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I wrote two pieces for the Reverse Remix comment fest over at [personal profile] bessemerprocess's journal. The way this works is that you list fandoms you can write in and someone else links you to one of their fics and you try to write a quick remix!

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Title: Beginning Partner Dancing (The Teacher's Always a Learner Remix)
Fandom: Community
Wordcount: 577
Rating: G
Characters: Madame LeClair, Troy, Britta
Contains: n/a
Notes: Remix of Beginning Partner Dancing by [personal profile] cantarina. The sensible thing would have been to remix Ca'rina's Troy/Britta fic from Britta's POV but I got sidetracked so this happened instead! Might not make much sense unless you read the original, which is lovely.
Summary: Troy and Britta's dance teacher confronts a class with more men than women.
Links: AO3 | Dreamwidth comment

Title: One Year (The Two Girls Remix)
Fandom: Merlin
Wordcount: 1400
Rating: G
Characters: Gwen, Morgana
Contains: n/a
Notes: Remix of One Year by [personal profile] wintercreek, with a big old rec for that beautiful Merlin friendship fic.
Summary: During her first year as Morgana's maid, Gwen finds out she doesn't have to be alone.
Links: AO3 | Dreamwidth comment


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