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[personal profile] yue_ix and I are starting up an [community profile] uthercentric comm here on Dreamwidth! Post your Uther fanworks in any genre or medium! And please feel free to post or link to older stuff - that's what Yue and I will be doing! De-anon on those kink meme fills and pornathon entries, guys! You are among friends!

The mod of [ profile] utherxtheboys (Merlin/Uther, Arthur/Uther, and Arthur/Merlin/Uther comm) deleted their journal a while back, and we thought it would be nice to have one place that would also welcome fans of Morgana/Uther, Uther/Ygraine, and other ships, as well as Uther gen, solo Uther, etc. Anthony Stewart Head stuff is good too as long as it's with other Merlin actors or related to this part of his life/career.

Oh, and if you're not a regular Dreamwidth reader you can still keep up with the postings by adding the [ profile] uthercentric feed!

Related to my previous post, this was a great week for tentacles in Merlin fandom!
-[ profile] marguerite_26 posted an adorable Gwaine/Merlin-with-surprise-tentacle ficlet, also for the [ profile] summerpornathon/[ profile] kinkme_merlin collaboration
-[ profile] lolafeist posted Some Kind of Strength, a great dark tentacle rape fic with lovely angst and Arthur&Merlin h/c, written for the [ profile] help_japan auction.

And, on the off-chance that you're looking for more Gwen/Morgana period!sex, [personal profile] fitz_y's modern vampire AU (also pornathon/kmm) is delightfully porny and much more upbeat than my dubcon.

In general, if you've been interested in pornathon fills but scared to take on the great wall of porn where everything is mixed together, last week's round is a convenient one because all the entries were posted to their respective prompt threads at [ profile] kinkme_merlin, where the code mice have archived all 71 of them on the ...summer.pornathon.2011 tag, complete with pairing, kink, and warning labels, and prompts that work as summaries.

I am feeling good about being creative and participating in fandom lately! I've written for all 6 of the pornathon challenges and after the confusing first couple weeks I've kept up with the other participation stuffs. I had a really hard time getting an idea for the most recent pornathon challenge ("Happy Endings", no angst allowed) but I wrote something at the last minute yesterday afternoon and at the moment am really happy with it. I've started in on reading this week's entries and am enjoying them way more than I expected to. I've also written a few other short things and made a lot of podfics.

I've filled 17 of my 25 bingo squares and have a something almost ready for #18. Last night I updated my kink_bingo cards and banners (nsfw) post with links to the things I've made and banners for my Achievements so far this round! Looking at them all make me really happy! I am not feeling CONSUMED with a great story I want to tell or anything like that, but I am accomplishing all these little things, getting my participation points, crossing off my bingo squares, and interacting with people regularly. Things are going to get a lot busier in my offline life soon but right now I'm having a really good time here.


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