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For the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange, [ profile] quintenttsy aka [personal profile] leish recorded one of my favorite fics published this year, Tangled by [personal profile] thingswithwings. This is a long Community fic (the podfic is more than three hours) with Annie and Troy and Abed learning how to have relationships while living together and learning how to knit. It is just the kind of story I love, about young people growing up and figuring out their own sexual identity and how to help each other and make each other happy. [ profile] quintenttsy is also dear to me as a podfic reader and as a person, and it's been delightful for me to be walking around with her voice in my ears this holiday, including a half hour when I had to get away from my family on Tuesday. Thank you so much, Leisha, I love it. Here is the podfic of Tangled and here are the zillion other #itpe podfics!

I am also thrilled and amazed by the fic an anonymous author wrote for me as part of [ profile] merlin_holidays. I requested several rare ships, of which perhaps the rarest was Freya/Gwen, and my author wrote more than 23,000 words of a historical AU set in Glastonbury in 1905, starring Freya as the head of an orphanage for magical children and Gwen as the genderqueer shoemaker she falls in love with. YOU GUYS. There is fascinating stuff about the secret magical community and there is porn with magic and homemade sex toys and there are interesting parts for Merlin and Morgana and Mary the barmaid and it is basically everything I love and what I wish fandom would be like all the time. It is called The Shoemaker and you should go read it!

Here are two other Merlin fics I've enjoyed recently:

-With Half-Shut Eyes by anonymous at [ profile] merlin_holidays, Arthur/Merlin, 32K, explicit. This is a great Merlin-POV coffeeshop AU and I wish it were easier to make that sound exciting. :P The Arthur/Merlin is hot and interesting and I also really loved Merlin's group of friends, including Gwen, Elyan, Hunith, and Lancelot. <3 <3 Mind the content notes and be aware that the conflict involves MISUNDERSTANDING but anyway I recommend this fic like whoa.

-My Density Has Brought Me To You by [personal profile] ingberry, Arthur/Merlin, 18K, explicit. This was part of the [profile] uni_merlin fest, which I somehow wasn't aware of at all even though a bunch of my friends participated in it? I'm sorry you guys! Anyway Mordred as the roommate from hell who freaks Merlin out by screaming at his videogames in the middle of the night is so inspired I can't even deal. This is another Merlin-POV fic full of warmth and humor as well as Arthur/Merlin hotness. I might make a podfic!

I haven't had much alone time or reading time this holiday and I'd appreciate any recs you have to give me, especially for [ profile] merlin_holidays. A lot of the fics are super long and it all feels rather overwhelming to me, but Merlin fic is really what I want to be reading right now, especially with all the feels this finale has given me.
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B and I just watched the first episode of The Hour season 2 last night! The rest of it has already aired but that will not stop me from posting about my hopes and dreams.

spoilers I guess )

Looking forward to watching the rest over the next few weeks! B and I are also slowly making our way through season 1 of Warehouse 13 (pretty boring so far?) and recently started a Community rewatch (still awesome). We watch new episodes of Parks and Rec and wish there were more of them.

I like the characters on Elementary but am not in love with it as a show. I watch it alone. I've left off watching The Good Wife, Scandal, and Homeland but will probably get back to them someday. I still don't like and haven't finished watching Teen Wolf.

Season five of Merlin has been sort of crushingly disappointing for me, and I'm probably less emotionally engaged with it than I have been since... early 2009, I guess, when I was watching season 1 for the first time and before I'd jumped into the fandom. Still, I don't know what I will do with myself once it's over. D: D:
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A quick note to the lovely person who will be making something for me for the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange (#itpe): Thank you for doing this! I like all kinds of stories and podfics so I hesitated to write anything, since I don't really have much to say beyond what I put in my signup tweet, but anyway since everybody's doing it...some things I like )
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Title: Amateur Production
Author: [ profile] geonn aka [ profile] geonncannon
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Community
Starring: Britta/Page (Early 21st Century Romanticism episode tag)
Rating: NC-17
Contains: n/a
Author's summary: "Britta decides to make the most of her misunderstanding."
Reader's notes: Made as a prize for [personal profile] cantarina, winner of the [community profile] welovepodfic feedback challenge and all around awesome person.
File info: mp3, 7 minutes, 3.3 MB
Link: Amateur Production on MediaFire
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I wrote two pieces for the Reverse Remix comment fest over at [personal profile] bessemerprocess's journal. The way this works is that you list fandoms you can write in and someone else links you to one of their fics and you try to write a quick remix!

Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: Beginning Partner Dancing (The Teacher's Always a Learner Remix)
Fandom: Community
Wordcount: 577
Rating: G
Characters: Madame LeClair, Troy, Britta
Contains: n/a
Notes: Remix of Beginning Partner Dancing by [personal profile] cantarina. The sensible thing would have been to remix Ca'rina's Troy/Britta fic from Britta's POV but I got sidetracked so this happened instead! Might not make much sense unless you read the original, which is lovely.
Summary: Troy and Britta's dance teacher confronts a class with more men than women.
Links: AO3 | Dreamwidth comment

Title: One Year (The Two Girls Remix)
Fandom: Merlin
Wordcount: 1400
Rating: G
Characters: Gwen, Morgana
Contains: n/a
Notes: Remix of One Year by [personal profile] wintercreek, with a big old rec for that beautiful Merlin friendship fic.
Summary: During her first year as Morgana's maid, Gwen finds out she doesn't have to be alone.
Links: AO3 | Dreamwidth comment
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I was looking at my journal last night and thinking how boring I must have become for people who aren't interested in podfic or Merlin. Well...that problem will not be solved by this post. :/

This has not been an awesome week for me offline (the previous week was though so that's okay) but it has been awesome here in fandom!

The most exciting thing is that [personal profile] meri made a podfic of Believe This Is Real, the Freya/Merlin ficlet I wrote for [ profile] summerpornathon. Meri is one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote (in terms of wanting to see people like us and our friends in fanfic) that so it is especially lovely for me to hear it in her voice.

a little more podfic talk )

Well! On Wednesday I got a comment from [personal profile] manifesty, whom I'd never interacted with before, saying they'd made a cover for Late Night Games, an Avatar podfic I'd made last July! So that was awesome and I went and added it to the mp3 file and re-uploaded, so now that podfic is no longer naked.

And then the very next day I was posting that Gwaine/Merlin podfic and said on Twitter that I was too lazy to make a cover, so [personal profile] leish volunteered to make one for me, and she did and it is just right.

And if everything goes according to plan, this weekend someone else will make a cover for a longer podfic that I haven't posted yet, and another person will record one of my fics as their first podfic!! And I will get my Remix to the 1000-word minimum at least. I feel like everybody else is getting theirs done early and I am a bit anxious about being behind, but mostly I feel good. My remixee and I are well matched and I'm excited about the plan I have for the remix I want to write.

I really love this feeling of interacting with each other's work, being part of the conversation.

Then also there are things that I read and think about but don't comment on (except maybe to say "I agree!" or "I enjoyed this"). Maybe you will find these interesting too!
-[personal profile] bookshop at MangaBookshelf: Fannish Inquisitions: Countering Assumptions About Fandom - My favorite is False Assumption #3.
-[personal profile] cesare: in the fandom afternoon - Ces and I both have feedback angst (you probably do too!) and we manage it in very different ways. I liked this post a lot.
-[personal profile] elf posting in [community profile] ao3some: What's the collective noun for kudos? - Kudos you guys! So awesome!!!
-[personal profile] thingswithwings: Community thoughts, and most especially Britta thoughts
-[personal profile] leish: The Trouble With Witches, podfic of the story by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k.
cut for quote and <3s )
-Nicola Griffith: Lame is so Gay: A Rant (from July 2011, thanks to [personal profile] sasha_feather for linking this at [community profile] access_fandom) - "Using lame as a derogatory term is as dangerous and ill-considered as using the term gay in the same context."
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Title: #AnniesMove
Author: [personal profile] katarin
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Community
Characters/Ships: Troy/Abed, Annie/Troy/Abed
Rating: PG-13
Contains: n/a
Author's summary: Annie isn't jealous of Abed and Troy having sex at all.
Length: 23 minutes
Links: download #anniesmove from MediaFire


Mar. 11th, 2012 03:10 pm
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Kalinda is currently losing to some dude who is not Kalinda, but it's not too late to turn it around. Abed is in the lead but it's way closer than it should be, considering that he is Abed. THEY NEED YOUR HELP!!!
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Let's have some memage! First here's the one with favorite shows and stuff. Your main fandom... )

I figure I'll do the one about fics I wrote next week, even though I didn't write much this year, and then I should also do one for the podfics I made, though I don't know of a template for that. Podficcers, what do you think of this?
podfic meme template )

Oh wait, dude, I totally did a podfic year in review meme already last year! Here's the template:

Ha ha I feel like a dork now. Well, use whatever version you like, of course. I hope a lot of people will do it!
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Fan artists love feedback and podficcers are no different. Feedback can motivate us, inspire our muse and help us create more of out art. However feedback on podfic can be rather light. To find out how you can help increase feedback for podfic check out [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW.


Here are links to a few of the awesome things I've been listening to!

-some people just change your life, you know? - [personal profile] anatsuno reading [personal profile] jinjurly's podfic meta totally made me cry on the bus when I listened on Wednesday. I had read it a couple times before but it just made such an impact to hear it spoken out loud. I love how anat sounds calm and thoughtful but at the same time passionate about it. It made me realize that I quote that essay all the time without realizing I'm doing it, for instance in a post I made at [ profile] pornspiration the other day about the things people are doing when they listen to podfic. Also this:
i'm tired of the ways that we minimize our own contributions, and the ways that we say we don't deserve our place. i'm tired of being told i'm too involved in 'boosterism' in the podfic community, and i'm tired of seeing people told they are doing it wrong. i'm tired of people saying that some people have accents and some don't. i'm tired of women saying their bodies are ugly, of being ashamed of their voices, and of the things they love, and of hiding their joy for fear of derision.

Sing it!

-Audiometa: Kink_Bingo and Podfic, Perfect Together by Sophinisba
- [profile] meri_sefket listened to anat's recording too and was inspired to record the podfic meta that I wrote for [community profile] kink_bingo in June! That is a less emotional post and half of it is me doing my typical "Look, here is a comm! Here are some things you can do!" spiel, but about halfway through it gets to the park about podfic being inherently kinky I do think it gets really interesting and cool to hear spoken out loud. Meri talks in a really clear and sincere voice and has an American accent that's fairly similar to mine, but she also emphasizes different words than I would have and has a different kind of tone than I probably would have used, and that all makes it so much more interesting to listen to. In that post I quoted both [personal profile] yue_ix and [personal profile] jinjur, so we had Yue record the parts she had written and Meri edited those in, along with clips of anat reading Jinjur! I think the editing is really smooth and I'm just so thrilled that this exists now, wow!

-Podfics and languages (accent extension) a really interesting conversation between [personal profile] yue_ix (who is French Canadian) and [personal profile] emei about podfic from the perspective of non-native English speakers.

-An OK Man Kinda Sorta Tries to Battle - [personal profile] cantarina's podfic of an Inspector Spacetime ficlet by [ profile] havent_got_a_clue. Ridiculous fake British accents for a ridiculous fic in a ridiculous fake British fandom. IT IS THE BEST.

And so so so much more! Go check out the other posts at [community profile] pod_aware and [ profile] pod_aware! There is so much!

I also started a thread for myself at the podfic love meme!

a black microphone on a purple background. text reads another podfic artist love meme, i love it when you read to me
LiveJournal || Dreamwidth
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I have had a week. FRIDAY has not meant this much to me in a long time. Yes I am tipsy in the late afternoon okay.

Anyway here are some things:

-I have only finished one [ profile] paperlegends fic, but it was awesome. Destiny That Darkly Hides Us by [ profile] nympha_alba is a wonderful long Arthur/Merlin fic takes place before and during WWI but in an AU where magic exists and is illegal. The language in this is fancier than what I usually like to read but it won me over pretty quickly with the LONGING and the ACHING. It is great.

-I am in the middle of reading The Ivy Crown by [personal profile] briar_pipe and it is also great. It is the AU-from-the-end-of-season-one fic you've been waiting for, full of plot and characters from Arthurian legend and Morgana being the strong, intelligent, and flawed center of her own story.

-Speaking of ladies and fic, my fellow Merlin femslasher has convinced me to join [ profile] pornspiration, a comm for getting better at writing porn that will be kicking off tomorrow. Membership is moderated but they welcome people from any fandom and level of experience, and the mods would especially like to invite femslash fans to join in. There will be lots of different kinds of posts but if you're like me and you don't want people to critique your writing then it's okay to sit out those rounds and just play along in other stuff. It looks like it will be a fun and upbeat place and I hope I can find time to participate and I wish it were on Dreamwidth but hey.

AO3 Feelings and Opinions )

-Last week I finally made a good start on my podfic project for [community profile] ladiesbigbang! I made some big mistakes but I still got a significant chunk done and it felt good.

-I have filled twenty out of twenty-five squares on my first [community profile] kink_bingo card!!! I have until the end of September to cross off "silk, velvet, feathers, furs", "prostitution/sex work", "whipping/flogging", "obedience", and "consent play". I think it's kind of funny that I haven't come up with anything for consent play yet, considering how excited I was to get that square and the fact that half of my fills have been dubcon or noncon. I just haven't found anything that quite fits it in the way I want. (I thought about trying to do Gwen/Vivian with enthusiastic consent for the Happy Endings challenge at [ profile] summerpornathon but it didn't work out.) I had pornathon fics picked out that I wanted to podfic for both that and obedience, but the authors either never de-anoned or didn't answer my podfic permission requests, so I'm still looking. There's another piece I started writing for pornathon that involves prostitution, so I should try to sit down and make that work. Silk/velvet/feathers/furs is another one that seems like it should be easy but hasn't happened yet. And whipping/flogging is not really my kink and I don't have any ideas. So yeah, I would take suggestions for any of those five, particularly if you know of good, relatively short fics that ought to be podficced.

-I watched the first two episodes of Parks and Recreation last night and another this afternoon. I like the main character a lot and it often makes me laugh but more often just makes me very uncomfortable. If you would like to try to convince me to keep watching I will listen. I would also take recs for other shows that are streaming on Netflix or other places on the Internet, especially the half-hour funny kind that I can watch right before bed. What I would really like to watch is more Community. That's coming back soon, right?

I finished the first season of Mad Men a couple days ago and was going to try to hold off on diving in to the second, but I think I will probably cave tonight.
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My Canadian friends, I am sorry! *hugs*

I was meaning anyway to make a post about things that have been making me happy lately, so maybe you will also find some of them distracting.

*[personal profile] roga talked about the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour and it has become my new favorite podcast. It makes me think of how [personal profile] such_heights sometimes shows us clips of the Doctor Who cast hanging out and asks, Why are these people not my best friends? I want the PCHH team to be my friends, except in some ways listening to the podcast is even better because there's no pressure on me to think of what to say. I just get to listen to these four friends enjoying each other's company and talking about things like movies and music and TV. Yay! It's a very upbeat show and all the people laugh a lot.

*omg Abed!!! Troy and Shirley and everybody too but I mean omg Abed!

*AHHHHH THE VIDEO WITH COLIN MORGAN READING FROM HENRY IV I CAN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT YOU GUYS ALL I CAN DO IS WATCH IT OVER AND OVER OH GOD I WANT HIM AND SHAKESPEARE FOREVER (even though I feel kind of bad because it looks like it wasn't really supposed to be public on the Internet).

*podficcing )

*Here's a fic and podfic rec! The Space Race, written by [personal profile] nostalgia and read by [personal profile] juniperphoenix, about 20 minutes. Doctor Who, Eleven and River, stranded in the '50s! It is light and clever and features the Doctor being discombobulated by River, which is always awesome.

*Here is another! Ach, des Knaben Augen, written by [profile] toomuchploor, read by [personal profile] pennyplainknits and with art, audio editing, and accompanying podmix by [personal profile] xenakis, about two and a half hours. Inception, Arthur/Eames, but look even if you're not into that pairing this is a really fantastic podfic, I mean it will expand your conception of how great podfic can be. The recording integrates pieces of the Schubert and Beethoven the characters are practicing and performing and it adds so much to the story. <3 <3

*Doctor Who is back! Treme is back! And there will be new episodes of The Good Wife starting tomorrow and I'm all caught up! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALICIA AND KALINDA???

*Lots of activity on Dreamwidth for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. I was hoping to participate and I haven't really felt up to it, but there are a bunch of mini fanwork fests and friending memes and random extra posts and I am in favor. I've also been enjoying reading a lot of people's responses to the 21 days of Dreamwidth meme, including several people in the last couple days answering the question about the community you wish were more active by saying, eh, Dreamwidth has more activity on personal journals and less on communities, and that's okay.

Here are two recent posts about Community:
-Blast from the past post: Community by [personal profile] livrelibre
-Community: a tv show by [personal profile] thingswithwings. I haven't read this post yet but I'm excited to because it's a post I asked T'wings to make, which again makes me feel powerful and important, and also I'm interested in what she has to say. Yay!
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I watched Whip It last week and it was great. Even the things that bugged me about it in the middle worked out in ways that I liked. briefly, with spoilers ) I would ship Bliss/Maggie but I haven't found any, but I did enjoy this Maggie/Pash fic, Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move by [ profile] mazily.

Then last night I rewatched Bend It Like Beckham, which I had just seen once a long time ago. It's similar movie in a lot of ways - the girl's joy in finding out she can do something she loves with other girls, the lying to her parents so she keep doing it, the inevitability of the MOST IMPORTANT THING in her sport happening on THE VERY SAME DAY as the MOST IMPORTANT THING in her family life, and other stuff. Like femslash ) Anyway, that was fun. It was neat to see the girls so young and cute and, well, kind of awkward and amateurish, after years of watching Parminder Nagra on ER and so many other movies with Keira Knightley. Oh, and what a trip to realized that Jess's older sister Pinky (the sort of ditzy one who doesn't care about anything but her wedding) was played by Archie Panjabi, whom I've been fangirling as Kalinda on The Good Wife. The characters couldn't be more different and I seriously wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't gone to look up something else on IMDB.

Hey, I think a lot of you saw [ profile] Philipa_Moss's Yuletide fic Looking Behind Now, in which Tony from BILB meets Johnny and Omar from My Beautiful Laundrette, but did you see that they posted a sequel last month? Bring Your Mother to Work Day is similarly clever and adorable.

So yeah, Kalinda's pretty awesome, isn't she?! And how about that Diane Lockhart?! Actually I love pretty much everyone on The Good Wife except for Peter, and he's okay too. So much chemistry between everybody too. I'm about two thirds of the way through the first season now. The show took a little while to hook me, idk, at first I thought the way they'd do the exposition was awkward and kind of boring. But the characters have really won me over and I've also really gotten to like the balance between the case of the week plot and larger arcs. It's become my go-to show when I'm ready to be entertained (and not challenged too much) for an hour before I go to bed, the way I sometimes watch Law & Order and used to watch House.

(Is it me or has House been really bad lately? Like, a lot worse than it used to be?)

I'm also watching the first season of Community! I don't usually watch a lot of sitcoms but I decided to check this out after all the campaigning for Troy in Fandom March Madness. All those gifs etc. had led me to believe that Troy and Abed were the main characters so it was sort of disappointing to watch the first few episodes, which were so much about Jeff trying to get in Britta's pants. Still, the ensemble stuff is wonderful and Abed is the wonderfullest (I hope he wins March Madness next year!). Besides the main characters, SeƱor Chang and Professor Whitman make me laugh a lot.

Speaking of people who want to be the guy from Dead Poets Society, [personal profile] cereta had a really great post a few weeks ago on Why I hate "one teacher who made a difference". I also really liked reading the discussions over the last few days in her Grading Hell Theater: Misconceptions post, especially the stuff about what English teachers and professors do in real life and what people think they can/should do.

[A smooth transition,] I am so excited about [community profile] remix_goes_wild, an open-ended challenge for writing lots of different kinds of remixes, for points! I think it'll be really good both for those of us who are remix addicts and also for folks who like the idea but have not wanted to deal with the deadlines, restrictions, and other pressures of the big exchanges. (Actually, I guess I'm a bit of both - I have done a lot of remixes but I decided I couldn't handle the pressure of Remix Redux this year.) Anyway, signups will open on April 1st and posting will be open through the end of the year. You can sign up to write and/or to make your some or all of your fic available to be remixed.


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