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Links to some things!

Here are some links to things you have probably seen already if you are interested in these kinds of things! Oh well, I will feel better if I also have them here!

-Fanart: Guinevere of Rohan by [ profile] felix_aeternus!

-Make Something Good by [ profile] sweetestdrain, the Gwen-centric OT3 (Arthur/Gwen/Merlin) vid we've been waiting for! Oh my lovely thoughtful people with their significant looks! ♥!!

-All We Have, a beautiful Treme vid by [ profile] hersluck focusing on the show's main female characters. Also in comments heresluck linked to this article in The Nation, Katrina Is Not a Metaphor by Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

-Meta: Neoliberal Holmes, or, Everything I Know About Modern Life I Learned from Sherlock by [personal profile] magnetic_pole. I found this uncomfortable to read but very much worth reading through to the end.

-There's been some good discussion in the comments to [ profile] heather's post linking to some of these same things about how the issues Maggie's talking about with Sherlock come up in Merlin and some other shows.

-I haven't felt up to watching [ profile] sweetestdrain and [ profile] sisabet's new multifandom torture vid On the Prowl yet, but [personal profile] giandujakiss has an interesting post comparing it to Women's Work and talking about some related issues of the meanings of men's pain versus women's pain in our media - more relevant comments on the LJ side than Dreamwidth, last time I checked. (Remember a couple months ago when we were talking here about female woobies?)

-Oh heck, have an MP3: This Is a Rebel Song by Sinéad O'Connor, from the LP Gospel Oak, 1997. It's not one of my favorite songs of hers but I've been listening to it and singing it a lot for the last couple days so I feel like sharing. Actually I had just the chorus stuck in my head Wednesday morning and couldn't figure out what song it was from, even when I looked at the list of titles of hers in my iTunes. I'm not sure if it was just random or because I was thinking so much about John and Sherlock that the lines "How come you've never said you love me" and "How come you never say you're sorry" came into my head. So then I looked it up and saw that the song's very much from a woman's point of view (and, with the title and context, about being an Irish woman in love with an English man) and so not so much about John. :) And that got me thinking, also, that even though I'd wished the show had more ladies in it, damn, I wouldn't have been able to handle seeing Sherlock treat a girlfriend as badly as he treats John. And I'm not sure what to do with that.

-The philosophy of squee by [ profile] cherrybina. I feel a little bit funny about linking to these things together because Maggie and the folks at Heather's post are all, "Let's problematize these shows we want to love!" and Bina's talking about Merlin fandom being her happy place. But I love what Bina's saying about there being room in fandom for us to find what I ourselves and our people. I love seeing her squee about how hot Arthur and Merlin are on my f-list and I also love seeing someone like Maggie or [ profile] zahrawithaz nail down just what that niggling feeling was when I was watching that last episode of Sherlock or Merlin or Doctor Who. (And also I'm with Bina about avoiding anon memes because eeep.)
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Thanks for the Sinead!
And the links!
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Gwen-centric vid, yay!