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Have you seen [personal profile] astolat's new Morgana vid, Watershed? Go watch omg! Be disturbed by Arthur/Merlin moments you usually find charming! Marvel at how well Vienna Teng's lyrics fit (what could be) Morgana's story! Tell Astolat to come back to Merlin fandom and make us more awesome stuff like porn with Merlin on top!

I went ahead and signed up for [ profile] merlinfemfest! Sign-ups close tomorrow, so if you're like me and you've been dithering, make up your mind quick!

Looking at people's sign-ups and thinking about mine )

Oh hey, I haven't watched any Rizzoli & Isles yet, but I know a few of you have been, so the Rizzoli & Isles Femslash Porn Battle might be relevant to your interests!
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Here are some links to things you have probably seen already if you are interested in these kinds of things! Oh well, I will feel better if I also have them here!

-Fanart: Guinevere of Rohan by [ profile] felix_aeternus!

-Make Something Good by [ profile] sweetestdrain, the Gwen-centric OT3 (Arthur/Gwen/Merlin) vid we've been waiting for! Oh my lovely thoughtful people with their significant looks! ♥!!

-All We Have, a beautiful Treme vid by [ profile] hersluck focusing on the show's main female characters. Also in comments heresluck linked to this article in The Nation, Katrina Is Not a Metaphor by Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

-Meta: Neoliberal Holmes, or, Everything I Know About Modern Life I Learned from Sherlock by [personal profile] magnetic_pole. I found this uncomfortable to read but very much worth reading through to the end.

-There's been some good discussion in the comments to [ profile] heather's post linking to some of these same things about how the issues Maggie's talking about with Sherlock come up in Merlin and some other shows.

-I haven't felt up to watching [ profile] sweetestdrain and [ profile] sisabet's new multifandom torture vid On the Prowl yet, but [personal profile] giandujakiss has an interesting post comparing it to Women's Work and talking about some related issues of the meanings of men's pain versus women's pain in our media - more relevant comments on the LJ side than Dreamwidth, last time I checked. (Remember a couple months ago when we were talking here about female woobies?)

-Oh heck, have an MP3: This Is a Rebel Song by Sinéad O'Connor, from the LP Gospel Oak, 1997. It's not one of my favorite songs of hers but I've been listening to it and singing it a lot for the last couple days so I feel like sharing. cut for Feelings about Sherlock )

-The philosophy of squee by [ profile] cherrybina. I feel a little bit funny about linking to these things together because Maggie and the folks at Heather's post are all, "Let's problematize these shows we want to love!" and Bina's talking about Merlin fandom being her happy place. But I love what Bina's saying about there being room in fandom for us to find what I ourselves and our people. I love seeing her squee about how hot Arthur and Merlin are on my f-list and I also love seeing someone like Maggie or [ profile] zahrawithaz nail down just what that niggling feeling was when I was watching that last episode of Sherlock or Merlin or Doctor Who. (And also I'm with Bina about avoiding anon memes because eeep.)
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Merlin challenges

-[personal profile] lilian_cho and [personal profile] netgirl_y2k are helping me run [personal profile] camelotremix, and signups are going well! I mean, slowly, but we don't need to have a huge number of people, and also I know of a few people who are working on getting their fic listings organized and planning to sign up later. We have some AWESOME writers already though, and other awesome folks who have decided the challenge isn't for them but who are posting about it and spreading the word anyway. Also [ profile] mrs_leary made us some banners so we can start using those as soon as I can figure out the coding. :) Thank you, you guys! I am really happy about this!

-[ profile] camelotsolstice is going to run again! I'll be sitting out this round but yay for more Merlin fic and art! Lots of people should sign up!

-I am seriously considering signing up for [ profile] merlinfemfest! On the one hand, the next few months will be busy between remix modding and serious rl stuffs. On the other hand, Merlin femslash! And again, lots of awesome people's signing up! Makes me want to join in! What do you think?

Ambivalent feelings about fests and timing )

-[ profile] kinkelot is having a tentacles challenge! I think Merlin is a challenging fandom for bringing in tentacles (not like The Faculty or Star Trek or something) but people have managed it and I hope there will be more soon.

-Eeep only three more weeks until the main deadline for [community profile] kink_bingo! (Okay I know it's not a Merlin challenge but I'm writing Merlin fic for it so.) Besides writing I need to get back into podficcing. I've filled a bunch of squares already but I'll be sad if I don't make a bingo.

Other stuff

-Take Me Home by [personal profile] such_heights has all my favorite femslash ships in one happy vid! Suitable for dancing! (Hey [personal profile] gamerchick I think you would enjoy this!)

-Old Spice Man/Merlin parody or fusion or something by [ profile] villainny. Hee!

-I watched episodes 2 and 3 of Sherlock and continued to think they were well done and clever and that Sherlock was really disturbingly hot, and yet I had to sort of put a lot of my politics/ideas aside in order to enjoy the old school slashy vibe, and that was a weird feeling. So I'm okay with the show being over for now.

-I watched the movie Murderball and concur with [personal profile] gamerchick's post about it: it is neat to see a movie about people with disabilities that doesn't follow a traditional script of brave souls overcoming adversity in an inspiring way. This is a movie about badass athletes who do wheelchair rugby and it's, like, not my favorite kind of movie in that I'm not into contact sports or movies about guys being assholes, as some of these guys were, and yet there were parts of this that were awesome and the whole thing kept my interest and I mostly liked it.

-Some other things I have watched/am watching and will talk about in comments if you ask me to: Treme season 1 (♥ ♥), The Wire season 1, half of Legend of the Seeker season 2, most of Leverage season 3, the first two episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Inception (twice).
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Hey guys, what songs do you think of when you think of bound wrists?

[ profile] baranduin wants to fill the "bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)" square on her [community profile] kink_bingo with her first fanvid and is looking for music ideas. The subject would be Evgeni Plushenko, possibly paired with Johnny Weir, so I'd guess references to ice or cold or Russia would also be good, but the main thing is bondage. Please comment with your ideas!

Also, Merlin fans, please help me decide what to do with my "confined/caged" square! Poll on Dreamwidth only because crossposting them is too difficult. (Poll mentions noncon situations but only in a vague way.) ticky box )

Thank you!
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I feel bad that so many of my journal entries lately have been these boring RL things. :/ It makes me embarrassed to friend new people, even, because I'm afraid they'll think I'm self-centered and whiny all the time.

When I complain about rl stress, I feel bad admitting how much TV I'm still watching. But I'm enjoying watching the first season of Legend of the Seeker and rewatching (sort of - I never did watch all the episodes in order so I might run into some I've never seen before) the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn't look very closely at [ profile] swatkat24's Legend of the Seeker pimp post or the Illustrated F/F Edition because I'm a bit spoilerphobic, but I was pretty well convinced by the list of reasons at the top of the first post. Actually I'd been pretty well convinced already by other friends saying the show was like Merlin only more so. It is. I'm liking it a lot, especially the Kahlan parts.

I have these two movies out from Netflix right now, I feel bad for not watching them. I'm sure they're both great and uplifting and all, but they're both long and foreign and just seem too heavy every time I sit down to watch TV lately, so I've been watching these TV shows instead.

I feel bad that I didn't write anything for [ profile] picfor1000. The deadline's tonight and seeing all the new entries going up gives me this little feeling like, "Aw, it's just 1000 words. What if I just rushed and wrote the whole thing tonight? It could be a great adventure!" but that thought usually dies within a few seconds. I suppose I could try to write something and turn it in late, but I never did get inspired by that pic and my creative energy is just really low right now.

I feel only a little bit bad that I haven't written anything for the prompt fest at [community profile] camelot_fleet, since that fest was supposed to be low-stress and I feel like I did my part by compiling and coding the prompts list. I do wish I'd managed to record a podfic though.

I feel okay about not having signed up for [community profile] purimgifts this year. I can still do some reading without dealing with the stress of the deadline or trying to write in a fandom I'm not into (or dropping out).

I really enjoyed this Purimgifts ficlet that went up today: so many colours it nearly broke my heart, by anon, 750 words about the Patil twins.

Here are three fanvids about women that have made me cry in the last month (the first one also made me cry in January but then I watched it again in February and cried some more, so it counts):

-Lullabye for a Stormy Night by [ profile] barkley, the Vienna Teng song and Maria from The Sound of Music. Oh my God.

-Harbor by [ profile] kaydeefalls, more Vienna Teng, about Gwen and the people who love her.

-Wild Child by [ profile] calapine, "a multi-fandom vid for [ profile] halfamoon's celebration of female characters." I went to this on [ profile] zahrawithaz's rec (actually a bunch of lady-centric vid recs in that post - check them out) and I wanted to echo her comment, which is that there are a lot of great "women are awesome" vids out there (as there should be), but it's really great to see the diversity in this one, both in terms of including women of color and in highlighting lots of different ways of being awesome, so there's wielding a gun but there's also being a capable doctor, or supporting your friends, or being curious about the world. I really loved this.
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I really love that [ profile] camelotsolstice kicked off posting last night with the gorgeous Gwen/Morgana artwork Knight. I love that it's getting lots of comments and reading the comments I keep seeing people point out things about the picture that I hadn't noticed before. It's neat that it's so hot even though it's rated G and they're both fully clothed (like, you get to see about as much of Gwen's breasts as in my icon). And like for me the sexiest part is Morgana's armor but for other people it's the placement of their hands and I think for a lot more it's the way they're looking at each other. But just in general wow and yay.

And if you're looking for some more explicit Gwen/Morgana, omg check out [ profile] miakun's The Box!!!
Summary: Gwen discovers a box of kinky sex toys Morgana used with her last girlfriend.
From the kink meme prompt: Gwen/Morgana, spanking
Very sweet established relationship fic but eventually very sexy too!

While I'm reccing, here's an older one that [ profile] kaizoku pointed me to, a really fun vid to a great, catchy song, Not Everything Is Uniform by [personal profile] oltha_heri. It's multiship but tells a story and I love it.

[personal profile] zulu invited me to remix one of her fics so I was looking around and I had a ball reading her House MD/Star Trek Reboot fusion On The Edge Of Night (alternate link).

That was written for [personal profile] roga, and I also really loved Roga's new American Idol/The West Wing crossover Post Lambert, Ergo Propter Lambert, in which the Bartlett White House reacts to the Good Morning America thing.

It's funny because I don't even usually read House or Star Trek or AI or TWW fic, but put them together and I am so there. :D
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I followed a link from [ profile] faynia's journal to this great post by [ profile] cherrybina where people are sharing some of their favorite Sesame Street clips, in honor of the show's 40th anniversary. Here is mine, Grover the singing and dancing waiter at the Spanish restaurant. Beth, I should be over it by now but I still always think of this one when you or anyone mentions Granada. :)

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Earlier today [ profile] ciderpress posted the first Asian Women's Carnival with links to lots and lots of great posts, including [ profile] deepad's new poem The Indian Woman.

Here is a video of another poem on a similar subject (how stereotypes objectify women of color) by the Palestinian American poet Suheir Hammad. It's called "exotic" and you can read the text here.

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As seen on [ profile] speccygeekgrrl's journal, West Wing credits for the Obama administration. :D

Also, here is a neat story I heard on NPR yesterday about a new book called Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to the New First Lady.
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Did you catch Bill O'Reilly on Thursday night's Daily Show? You can watch the whole show here or here but I was especially impressed with the second half of the interview. I mean, it's disturbing how amused Bill is over his own joke about Jon Stewart getting killed (WTF!?), but watch it for what Jon says about American traditions. Oh man I ♥ him so much.

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In an attempt to overcome not-posting inertia I'm passing on this video that I saw on [ profile] schemingreader's LJ, ten minutes of Barack Obama telling funny jokes about himself and John McCain. Whoo! McCain's speech is pretty funny too (with lots of shots of Obama laughing and looking rather handsome). They also say nice things about each other during the last minute or so of their time; don't know how genuine it is but it's a nice change of pace in the middle of such a nasty campaign.

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…Which I don't know how to do, but I'll take it as an excuse to post this awesome George Harrison video:

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Here's a link to a happy-making Doctor Who fanvid: Shine by [ profile] futuresoon, music by Carbon Leaf and images from all four seasons of New Who (so, you know, spoilery to some extent). It has a lot of the Doctor and companions hugging and kissing and smiling and good stuff like that. You can tell [ profile] futuresoon how much you liked it on this post.
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Here's a great music video, R.E.M. on Sesame Street:


May. 4th, 2007 08:29 pm
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A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead

John! George! Paul! Ringo! Zombies! Screaming girls!
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In the Lost fic I posted last night, Charlie listens to the George Harrison song "Within You Without You" over and over again. This is of course because I've been listening to that song over and over again the last couple days. I put on this YouTube video and then open up other windows because I'm not much interested in watching the cheesy animation. lyrics )

I wrote a couple snippets of crackfic in comments to the meme yesterday: Sam says goodbye to Frodo and Merry and Pippin meet Harry Potter. If anyone would like to suggest where that one should go next or even join in with some tigging (you be Harry, I'll be Merry, or whatever) I'd really appreciate the help. Will try to respond to some more of the prompts soon.

Also, here is the link to my [ profile] remix_redux fic, Wherever the Wind Will Blow (Leaves in the Wind Remix). It is Pirates of the Caribbean fic, backstory for young Jack and Bootstrap Bill, based on this story by [ profile] stephantom.


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