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Sophinisba Solis ([personal profile] sophinisba) wrote2012-12-16 04:50 pm

The Hour and other TVs

B and I just watched the first episode of The Hour season 2 last night! The rest of it has already aired but that will not stop me from posting about my hopes and dreams.

It's so nice to see everybody again (I want to hug them all okay) and the new characters also look interesting.

From what I've glanced on Tumblr (while sort of trying to avert my eyes from spoilers) Freddie will be getting rid of the beard soon, so that's something to look forward to.

Had a couple nice scenes between Bel and Lix and I hope their relationship gets to develop more this season.

In principle I was sort of against the Drama of the scene where Bel comes to Freddie's apartment but it worked for me because
a) there had been hints, but I didn't see it coming and was genuinely surprised, and
b) omg Romola Garai's face.

If Sissy breaks up with Sey and gets together with Isaac I will be so pissed. It is okay for Isaac to be a nice guy who like a girl but doesn't get to have her.

Looking forward to watching the rest over the next few weeks! B and I are also slowly making our way through season 1 of Warehouse 13 (pretty boring so far?) and recently started a Community rewatch (still awesome). We watch new episodes of Parks and Rec and wish there were more of them.

I like the characters on Elementary but am not in love with it as a show. I watch it alone. I've left off watching The Good Wife, Scandal, and Homeland but will probably get back to them someday. I still don't like and haven't finished watching Teen Wolf.

Season five of Merlin has been sort of crushingly disappointing for me, and I'm probably less emotionally engaged with it than I have been since... early 2009, I guess, when I was watching season 1 for the first time and before I'd jumped into the fandom. Still, I don't know what I will do with myself once it's over. D: D:
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FWIW, I also found the first season of Warehouse 13 boring - I watched it by myself for something to do while playing Glitch/knitting/etc. It gets to be a much more interesting show by a couple eps into season two, I think.