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Well, I think I'm going to sign up for [ profile] springtime_gen, a Harry Potter genfic exchange. Would any of you like to join me? (Or try to talk me out of signing up so I can write something else like I don't know maybe my dissertation?) Writing up my sign-up and thinking about what kind of fic I'd like to read or write reminded me of several HP gen fics I started last summer and didn't finish, so I've taken those out and am now close to finishing two of them. Would any of you like to beta? I could especially use a Britpicker for the longer one (maybe around 2500 words) and someone who knows French for the shorter one (less than 1000 words), though I also have someone I could probably e-mail about the French thing. Yay, writing! This is a nice feeling!

In other news, we are looking for ficlet recs (anything less than 1000 words but not exact drabbles) at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. I know a lot of people on my f-list like reading and writing drabble sets and other short fics. This could be a nice time to give some of those short fics some recognition, rather than the long ones that tend to get recced a lot. :)

When I was going through old entries for that meme yesterday I came across a "don't forget we have this challenge!" post that was meant to go on [ profile] lotr_fic_recs but that I had posted to my own journal by accident. I'd answered three or four comments here and everything and never realized the post was in the wrong place lol.
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Wow, I haven't written any fic at all since I've been home! Not a drabble, not even added a sentence to a WIP! (And I haven't accomplished anything in real life either! Ugh!)

Would anyone like to beta a set of six drabbles about Cho Chang? They're still not quite finished but I'm hoping having a beta waiting for them will give me the extra motivation to finish them off. (Too bad I didn't hear about the International Day of Femslash earlier or I would have tried to post them then.)

Also, I got my assignment for [ profile] tindogs_fic and am excited and (mildly, healthily) freaked out about that. I need to write and post the fic by September 1st and will need a beta at some point but for now just need a Doctor Who buddy/handholder/cheerleader (or two or three). You know, someone I can e-mail to bounce around some ideas, panic when it's not going well, that kind of thing. So far I've been babbling about it to Claudia and as usual she's being very sweet and supportive, but she hasn't seen any of the show, so. :)
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Thanks to [ profile] danachan, [ profile] claudia603, [ profile] lilybaggins, [ profile] aprilkat, [ profile] absolutefiction, and [ profile] mews1945 for making my fics better and for giving me the encouragement I needed to post them, and to keep writing. ETA: Also thank you [ profile] geniusartist!

If there's anyone I've left out, please forgive me but also please tell me. Come to think of it, thanks to all the lovely people who have read and commented on my stories.

In other news, my landlord came and fixed the heat in our apartment today. Hurrah.


Sep. 21st, 2005 08:02 pm
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(I don't know why I keep putting off making this announcement. The thing's been ready for weeks.)

I have pretty much finished a draft of a new fic and am looking for a beta reader. It's still Frodo-centric, still gen, still AU; but it's a good deal longer (around 30,000 words) and darker (doesn't end well) than anything else I've done.

If you think you might like to help me out with this, please leave a comment here or send me an e-mail (sophinisba at gmail dot com). You needn't commit to reading the whole thing, but I can e-mail you a few more details about it and we'll see what we can work out.

Many thanks.


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