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Hey there, Internet, I could use some help! So I switched from a plain old talking phone to my first smartphone about six months ago and it's been loads of fun, but I still haven't figured out how to download and listen to music or podfic on it. /o\

I used to use an iPod touch and I would take care of all the synching stuff in iTunes, but I can't do that anymore.

I have Google Play/Play Music, of course, I'm pretty sure that came loaded on the phone but I also went to the trouble of connecting my accounts and uploading all the music from my computer to this cloud.

The thing is, Google Play seems to be mostly set up for streaming, which is no use for me. I have a really limited data plan so I want to be able to download things at home and then listen to them when I'm out walking. After I'd had this phone for about four months my sister showed me how you're supposed to be able to download a track by bringing it up in your library and then hitting the pushpin icon (thanks, Google, that was super intuitive) but when I try to do this I always just get the message "Can't download music right now."

Sometimes I manage to navigate to a podfic right on my phone and I think I've downloaded and opened the mp3 from there, but then I need to use another app and when I try to go back to the mp3 it's gone. Safari won't load anything when I'm offline and I don't know where else to look for the file.

Ack I'm super embarrassed to admit that I can't get this when it seems like a really basic thing! I mean the thing is I don't miss it terribly because most of the time I just want to listen to podcasts, and I handle that with another app, BeyondPod, and that works fine. Anyway that is my tale of woe! I appreciate your help, thanks!
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My computer's in the shop for a few days and my iPod touch doesn't work (has never worked, drives me crazy ugh ugh), so if you want me to see something please email.

It's weird how other people's computer woes posts are so boring but when it's your own computer (my own computer) it's like my life turned upside-down. I hate feeling so cut off! And even other things that it occurs to me to do - listen to music, watch a movie, any of that, are things I would normally do with my computer. I don't have a TV, got rid of my CD player last time I moved, etc. Can't charge my iPod without a computer! Argh. What is this you guys I'm being forced to read books!?!

But right now I shall attempt to read twenty porn fics on a university computer. [ profile] summerpornathon participation points, I care about them.

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I wasn't going to get into this fandom you guys I don't even know. I was just going to read some critiques but then last night I started reading fics, and tonight I read some more fics and then I went out and watched the movie again.

The best Charles/Erik fic I have read is You Told Me Again You Preferred Handsome Men, But For Me You Would Make an Exception by [ profile] feverbeats, especially recommended if you were bothered by Charles' arrogance in the movie (which I wasn't especially but still, good fic).

Here are two lovely ensemble pieces also with Charles/Erik, more appealing if like me you were crushing on Charles:

Five Minds Charles Never Read (And One He Did) by [ profile] Leyenn

Five Lessons Charles Taught (and One He Learned) by [ profile] kaydeefalls

I may be running out of things I want to read on the AO3 and will have to start venturing into the kink memes soon. /o\ What I really want to read is all the hurt/comfort in the world, so if you have those recs I will take them.

I do not have any ideas for fics I want to write. That's pretty normal for me - I need to spend a lot of time reading in a fandom before I start writing, and in this case I probably won't, and that's okay. I was thinking I could do some podfic but pretty much every fic does this telepathy business where Charles hears Erik's thoughts and speaks in Erik's mind and, although several friends on Twitter suggested I could handle that in a podfic with filters (reverb etc.), I fear that would end up sounding really cheesy and I just don't want to do it. So for now I'm just reading okay!

And I watched the movie again! )

In other news, I watched the movie Hanna and thought parts of it were really neat, and liked that there was no rape or threatened rape and that she got to keep her clothes on, but was not really satisfied by the story.

Today I bought Photoshop Elements and then realized that I should get the trial version before I opened the box and since then have spent many, many hours waiting for the trial version to finish downloading. At the moment it says it'll take another thirteen hours. :(

For the past month or so the trackpad on my Macbook hasn't been working properly. Sometimes it lets me select text (for copying and pasting, for instance) but often it doesn't. Same thing with trying to drag and drop anything, for instance regions when editing podfic. Argh.

Last week I friended [ profile] summerpornathon and [ profile] teamgreed but forgot to add them to the not-Dreamwidth filter, so I totally missed the challenge announcement on Sunday and get-to-know-you stuff for my team. :( However once I finally noticed on Tuesday I managed to write a ficlet without too much trouble. If I think about it in terms of competition or strategy I start to freak out, but if I think in terms of "First porn I have written since February!" I feel pretty good!
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Can anyone recommend some free photo editing software for a Mac? I don't need to do anything fancy, really, just crop and resize things and add some text to an image from time to time. (Someone recommended Acorn but that's not working out for me at all, ugh.)

ETA: Oops, sorry, didn't mean to disable LJ comments. Attempting to fix that now.
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I was going to make a giant post about how awesome Dreamwidth is, but my computer's giving me trouble so I guess you'll be spared most of that proselytizing for now. :) I'll just link to the latest dw-news post, which has links to some very helpful resources for newbies and a preview of the new update page that they'll be implementing soon. Along with being intensely shiny, I think this new page is a great example of Dreamwidth asking their users what they want, following through, and responding to feedback as they go. (You know, because their business is about satisfying the users who pay for their service, rather than drawing in ad money. *suppresses much longer rant*)

I've got an appointment at the Apple Store in a few hours, no idea whether they'll fix it then, tell me there's nothing wrong and send me home, or take my beloved computer into custody. D: In any case I'll be going out of town this afternoon and won't be back until Tuesday, so even if I get to take my Macbook with me I probably won't be online much. If I don't answer your e-mail or fail to comment on your awesome [community profile] femslash10 story, I promise it's nothing personal!
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Yesterday I unfriended a few people that I haven't had much contact with in the last couple years. If you're still reading and would like me to add you back let me know. Or if you've stopped reading...well then I guess you won't see this post ha ha ha, but anyway if we're not close and you'd like to unfriend me that's fine. All my fic and most of my other fandom-related posts are public.

I think I should friend some more Merlin fans and other people who are fun to hang out with on LJ or Dreamwidth. Any suggestions for people you think I'd get along with?

Mac adjustments are continuing and mostly happy-making. I'm squinting a lot less since I got the Firefox add-on NoSquint that [personal profile] isis suggested. Realizing I could zoom in and out by moving two fingers on my fabulous trackpad has also helped. Read more... )
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[ profile] hyel wrote a great Merlin AU with Gwen and Morgana as pirates, Guinevere of the High Seas, and there's some good discussion in the comments about why Gwen so seldom gets the starring role in fics, even though almost everybody tends to like her. [ profile] aralias talked about this some when she reposted her remix, Fairytale Romance (The Happy Endings Remix).

The Gwen/Morgana Thingathon looks like fun.

[ profile] boxofmagic fics are up with a lovely fic archive. I especially like skin number 2 though I wish there were one page with links to all the fics with their authors. I'm a slow reader and feeling pretty overwhelmed but also happy. two little recs )

In other news, I continue to love my Mac but I have been squinting an awful lot. Read more... )
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Here are three small pieces of computer-related happiness:

27. Computer parts arriving quickly
Sunday I was upset because my laptop battery, which is less than two years old, is such junk that it lasts about fifteen minutes, and my power adapter started getting fussy on Sunday so it had to be positioned just so in order to get it to work. So I sent away for new ones to replace them, and I am happy about how quickly the replacements arrived – the adapter yesterday and the battery today.

grumble )

28. LJ and Dreamwidth stuff
a. ?style=mine is so great! this and preview working on Dreamwidth )

29. Watching TV on the Internet
Sometimes I do downloads but today I will just talk about how much I love legitimate ways of watching TV on the Internet, like and Netflix. If you have a membership with Netflix there are also a whole lot of movies and TV shows that you can watch streaming on the Internet for free. I watched the whole first season of New Who this way and then I was hooked so I watched the rest on DVD. For a long time they only had this set up to work on Internet Explorer but now it works on Firefox too. Hooray! I watch The Daily Show on Hulu and have watched some other shows on their networks' websites, though those tend not to work as well. This works so well for me. The only TV in our apartment is a tiny one with bad reception in my roommate's bedroom, but when I watch on my laptop it's right in front of me and I usually wear headphones and it is just generally really convenient and nice. I love that I no longer have to pay attention to when my favorite shows are on or make sure I record them or whatever. I just go and get them whenever I want to watch them.
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Today I'm happy that it's cloudy and that it has been since Monday. This is the kind of weather [ profile] baranduin likes, I think – cool, with a light breeze, some light rain from time to time. It's not usually my favorite but it's been nice for the sunburn recovery process. The skin on my face started peeling yesterday. My chest is still bright red and hurts, but a little less than it hurt two days ago.

I had a nice time playing with some MacBooks at the store yesterday. I had less fun with the netbooks but that might be because that particular store had very little interest in selling them. The salesperson I talked to was sort of what I think of as a stereotypical Mac guy – like, younger and cooler and better looking than me, not trying to lord it over you or do a hard sell, just really laid back and confident in the knowledge that his computer is a thousand times better than yours. :) I'm thinking I'm going to hold off on buying anything for now (will maybe wait and see how much money I have in late August, also see if the warranty on my old computer is good for anything), but I do want my next computer to be a Mac.
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Okay, I'm doing this:
For every day this month, post about something that makes you happy.
I did this in August of last year and it was great. It got me to post more and when I wasn't online I spent a lot of extra time thinking about things that make me happy and how to talk about them, which helped my general mood. I might not post every day but I intend to post about 31 things. Some of these posts will be friends locked.

Today I'm happy that it's July 1st. When I posted yesterday I was thinking it was July 1st already, but it was only June 30th. This means that I'm less behind than I thought, I have one more day than I thought to write my remix, and I still have time to do [ profile] lotr_fic_recs mod stuff later today. This reminds me of starting daylight savings time in the fall or of finding a five-dollar bill in a coat I haven't warn in six months.

I'm also happy that my f-list is so great and helpful. Like I love that we came here for hobbits or other fannish reasons and since we're friends we help each other out with major life stuff but we can also help with little things like whether you can take knitting needles on a plane and whether owning a Mac will actually make you feel cooler. Thank you!
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This morning I accidentally dropped my backpack that had my beloved laptop Kimiko in it in the street. It's still working fine but one corner of the casing is a little dinged up and some of the paint is chipping off. I just backed up the files on my external hard drive.

I've only had this computer (a Toshiba Satellite) for a year and a half and it's been great for what I need it for but I'm a little worried about how banged up it's gotten. Also its battery only lasts about 25 minutes these days, so it's getting less and less practical for taking places. Of course I could get it a new battery, but I've been thinking about whether I should try getting a new computer instead rather than lugging this one around all the time and worrying it might actually crack up one of these days.

I've been thinking about Macbooks and how pretty they are and how Mac people are so cultish snobbish enthusiastic about them. I've heard they're sturdier, and that would certainly be a good thing. But then I look at the prices and I think, okay, technically I could maybe afford to spend that much money, but how do I justify it when I could get a PC laptop for half of that? Mac people, can you help me?

So then on the other hand I think about these new mini-laptops, netbooks, which are around 3 pounds and $300 and cute. I guess they're mostly supposed to be for the Internet but I could install a word processor on it too, and that would pretty much take care of the stuff that I do when I take my laptop to campus or a coffee shop (reading and writing). Then I could keep Kimiko at home for reading and writing but also watching movies and TV shows, and it wouldn't get so banged up. Anything PC would also probably be more compatible with school/work computers than a Mac. Maybe the small keyboard would make typing on a netbook uncomfortable though, I don't know.

What do you think?

ETA: My eyesight is not awesome. I mean, it's not bad, I wear glasses and they're okay but I still really hate small type and lack of contrast. Does that make a difference? Do netbooks make type any smaller or do they keep it the same size so you just have to scroll more? What's with Apple's website and all the gray-on-white text? Are the computers like that too, when you're doing...operating system type stuff?

ETA2: If you've got all your files on a PC (Mostly Office documents but also PDFs pictures and some videos and other things), how easy is it to transfer them to a Mac?


Mar. 28th, 2008 01:50 pm
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Happy birthday to our dear friend [ profile] shirebound! I hope you're having a wonderful day with lots of friends and hobbits in blankets.

It's a beautiful day here today. Still some snow on the ground but it's sunny and warm and really pleasant for walking outside. I switched from my heavy winter coat to my lighter, cuter one and from my heavy winter boots to my normal walking shoes.

This morning I more than doubled the wordcount on my [ profile] remixredux08 fic and brought it over the 1000-word minimum. It still has a long way to go, but that is such a nice feeling.

I'm having some trouble connecting to the Internet from my laptop so I'm not sure if I'll be around today. Happy Froday, everyone!
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My old laptop sort of stopped working on Sunday. That is, it stopped taking power from its AC adapter yet again. I could have bought a new one from Dell for $50 or so but I have been meaning to replace that computer for a while anyway because it's slow and clunky and annoying in a lot of ways, the biggest probably being that it can't read CDs or DVDs anymore, and since the only TV in the apartment is the tiny one in my friend's bedroom, I have been relying on my computer more and more for watching movies and TV shows. So I went out and got one yesterday morning! (It wasn't as much of an impulse buy as it seems, really. I'd looked into buying a new one a year and a half ago and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.)

My new computer is a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7437 and so far I like it pretty well. It has a nice wide, bright screen and in a few minutes I'm going to try watching Heroes to see how that works. I'm still adjusting to using Vista and Office 2007 (because, you see, I've stuck to my daily writing goals, even with this! Go me!) and having the Delete key way the hell up in the upper right corner of the keyboard, among other things. I've transfered most of my documents from the old one but can't transfer everything because I can't keep the old one on long enough on battery power. So Firefox doesn't have the bookmarks and bookmarklets it should have and lots of toher things still need to be dealt with, but in general I'm very happy with the new one.

My techie cousin who helped me get the wireless network set up asked if he could have the old one to play with and I said yes, so I shall have to remove all traces of the fanfic before Thanksgiving. I'm sure he'll wipe it clean anyway, but I just couldn't stand handing it over the way it is. :)
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I sometimes get stuck in this rut where something happens that feels too huge for me to write about it, but then posting about other random stuff without acknowledging the huge thing also seems wrong, so then I just stop posting and I get very lonely. It's crazy! And it can happen just as easily for good things (last year's Houston moot, after which I didn't post for two weeks) as for bad (Fanlib, journal suspensions omg). So anyway.

Well, it is nice to see [ profile] pornish_pixies back without the strike through their name. The fandom and fiction journals that were suspended are being brought back. I love that [ profile] pornish_pixies replaced all their interests with "the internet's for porn" and are hosting a smutfest to celebrate their triumphant return. And I love that almost every time I refresh the profile at [ profile] fandom_counts, a few more fans have signed up. I love fandom!

LJ not so much. )

I'm very hopeful about the [ profile] fanarchive project and want to support and use it once it gets off the ground, but I'm wondering if I should be putting my fics somewhere else in the meantime. Not that I expect anything to happen to this journal, just that it's nice to have a backup, and I know some people prefer to read on archives.

Also, I can't get the ljArchive thing to work to save my journal on my own computer. I can download the program fine, but when I try to run it it says that it won't work because my computer doesn't have the .NET framework. And I'm supposed to be able to get that from Windows Updates or find the link from the ljArchive site, and it's probably something really obvious but I can't find it and I feel dumb. :( Help? Um, got the NET thing (thanks, [ profile] b_briarwood) but it still isn't working to archive the journal. Eh. Will try again tomorrow.


Jul. 26th, 2006 09:56 am
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I've been having some troubles with my laptop for the last few days. I don't know if it's a problem with the power cord or the battery or what, but the battery won't charge so it shuts down all the time. I'm going to try to finish up a challenge fic on a school computer today, which is a little strange for me. Anyway, if I fail to comment or to respond to comments, that's why. I hope I can get this resolved and get caught up with my f-list soon.


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