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Hey, so, I unsubscribed from some people on Dreamwidth last night because there have been too many posts for me to keep track of lately. It wasn't because anyone did anything to upset me or anything! I'm sure I will see you guys around.

Okay, that is still awkward even if you stop using the word "friend".

Oh my gosh I need to make a real post about the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology because it is huge and full of variety and women's voices and seriously awesome! But that post will take formatting and coding and probably thinking, so I'm putting it off. But just trust me that it is awesome, and go and download and listen to it! (Or do that with some of the pieces if you don't want/don't have room on your computer or mp3 player for all seven and a half hours.) I have listened to about a third of it so far and it is bringing me a lot of joy.

I have also been listening to Sinéad O'Connor's new album streaming on the NPR website a lot over the last few days, and I like it very much. My favorite tracks are "Queen of Denmark" and "V.I.P.".

The next [community profile] camelot_fleet Fanlore project is to build up the page for Gwaine. There is a very short page there now but he has become such an important character in fandom, there's all kinds of material we can add. If you can't make it for the editing party tomorrow maybe you can drop a comment at the Fleet post or a link in the Google doc that's linked there. We did a lot of good work on the Merlin pages at Fanlore in March of 2010 but obviously the show and the fandom have changed a lot since then, so it's good to document that.

Hey and speaking of Gwaine, [personal profile] leish aka [ profile] quintenttsy aka...omg I cannot even say my newest comrade from Team Merlin Femslash Podfic because there are so many fabulous new people now with the anthology and all... Anyway, Leishy left a ton of Gwaine recs and some Elyan recs in comments to one of my posts from last weekend, so check those out if you are a fan of Gwaine and/or Elyan!
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Back in 2006 I wrote two hobbit fics using songs by the band Hem as inspiration. Here are recordings of them!

Title: Torn from the Map
Author and reader [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters/Pairing: Frodo/Aragorn (background Merry/Pippin and Sam/Rosie)
Rating: light NC-17
Contains: sex, mild post-Quest angst
Notes: Written for the "Inside a Song" challenge at [ profile] hobbit_smut, inspired by the Hem song "Half Acre" (included in this recording), dedicated to [personal profile] claudia603.
File info: mp3, 32 minutes
Download link: Torn from the Map at Audiofic (.zip)

Title: He Came to Meet Me
Author and reader [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters/Pairing: Pippin/Diamond
Rating: PG-13
Contains: kissing, mention of masturbation, discussion of political violence
Notes: Inspired by the Hem song "He Came to Meet Me" (included in this recording), dedicated to [ profile] danachan.
File info: mp3, 17 minutes
Download link: He Came to Meet Me at Audiofic (.zip)
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This icon and the one on my previous post are from this icon post by [ profile] redscharlach. Thanks to [personal profile] sally_maria for the heads up.

Now let's have a meme! This is not the fic year in review meme yet because I still hope to write more fic. :) I saw this on [personal profile] cereta's journal.

A year-in-fandom meme )

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Here are some links to things you have probably seen already if you are interested in these kinds of things! Oh well, I will feel better if I also have them here!

-Fanart: Guinevere of Rohan by [ profile] felix_aeternus!

-Make Something Good by [ profile] sweetestdrain, the Gwen-centric OT3 (Arthur/Gwen/Merlin) vid we've been waiting for! Oh my lovely thoughtful people with their significant looks! ♥!!

-All We Have, a beautiful Treme vid by [ profile] hersluck focusing on the show's main female characters. Also in comments heresluck linked to this article in The Nation, Katrina Is Not a Metaphor by Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

-Meta: Neoliberal Holmes, or, Everything I Know About Modern Life I Learned from Sherlock by [personal profile] magnetic_pole. I found this uncomfortable to read but very much worth reading through to the end.

-There's been some good discussion in the comments to [ profile] heather's post linking to some of these same things about how the issues Maggie's talking about with Sherlock come up in Merlin and some other shows.

-I haven't felt up to watching [ profile] sweetestdrain and [ profile] sisabet's new multifandom torture vid On the Prowl yet, but [personal profile] giandujakiss has an interesting post comparing it to Women's Work and talking about some related issues of the meanings of men's pain versus women's pain in our media - more relevant comments on the LJ side than Dreamwidth, last time I checked. (Remember a couple months ago when we were talking here about female woobies?)

-Oh heck, have an MP3: This Is a Rebel Song by Sinéad O'Connor, from the LP Gospel Oak, 1997. It's not one of my favorite songs of hers but I've been listening to it and singing it a lot for the last couple days so I feel like sharing. cut for Feelings about Sherlock )

-The philosophy of squee by [ profile] cherrybina. I feel a little bit funny about linking to these things together because Maggie and the folks at Heather's post are all, "Let's problematize these shows we want to love!" and Bina's talking about Merlin fandom being her happy place. But I love what Bina's saying about there being room in fandom for us to find what I ourselves and our people. I love seeing her squee about how hot Arthur and Merlin are on my f-list and I also love seeing someone like Maggie or [ profile] zahrawithaz nail down just what that niggling feeling was when I was watching that last episode of Sherlock or Merlin or Doctor Who. (And also I'm with Bina about avoiding anon memes because eeep.)
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Let's take another look at my [community profile] kink_bingo card, shall we?

kink talk! )

guitar and songwriting talk )

So yeah, I'll probably have another podfic or two to post this week, but after that I'll be traveling for a while and probably won't be doing a lot of public or fannish posts until sometime in August, though I do hope to get some writing done on my own.

I'm working on trying things I haven't done before, both in terms of formats and in terms of kinks, and this is exciting but also scary, even if I try to act casual about it. :) Some of my fills will have noncon. I get that most of my friends don't like noncon, so thank goodness we have headings and warnings to help us get around these differences. Also, some of the kinks on my card are things I'm into reading already and some of them...well, I'll try to learn to like them and understand the appeal. So I'd appreciate it if folks would not comment on those posts to say they don't like the thing that I've warned for in the heading. I haven't gotten any comments like that in a while but I have in the past and I've seen them recently on some friends' journals, and I find them hard to deal with. They can make the author/creator and other people who enjoyed the work feel judged for liking what they like, whether it's a fantasy in a fic or something that's part of their sexuality in real life. So, don't do that please! Thank you! ♥

(This is not to do with the current disability or racism discussions or other things you may have seen on metafandom. Those are different issues where I'm trying to listen and get better.)
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Hey guys, what songs do you think of when you think of bound wrists?

[ profile] baranduin wants to fill the "bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)" square on her [community profile] kink_bingo with her first fanvid and is looking for music ideas. The subject would be Evgeni Plushenko, possibly paired with Johnny Weir, so I'd guess references to ice or cold or Russia would also be good, but the main thing is bondage. Please comment with your ideas!

Also, Merlin fans, please help me decide what to do with my "confined/caged" square! Poll on Dreamwidth only because crossposting them is too difficult. (Poll mentions noncon situations but only in a vague way.) ticky box )

Thank you!
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(omg you guys, I couldn't be more pleased with my [ profile] camelotsolstice assignment. Eeeee.)

I love this new song by my friend [ profile] gamerchick, aka Beth Kinderman!

When she first played it another friend interrupted her after the mention of Hogwarts in the first verse to ask whether there were any Harry Potter spoilers. The answer is no, there are no spoilers for that or Star Trek or anything else. In fact Beth would like people to listen to the song itself unspoiled, the way they would live, which is why I'm putting the title, lyrics, and my thoughts under a cut. title, lyrics, and thoughts! )

Beth also has songs about characters from Firefly, X-Men, SPN, BSG, ad other fandoms, as well as lots of other subjects. Here is her website!
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Here's the favorite fic meme that's been going around.

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

These are not in order. I really suck at picking favorites, actually! But these are five fics of mine for which I have some special affection. fic links )

And while I'm talking about my own fics, here are five songs I've quoted in them, which you can download if you'd like (at least for the next week). I've shared a couple of these before. music and fic links )
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I've been downloading and listening to more music lately since I've had my iPod, and I was thinking I should try sharing music on LJ more often, since I like it so much when other people do that. I don't have a website or a MegaUpload account or anything, so I'm using a basic YouSendIt account where the links will expire after a week. This makes me think I ought to try posting music once a week, say five songs every Friday or something like that. We'll see how it goes. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading these or if you have a suggestion for a better way of posting them.

I might try themes later but today I just have five songs that I like: by REM, Paul Simon, Speech, and Gnawa Diffusion )
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I've now had my new iPod Nano for a week and I totally love it! It is so delightfully small but it holds all the songs I have in my iTunes so far. (There are still a lot of CDs I haven’t saved yet but whatever.) It is blue and really very pretty. I’ve never had an iPod before and I’m just so pleased.

I've taken it to the gym for walking and (a wee bit of) running on a treadmill a couple times and found that works pretty well but not perfectly. I have this armband that is designed to carry a classic iPod so it was a little big for the Nano but mostly okay. More of a problem is that it's always slipping down on my arm, sometimes even wanting to slip past the elbow, which makes me want to bend my elbows more, which is not great when you're trying to relax your arms and save your energy for the running and all. Plus it’s in a bit of an inconvenient place as far as adjusting the volume and skipping songs. I don't think it would work to just hold it in one hand because I'm always having to press buttons on the treadmill and I'm scared I'll get confuzzled and fall off (as I once did years ago while holding a Discman – not fun!). Anybody have advice or ideas for this?

Speaking of music and technology, I've also been having some fun with the website The way it works, you tell it the name of a song or an artist that you like, and it makes a "radio station" with similar music. You can add more songs or artists as "seeds" to influence what kind of station it is, and for every song that they play you say whether you like it or not, so it keeps refining as you go, and meanwhile you're usually listening to a lot of music that you like, some of it familiar and some new. If you like a song you haven't heard before you can get more information about the artist really quickly and there are always links for you to buy the song from Amazon or iTunes.

I’ve found that it works especially well for finding artists that match other artists, not quite as well for the feel of a particular song. The variety is not as big as it would be with an actual radio station but sometimes that's okay. The most pleasant surprise for me has been how quickly it figured out my tastes for my Latin American rock station, and after that I was disappointed with how little African and Arabic music they seemed to have.

The other thing I've been doing for music lately is borrowing CDs from the public library and copying them to my iTunes. I know this is not especially ethical but it's just so easy I don't really want to stop.
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…Which I don't know how to do, but I'll take it as an excuse to post this awesome George Harrison video:

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Here's a link to a happy-making Doctor Who fanvid: Shine by [ profile] futuresoon, music by Carbon Leaf and images from all four seasons of New Who (so, you know, spoilery to some extent). It has a lot of the Doctor and companions hugging and kissing and smiling and good stuff like that. You can tell [ profile] futuresoon how much you liked it on this post.
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Here's a great music video, R.E.M. on Sesame Street:

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I really like Coldplay's new album, Viva la Vida. I think I like it as a whole album better than A Rush of Blood and X and Y even though those have some songs that I like better than any of the new songs. Most of the new songs don't really stick out to me but I like the way they fit together. I think Parachutes is still my favorite but I've only had the new one for a week so it's hard to say.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed by how much I love Coldplay (and U2), like if I were really cool I'd be into some indie bands nobody else had ever heard of. Read more... )
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[Backdated to January 1st, actually posting on February 19, 2008]

Title: Extended Version
Author: Sophinisba
Fandom: Jessie's Girl, the Rick Springfield song
Rating: R
Summary: What, you thought there were only two verses?
Notes: Written as a Yuletide Treat for [ profile] thefourthvine in [ profile] yuletide 2007 challenge.

Jessie's Girl: Extended Version )


May. 4th, 2007 08:29 pm
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A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead

John! George! Paul! Ringo! Zombies! Screaming girls!
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In the Lost fic I posted last night, Charlie listens to the George Harrison song "Within You Without You" over and over again. This is of course because I've been listening to that song over and over again the last couple days. I put on this YouTube video and then open up other windows because I'm not much interested in watching the cheesy animation. lyrics )

I wrote a couple snippets of crackfic in comments to the meme yesterday: Sam says goodbye to Frodo and Merry and Pippin meet Harry Potter. If anyone would like to suggest where that one should go next or even join in with some tigging (you be Harry, I'll be Merry, or whatever) I'd really appreciate the help. Will try to respond to some more of the prompts soon.

Also, here is the link to my [ profile] remix_redux fic, Wherever the Wind Will Blow (Leaves in the Wind Remix). It is Pirates of the Caribbean fic, backstory for young Jack and Bootstrap Bill, based on this story by [ profile] stephantom.
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Title: Torn from the Map
Word Count: 5180
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Frodo/Aragorn (Merry/Pippin, Sam/Rosie)
Summary: Post-quest AU, Frodo says goodbye to the Shire and goes to meet Aragorn.
Notes: Inspired by the song "Half Acre" by Hem, a band that is (still) on tour in the US right now. Lyrics here. Download here, streaming here (third song down).
Written for the [ profile] hobbit_smut "Inside a Song" Challenge and dedicated to [ profile] claudia603
Thanks to [ profile] danachan for beta and encouragement.
Still more notes.

Torn from the Map )
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Earlier tonight I posted my story for the [ profile] hobbit_smut "Inside a Song" challenge, which is also my birthday present for [ profile] claudia603. The sex part (only R, sorry) is Frodo/Aragorn but there is also a lot of cousin love because, well, I can't seem to stop. I strongly encourage you to listen to the gorgeous Hem song "Half Acre" (written by Dan Messé) which inspired the fic and from which I stole the title and several lines.

The story, called "Torn from the Map", is here. The song is up for reading the lyrics, download or streaming (third song down), and maybe you can even go see the band live, as [ profile] gamerchick and I got to do Wednesday night! Long, rambling author's notes right here. )
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I gacked this quizzy meme from [ profile] baranduin and was a little surprised at the result I got, since I'd never thought to describe my beliefs as Humanist, but I did like the little description that came with it. It reminds me of a Phil Ochs song that I like, so I'm pasting the lyrics in underneath the meme.

Humanist )
Phil Ochs - When I'm Gone )


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