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Here's what I did for [ profile] purimgifts, originally posted here over three days. I wrote for [ profile] roga, the challenge mod, who is fond of crossovers. The theme was characters who are women and/or Jewish and/or persecuted by evil viziers, and the last part was what inspired her to put the movie Aladdin on her list of requested fandoms. Each one of these is a little under 1000 words and can be read independently. Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for the beta.

Part 1: Lost/Aladdin crossover
Featuring: Jasmine, Sayid
Rating: G
Title: Flying Carpet Detour )

Part 2: Lost/Buffy the Vampire crossover
Featuring: Willow, Hurley
Rating: G
Title: Willow and Palm Trees )

Part 3: Lost/Pushing Daisies crossover
Featuring: Chuck, Desmond
Rating: G
Title: Lost and Lonely No More )
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Yuletide authors' names were revealed yesterday and now I can tell you about my awesome first-year Yuletider experience. Of all the fandoms I offered, I got assigned to the one I most wanted to write, the movie Children of Men. ramble! ) The fic is Into That Good Night, PG-13 with canon character death and no happy ending. (Merry Christmas!)

Speaking of which, there's another Children of Men fic, not written for me but it could've been, that gives a wonderfully unsettling epilogue for the movie, Please Turn Out the Light (Four Things Kee Lost Onboard the Tomorrow) by [ profile] violacoye.

I also got bit by Yuletide Madness and wrote a filk and two stories in the last few days before the fics went up. I'm sure they would have been better with more time and thought and betaing, but it felt good to make an extra gift for those recipients and it sure was exciting to write so much in so short a time.
*Extended Version of the Rick Springfield song "Jessie's Girl", with added threesome.
*Esperanza, an OC fic just barely related to the movie Saved!
*Homespun, one of many responses to a late request for fics about how Emerson from Pushing Daisies discovered knitting.

I'll go back soon to add authors' names to the recs I made the other day. Thanks again to [ profile] stumbleglitter for Three-Part Disharmony, the great Homicide fic she wrote for me. I was really pleased to see that fic recced lots of places and to know lots of people were feeling the Bayliss and Pembleton love.

In other news, voting is finished for this year's Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards and four of my stories placed:
*He Came To Meet Me got third place in Genres: Romance: General.
*Thirst got Third Place in Races: Hobbits: Vignette.
*Lost in Translation and If I Keep You Beside Me got first and second places respectively in Races: Cross-Cultural: With Pippin.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in both these projects!
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[Backdated to January 1st, actually posting on February 19, 2008]

Title: Homespun
Author: Sophinisba
Fandom: Pushing Daisies
Rating: PG-13? (G + swearing)
Summary: How Emerson discovered knitting
Notes: Written as a Yuletide Treat for [ profile] firstgold in the [ profile] yuletide 2007 challenge. I hate the title of this fic so much, you have no idea. But I was posting just before the deadline and couldn't think of anything else. The story itself I like. :)

the Emerson knitting story )
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Pan's Labyrinth fans! There are two fics in the Yuletide archive. This is another of the fandoms I requested so it's almost like they were written for me. I missed the summary for Dream's Labyrinth so I read the whole thing and left a comment without realizing it was a crossover with The Sandman. *g* Very cool story though, dark and creepy adventures for Ofelia's little brother. Given and Won is a great fairy tale style story that talks about Princess Moanna from the Faun's POV.

There are quite a few fics based on the Hebrew Bible and all the ones I've read have been very good, but my favorites so far have been Tales Told in Egypt, in which Joseph tells his fellow prisoners stories from his family history, and Sweet, Salt, and Bitter, a surprising piece of Rachel/Leah femslash.

More recs: Oscar Wilde RPF, Dead Poets Society, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Smoke Signals, and Pushing Daisies )
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[ profile] trascendenza and I also got assigned to each other in the last round of [ profile] remixthedrabble. She wrote an adorable Jayne/Simon drabble, Thank You (The Proper Remix), from my Thank You.

Here are the two other drabbles I wrote:

Inspector Uhl's Regrets (The Picking Up the Pieces Remix), The Illusionist )

Contentment (The Unenchanted Remix), Brokeback Mountain AU )

And here's what I've written so far at the small fandoms haikuathon. I was planning to post all of mine together at the end of the week but then I realized I could pimp the comm some more by posting now. Really, I am having a wonderful time with this challenge and I think a lot of you would too. It lasts until the 21st. Definitions of both "haiku" and "small fandom" are flexible.

Um, I'm not going to bother with ratings and wordcounts for each of these. The post goes up to maybe R for sexuality.

Brokeback Mountain: Passed On (Mrs. Twist) )
Brokeback Mountain: She (Alma Jr./OFC) )
Everything Is Illuminated: Flower Season (Lista) )
Lost: Message (Charlie/Desmond) )
Mysterious Skin: Hush (Neil/OMC, tanka) )
Northern Exposure: Pheromones (Chris/Joel) )
Pushing Daisies: Modern Love (Ned/Chuck) )

I'm also participating in the Heroes haikuathon. All my Heroes haikus are in comments to that post.


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