirl and a few other people write her makes my heart grow three sizes, and she is a real delight in podfic. It is also really good to see a few fanworks addressing what's happened with her in season 4, as hard as that is to do.
-Nicola Griffith: Lame is so Gay: A Rant (from July 2011, thanks to [personal profile] sasha_feather for linking this at [community profile] access_fandom) - "Using lame as a derogatory term is as dangerous and ill-considered as using the term gay in the same context."
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I'm so glad to hear you're having such an awesome fannish week!!! So much podfic! Go you!!! And yaaay for remix goodness!!!! I was super super tempted to sign up, but I'm restricting myself from working on ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR my BB and my novel until July. It's Operation Finish the Things I've Been Talking About Finishing for Years Now. Yes. ;-)

Thanks for the links, you always find the best stuff on the internets! Ooh, I really especially loved the Bookshop one, which was AWESOME. Yes, False Assumption #3. She's such a smart smart lady, that Bookshop.