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Sophinisba Solis ([personal profile] sophinisba) wrote2011-05-22 08:43 pm

Podfics: Community, Huge, NewsRadio

For [community profile] amplificathon, I've recorded five fics that are at least a little bit meta.

Title: On a Steel Horse I Ride
Author [ profile] blackwayfarers
Fandom: Community
Characters/Pairing: Troy Barnes/Annie Edison/Abed Nadir
Rating: PG
Contains: n/a
Summary: "Road trip," Abed says, nodding approvingly. "One car. Seven people. A country's worth of dramatic situations ripe for both comedy and tragedy."
File info: mp3 or m4b, 43 minutes without music/sound effects, 46:30 with music
Audiofic links (permanent):
-mp3 without music
-m4b without music
-mp3 with music
-m4b with music

Title: automated daydreaming
Author [ profile] loveyouallwrong
Fandom: Community
Characters/Pairing: Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir
Rating: PG-13
Contains: n/a
Summary: The group gets an assignment and Abed gets a clue
File info: mp3, 14 minutes
Download link: automated daydreaming at Audiofic

Title: Intro to Public Relations
Author [ profile] imperfectcircle aka [personal profile] happydork
Fandom: Community/Huge
Characters/Pairing: Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir/Becca Huffstatter
Rating: PG
Contains: n/a
Summary: "Troy, Abed," Jeff said. "This is Becca. Larry plays LERP with her. She's a warrior princess."
"What's LERP?" Pierce said. "Sounds like a skin disease."
Troy wanted to answer, but he was too busy watching Becca look at the floor. She was pretty, and warrior princesses were awesome.
File info: mp3, 18:30 minutes
Download link: Intro to Public Relations at Audiofic

Title: You're My Best Friend (And I Love You)
Author [ profile] kyuuketsukirui aka [personal profile] torachan
Fandom: Huge
Characters/Pairing: Chloe Delgado/Becca Huffstatter
Rating: Mature
Contains: n/a
Summary: Becca has had best friends and she's had crushes, but she's never had a crush on her best friend before. Not a real crush anyway, the kind where she can't stop thinking about doing all those things she's only read (and written) about.
Reader's notes: Most of the fics in this set are sweet and silly, but this one is more realistic and sad.
File info: mp3, 7 minutes
Download link: You're My Best Friend at Audiofic

Title: The E-mail
Author [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: NewsRadio
Characters/Pairing: Dave Nelson/Lisa Miller (+ ensemble)
Rating: PG-13
Contains: n/a
Summary: Lisa is outed as a fan.
Reader's notes: I wrote this for Yuletide 2008, long before I got interested in podfic, but when I went back to read it last month there was unexpected podfic meta!
File info: mp3, 14:30 minutes
Download link: The E-mail at Audiofic

Bonus podfic recs!
More meta: The Discovery by [personal profile] ingridmatthews, read by [personal profile] dodificus, Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson
More Community: Everyone Is a Robot by [personal profile] neigedens, read by [personal profile] thingswithwings, Community: Troy/Abed
thingswithwings: troy and abed having achieved their goal of putting many many shirts on troy (comm - troy and abed many shirts)

[personal profile] thingswithwings 2011-05-23 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
THIS IS SO EXCITING! *downloads all the Community ones immediately* I cannot wait to listen to them.

PS, thanks for the bonus rec. :)
torachan: (Default)

[personal profile] torachan 2011-05-23 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
Yay, thank you! :DDD
dodificus: (Default)

[personal profile] dodificus 2011-05-23 10:33 am (UTC)(link)
:D I'm in the middle of archiving these and got excited when I saw 'The Discovery' at the bottom of the page, thinking that you'd recorded it as well and I could listen to another version. But you recced me! Thanks so much<3
dodificus: (Default)

[personal profile] dodificus 2011-05-25 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I just got through listening to The Email and *loved* it. It's pretty much exactly how I remember NewsRadio and I love the meta aspect of it:D
such_heights: amy and rory looking at a pile of post (community: britta)

[personal profile] such_heights 2011-05-23 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
fiercynn: Isabella with a sword [from Galavant] (Ambiguously Gay Duo! (without the gay))

[personal profile] fiercynn 2011-05-23 03:13 pm (UTC)(link)
aaaaah oh my gosh that is one of my favorite Community fics! OT3 = ♥! *downloads*
happydork: A graph-theoretic tree in the shape of a dog, with the caption "Tree (with bark)" (Default)

[personal profile] happydork 2011-05-23 03:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, wow! Listening to your podfic of my story was just one long moment of delight! It was even more fun than writing the story in the first place. :D
themadlurker: (fifth element >> multi-pass)

[personal profile] themadlurker 2011-05-24 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
Yay! I like that NewsRadio fic a lot. Looking forward to listening to the podfic!
themadlurker: (ten & martha)

[personal profile] themadlurker 2011-07-23 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
It was great! Such a great podfic and your Bill is especially fun. :D
scintilla10: close-up of the Greek statue Victoire de Samothrace (Community ensemble)

[personal profile] scintilla10 2011-07-03 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
I just listened to both your Community podfics and I ADORED them. Really wonderful and happy-making! :D
idella: (jill biden and michelle obama)

[personal profile] idella 2011-08-05 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I listened to both of your Community podfics and I thought they were just awesome. I had such a blast listening, let me tell you. :D
idella: (utena)

[personal profile] idella 2012-04-09 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I am just coming back to say that I adore your performance of 'On a Steel Horse I Ride'! I've listened to it several times now (it's totally becoming a comfort listen) and I basically love everything about it. I love the way I can hear the characters' voices in your voice, and the music and sound effects (the crickets!) are perfect, and someonce else commented about how you capture the ambience of road trips, which is so true. This podfic makes me very happy; thank you for making it. ♥
thingswithwings: troy and abed in the moooooorning! (comm - troy and abed in the morning!)

[personal profile] thingswithwings 2011-11-11 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I commented earlier that I could not wait to listen to those podfics, but I did in fact wait a while! But I just enjoyed "automated daydreaming" and "Intro to Public Relations" while doing the dishes (I haaaaate doing the dishes I needed help!) and I really enjoyed both of them - you conveyed all of the cuteness inherent in Troy/Abed, which is a pretty amazing feat. ALL THE CUTENESS. I will totally listen to them again. :)
thingswithwings: troy and abed do their special handshake (comm - troy and abed special handshake)

[personal profile] thingswithwings 2011-11-22 01:44 am (UTC)(link)
I listened to "On a Steel Horse I Ride" today, while on the bus and then while making banana bread, and . . . wow. Just, wow. This may be my favourite podfic of yours, ever. THE MUSIC! You did such a beautiful job of evoking that dreamy, unreal, easy road trip feeling - I laughed out loud when "cue soundtrack" broke into "Born to Be Wild," but a lot of the later music choices made me feel that introspective, slightly sad, slightly glad feeling of road trips . . . ugh it's so well done! And the crickets at night!

Plus your character voices are really really good - especially Troy, I could just hear Donald Glover's delivery in your voice. Oh my gosh I loved this.

I have a long car trip coming up, and was planning on compiling some podfic for the purpose, and you can bet all your internet dollars that I will be listening to this on that road trip, probably several times.

Also, if you ever wanted to put out a soundtrack for the podfic, I would not be averse!

In conclusion, <3.
dodificus: (Default)

[personal profile] dodificus 2011-11-19 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
Someone recc'd your Community podfic (can't remember who/where) and I didn't listen to them the first time round because I hadn't started watching the show yet. BUT OMG HOW PERFECTLY WRITTEN IS AUTOMATED DAYDREAMING? It's like one of the scriptwriters sat down and wrote some fanfic<3
sunspot: girl in a yellow shirt leaning next to a big brown cat (Default)

[personal profile] sunspot 2011-12-24 03:11 am (UTC)(link)
Just finished listening to On A Steel Horse I Ride and it was fully awesome :D
letsgofriday: The Weeping angels surrounding the Tardis (Default)

[personal profile] letsgofriday 2012-03-05 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I listened to On A Steel Horse I Ride last night, and I have to say it was perfect. I thought you got everyone, especially Troy's, voices down perfectly. I also loved what you did with the music :)
idella: (time to get funky)

[personal profile] idella 2013-08-02 06:05 am (UTC)(link)
I listened to 'Intro to Public Relations' and I really enjoyed it! I especially like your creepy Abed-Lilith voice, and your Troy and Abed voices and banter on date 3 & 3/4. This was a lot of fun to listen to, despite the fact I'm not familiar with 'Huge'.