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Festivids vidder names have been revealed and I'm still so grateful to Dayln aka [ profile] gigglemonster for making the fabulous Never Let Me Go vid Lifeforms.

I made Let Me Go (not the most fortuitous title, I know) for the 1981 BBC miniseries Brideshead Revisited. Like my recipient [ profile] crowie, I loved this story before I knew what slash was, and it was good to go back and spend some time with it again. B suggested the lovely Kate Rusby song "No Names", and someday I'll make a vid where the picture actually looks nice.

Even though vidding is super hard I am glad I participated in [community profile] festivids! The mods took good care of us and I had a lot of good companionship on Twitter and commenters were generous. I hope it'll work out for me to play again next year, and I hope I'll make another vid or two before then!

And hey, speaking of vidding, calls just went up at [community profile] wiscon_vidparty both for new vids to premiere at the con and themed playlists of 3-6 vids. They need things by May but they'd like to have an idea soon of what/how much to expect. Hey, vids are great and so is feminism, and so is [personal profile] chaila and from everything I here so is WisCon, so this sounds like an awesome opportunity all around.


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