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Sophinisba Solis ([personal profile] sophinisba) wrote2010-12-23 09:10 am

Merlin podfic: "Silk" and "Silk (The Strange Magic Mix)"

Title/Author: Silk by [personal profile] glim and Silk (The Strage Magic Mix) by [personal profile] glinda
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Gwen/Morgana
Rating: R
Contains: No standard content notes apply
Summary: It's just a silk ribbon, but it's hers to keep, to value in rare and hidden ways. | It's just a silk ribbon, barely a favour to unknowing eyes, but so much more to them.
Audiofic downloads:
Silk (original) mp3 (1.5 MB, 3:10 minutes)
Silk (The Strange Magic Mix) mp3 (4.9 MB, 10:40 min.)
Silk and Silk (The Strange Magic Mix) mp3 (8.2 MB, 13:50 min.)
Silk and Silk (The Strange Magic Mix) m4b (7 MB, 13:50 min.)
(I recommend the last one for most people!)

Reader's notes: Thanks to the authors for writing, participating in [personal profile] camelotremix, and letting me record these, and thanks to [personal profile] themadlurker for beta listening. I accidentally said or wrote "Remix" in some places even though [personal profile] glinda's title was "Mix." Sorry!

I was thinking I'd just record this without getting any [community profile] kink_bingo credit, for fun and because the remix is one of my favorite Gwen/Morgana fics to have dealt with seasons 2 and (to a lesser extent) 3. But as I was reading them I realized that they both talk a fair amount about the feel of silk and skin and about scents, and that I have a "sensation play" square to fill (and if I do I'll have a new bingo, sort of!). The [community profile] kink_wiki entry on sensation play says,
This category is pretty big and sprawling, largely because almost any kind of feeling could be termed a "sensation," and any manipulation of any of the senses could be termed "sensation play." Which basically means that this kink crosses over with pretty much all the other kinks! In order to make it sensation play, basically all you have to do is focus on the sensation…
That's pretty open, but then again there's not really much "play" or manipulation of the senses going on in these fics. And I don't want to cheat at bingo!

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themadlurker: (tea & romana)

[personal profile] themadlurker 2010-12-23 10:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Downloading the fancy podbook version, yay!
glim: (mrln; g/m; lights)

[personal profile] glim 2010-12-24 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
This is very exciting! :) Will be downloading the one you rec and will be back to comment again once I listen.

Thank you! ♥
winkingstar: Teapot and cups in soft yellow light. ([Tea] tea light)

[personal profile] winkingstar 2010-12-31 07:28 am (UTC)(link)
I just watched the whole series again recently and Zuko is definitely in need of hugs. He is my favorite character. And Uncle Iroh (because I love tea!). ♥