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icon meme!

So [personal profile] paraka decided to throw an impromptu "Podfic a novel in three days" fest this weekend and, since I was behind with my [community profile] ladiesbigbang project, I sorta joined in. It's been nice keeping tabs on each other on Twitter; I tend to make a lot of "Editing is hard! Podfic is a stupid hobby!"-type Tweets whenever I'm doing this stuff, but this weekend other people are actually responding and tweeting about similar things, both good and bad. So that's been a lot of fun and I'm feeling pretty good about being able to finish my rough drafts by the end of the long weekend.

Even so, my goodness is podfic editing time-consuming and tedious! So it's time for an icon meme! I asked [personal profile] such_heights to pick five of my icons because we have an amusing number of icons in common. Let me know if you would like to play and I will pick five of yours!

(Hunith and Merlin from Merlin sitting by the fire and talking.)

This is one of my most recently acquired icons, made by the fabulous [ profile] slightlytookish! Hunith is one of my favorite Merlin characters and I have missed her a lot since season 1. My longest fic in the fandom was Hunith/Nimueh but was also a lot about Hunith's relationship with her son. There's so much love and affection in their scenes together and I love watching them. It would be great if there were lots more Hunith fanworks and I would get to use this icon more often!

(Kalinda and Alicia from The Good Wife with their faces very close together, listening to a cell phone in Alicia's hand.)

While I was watching The Good Wife this spring I went out looking for icons and took four of them, all made by [personal profile] winterfish, who also has great icons for other shows like Doctor Who and Community. I don't remember what this episode was about (was it the one where they were trying to stop an execution? That episode was kind of messed up) but I remember feeling at the time that it was unbelievably femslashy, like I think the too of them were sitting on Alicia's bed drinking wine and then hiding the fact that Kalinda was there and all. So besides being my Alicia/Kalinda icon this is my "hilariously over-the-top femslashiness" icon and my plotting women icon and sometimes my phone/communication icon. I can't wait for this show to come back!!

(Tiana from The Princess and the Frog dressed as a princess and smiling.)

I don't actually know whether this is a Disney image or fanart, do you? I got it from a big set of Tiana icons that [personal profile] hermitsoul made, I believe for a [community profile] ladiesbigbang project. I like this movie and this character a lot and every once in a while it is just nice to have an "I feel pretty" or "Please admire me!" icon.

(Amy from Doctor Who with her bright red hair fanning out behind her IN SPACE.)

Ah, I think I talked about this the last time I did the icon meme. [ profile] fainiel_sims made it and it's lovely but I don't actually like to use it that much because so many people have the same or similar icons. I should get another icon that captures Amy's fun and sexiness a little better but I have been too lazy to go and find one.

(A drawing of Gwen and Merlin from Merlin as children. Gwen has her hands clasped together and they are both smiling up at Merlin's magical ball of light.)

I love this icon so much you guys! [personal profile] el_jamon made the art for a prompt at a [community profile] camelot_fleet party about two years ago and posted icons of it. I ship them either as lovers or as friends and I have always loved the idea that if Gwen found out about Merlin's magic she would be amazed and proud of him. I would love to have more icons of fanart but I'm never sure whether it's appropriate to ask the artists about it. I use this icon for Gwen/Merlin stuff but I always feel a little weird about using it with sexy stuff because they look so young and innocent; but maybe that is just the drawing style and I'm not supposed to think of them as kids? Anyway, there's not a lot of Gwen/Merlin stuff out there and mostly I use this icon for posting recs, as a way of saying "Let's share in the delight of this wonderful thing that one of us made!"
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[personal profile] sally_maria 2011-09-04 09:43 pm (UTC)(link)
It's nice to see this meme going round again - I've just done it for [personal profile] cesy, but if you have 5 of my icons you want to ask about, I always enjoy talking about them. :-)
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[personal profile] smittenfancy 2011-09-05 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
The Gwen/Merlin icon is one of my favorites of yours! Fandom seems to have a massive hate-on for Gwen, so whenever I see anyone giving her even a sliver of praise, my heart goes glee. :)

You don't have to pick out five of my icons. I just wanted to g'awww over Gwen and Merlin. Honestly, they deserve each other far more than Arthur deserves either one of them. ♥

...or they can throw Arthur in and make it a trois. Add Morgana too, for the heck of it, and make it a (bit 'cesty) quatre. Fun times for all! *cough*
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[personal profile] torachan 2011-09-05 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
Choose my icons, please! :D
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[personal profile] paraka 2011-09-06 12:55 am (UTC)(link)
Tweets whenever I'm doing this stuff, but this weekend other people are actually responding and tweeting about similar things, both good and bad. So that's been a lot of fun and I'm feeling pretty good about being able to finish my rough drafts by the end of the long weekend.
This weekend has been pretty epic on Twitter. I love it when you can get a good back and forth going of everyone supporting each other. I don't know if I would have gotten near as much done without it. :)