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One of my first Merlin fics, written a little while after I watched season one, was about Gwen figuring out that Merlin was gay and telling him she was fine with that. I'm so pleased that my [personal profile] camelotremix remixer decided to write another version of that, with lots of Lancelot being a dear and Morgana being fabulous and warm season one feelings. It is called My Friends, They Are So Beautiful (the Belle Epoque remix), and it is awesome.

The last remixes went up last Saturday and the authors' names will be revealed this coming weekend. Some others that I enjoyed a lot are Be Thy Mercies Known (Send Her Victorious remix), which takes a fun Arthur/Merlin + friends party fic and remixes it into something super sad, Danger Zone (The Being Safe is Overrated Remix), a longish Arthur/Merlin high school AU (with magic!) that just has a really nice deft touch, and Falconress (the wind beneath your wings remix), a lovely short post-canon fic about Hunith and Merlin. But I'm sorry to say I've only read or looked at a small fraction of them. What are your favorites?
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In the last couple weeks four different people have made podfics of things I wrote!!!!!!!

[ profile] flammablehat made her very first podfic with Drink His Kiss Down Dry (Merlin/Nimueh, 5 minutes). This is a porny D/s ficlet and she reads it in a matter-of-fact way that I think fits Nimueh very well. I helped show her how to edit so I listened to the raw file and was crazy jealous of how few mistakes she made while she was reading, so I figure she is a natural at this (not that one needs to be) and she and another friend and I have decided to go in on a 4-hour project together. Ha! Anyway, please welcome a new reader to the fold.

[personal profile] leish aka [ profile] quintenttsy recorded falcon and a dove (Gwen/Merlin, 4 minutes). This is quite light and playful and everything I love about my secret OTP, really.

[personal profile] croissantkatie listened to [personal profile] leish's podfic and liked it so much that she decided to repod it! Now this is very exciting in itself because omg transformative works! I wrote that story inspired by [personal profile] yue_ix's artwork rosebud with a flush and to a lesser extent by a commentfic by [personal profile] isabear that was also inspired by yue's work. yue's drawing was in turn inspired by a lyric by John Boyle O’Reilly (and obvs by this show we watch) and it is just this whole universe of connections spinning around and making me very happy to be part of it.

But then also Katie was enjoying that so much that she read a bunch of my other fics and decided to make a whole little anthology of 5 Merlin podfics!!
-falcon and a dove (Gwen/Merlin, 4 minutes)
-Her Balm, Her Bane (Morgana/Morgause, 7 minutes)
-If I Cannot Be Your Queen (Gwen/Arthur, 5 minutes)
-The Opposite of Work (Gwen & Morgana friendship, 5 minutes)
-My Best Kept Secret (Freya/Merlin, 12 minutes)
These are all pretty small but there's also a huge range between them, including one of my first Merlin fics from three years ago as well as three that were dark enough to make me fear I'd lose friends when I posted them (rapist!Merlin wth). Katie takes different approaches to reading them, and some were very close to what I had in my head as a writer while others were very different. Listening to them was thus trippy and emotional and excellent.

[personal profile] cantarina wanted to help me celebrate something that happened offline last week so she asked me for something to podfic and I picked one of my last Lord of the Rings fics Little Illusions (post-quest RosieSamFrodo, 3 minutes). It is quite lovely and might be fun for some of my old friends to listen to even if you are normally not into podfic (there's a streaming link so you don't need to bother downloading).

Also also, for Reverse Remix (which is still going and also has LotR people in it!), [personal profile] netgirl_y2k wrote Sparring Partners, (Forridel/Morgana, 880 words), a wonderful update on a comment fic I wrote during season 2. If you love Morgana you gotta love Netgirl.

♥ ♥ ♥ fandom.
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First of all, fabulous new icon (on LJ anyway - crossposting from the site where I only have six icons is not as awesome as I had hoped) by [ profile] hyel, part of a great set posted here for International Day of Femslash. ETA: Okay, and also fabulous new icon on Dreamwidth. Gosh, thank you so much to whoever just gifted me six months of paid time. I totally did not mean to hint for that but it will be fun and will make crossposting easier, and yay for supporting the site financially. :D

Secondly, yay, I did manage to write an ambiguously femslashy ficlet tonight after all, thanks to the prompts at [ profile] writing_game week 62.

Title: I Know My Place
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Gwen, Morgana, Nimueh
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Words: 300 (150/150)

I Know My Place )

Read In My Place (the synchronised unicorns remix) by the fabulous [personal profile] netgirl_y2k!
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[ profile] trascendenza and I also got assigned to each other in the last round of [ profile] remixthedrabble. She wrote an adorable Jayne/Simon drabble, Thank You (The Proper Remix), from my Thank You.

Here are the two other drabbles I wrote:

Inspector Uhl's Regrets (The Picking Up the Pieces Remix), The Illusionist )

Contentment (The Unenchanted Remix), Brokeback Mountain AU )

And here's what I've written so far at the small fandoms haikuathon. I was planning to post all of mine together at the end of the week but then I realized I could pimp the comm some more by posting now. Really, I am having a wonderful time with this challenge and I think a lot of you would too. It lasts until the 21st. Definitions of both "haiku" and "small fandom" are flexible.

Um, I'm not going to bother with ratings and wordcounts for each of these. The post goes up to maybe R for sexuality.

Brokeback Mountain: Passed On (Mrs. Twist) )
Brokeback Mountain: She (Alma Jr./OFC) )
Everything Is Illuminated: Flower Season (Lista) )
Lost: Message (Charlie/Desmond) )
Mysterious Skin: Hush (Neil/OMC, tanka) )
Northern Exposure: Pheromones (Chris/Joel) )
Pushing Daisies: Modern Love (Ned/Chuck) )

I'm also participating in the Heroes haikuathon. All my Heroes haikus are in comments to that post.
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I just posted my entry for the [ profile] choc_fic ficathon, about the Patil twins from the Harry Potter books. You can read it there (where there's lots of other great stuff being posted all month long) or here. It has SPOILERS for Deathly Hallows.

ETA: [ profile] were_lemur has written a wonderful mini-remix of this fic here, and [ profile] benebu has done a French translation here./ETA

Title: Let No One Put Asunder
Rating: PG
Starring: Parvati and Padma (many pairings mentioned, but nothing explicit)
Word count: 4150
Summary: Parvati and Padma attend a wedding. From this prompt: Reunion after many years apart - Even now, Parvati knows what Padma will say before she says it.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] slightlytookish and [ profile] claudia603 for beta and to [ profile] danachan and [ profile] rubynye for ideas and encouragement.

Let No One Put Asunder )
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Whee! I've decided to hold a personal Firefly DVD-watching and drabble-writing fest this weekend, since I just got my DVDs back from my sister and have a bunch of shiny new prompts. I'll make myself write at least a drabble for every episode I watch. This should be fun!

It's also gay pride weekend and my lesbian crush has invited me to hang out with her at the events, so I guess it might be a busy weekend.

So far I've watched the pilot, "Serenity", and wrote a double drabble and a single one to go with that, plus a loose drabble that I guess takes place sometime after "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Unbetaed, please let me know about any mistakes you find.

Knowing Your Place – Inara and Book, G )
Introduction – Kaylee and River, G )
Moonshine – Mal/Saffron, PG )
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I wrote a set of three drabbles for Pan's Labyrinth, which I saw this afternoon! Friends, please do not read these if you haven't seen the movie! They have big SPOILERS and won't make sense to you if you haven't seen it anyway. (They might also have errors, which you should tell me about. I have only seen the movie the one time.)

Go see the movie though and then come back! :D

[ETA: read the remix drabbles!
of part 2: The Mandrake's Tale by [ profile] lady_smith
of part 3: Invictus. by [ profile] tinheart]

Clean Up This Mess )
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Title: He Came to Meet Me
Pairing: Pippin/Diamond
Rating: mild PG-13
Words: 2270
A/N: This is not written for as part of a challenge but was inspired in part by the [ profile] hobbit_smut "Inside a Song" challenge and by the Hem song "He Came to Meet Me", available for streaming and download here (fourth song down).lyrics under the cut )

Also inspired by [ profile] danachan's Diamond fic, especially The Turning of a Year and the as yet unposted "News of Tolly". My fic is not consistent with Dana's but it does borrow some of her names and is betaed by her and dedicated to her.

This is consistent with my double drabble Diamond and there will also probably be a short sequel, as I don't seem to be able to stop.

Come on, you've been meaning to try new things... )
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[ETA: sixteen, but I won't change the subject heading because I like alliteration.]

For [ profile] capra_maritimus Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew. To make up partially for being pretty lame, this one is also an exact drabble. ETA: Read Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix) by [ profile] exeterlinden! /ETA

Read more... )

For [ profile] absolutefiction, Five Things Casey and His Cousin Did Not Do and One Thing They Did (a few years back)
Read more... )

For [ profile] aprilkat, Five Things Delilah Knows about Casey and Zeke Just from Watching
Read more... )

For [ profile] layne67, Five Ways Zeke Gets Romantic with Casey
Read more... )
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Name: Sophinisba
Title: Gondor Has No Buttons, Gondor Needs No Buttons
Word Count: 5730
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Merry/Pippin, very mild Pippin/Beregond
Warning/s: light bondage
Summary: Pippin learns about a useful feature of the uniform of the Guards of the Citadel. Merry comes up with other uses for it.
Notes: For the [ profile] hobbit_smut "Express Trian to Hobbiton" Challenge. Thanks to [ profile] danachan for encouragement and beta. [ profile] rubynye wrote a wonderful remix of this story, Morning at Crickhollow, for the [ profile] a_conspiracy remix challenge.

Gondor Has No Buttons, Gondor Needs No Buttons )

"Express Train to Hobbiton" challenge | my fic index
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Firefly fans, check out the ficathon [ profile] ana_grrl is hosting here. It's an informal exchange where you can leave or answer as many promts as you want or none at all.

Seeing the announcement reminded me of a ficlet I'd started a while back and I decided to finish it: Jayne/Simon, PG-13, ~690 words, written for prompt #16, (You see, I woke up gay) at the crack!fic community [ profile] wtf27

ETA: Read Is That So? (Process of Elimination Remix) by [ profile] trascendenza! /ETA

You See, I Woke Up Gay )
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I am reposting my fic for the Spring 2006 Frodo Fic Exchange (written for [ profile] ladysunrope) because [ profile] danachan (the beta and a wonderful friend) told me to. Although it's NC-17, it is mostly about Frodo and Merry talking about the quest, so fans of genfic who can tolerate a certain amount of innuendo are invited to stop reading around the time Merry drags Frodo to the bedroom, and pick up again after the second line across the page. Those who are looking for a PWP, on the other hand (Frodo on top, hey), now know just where to go. :)

Title: Family and Friends
Pairing: Frodo/Merry (implied Merry/Pippin, Frodo/Merry/Pippin, Sam/Rosie)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Merry visits Bag End two weeks after Elanor's birth.
Warnings: Post-quest angst. Disregard for monogamy.

ETA: [ profile] exeterlinden wrote a lovely remix of the first scene in 100 words: Spring (The New Leaf Remix)/ETA

Read more... )
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Happy birthday, [ profile] layne67! It's been such an exciting year for you and exciting for us to follow along with your adventures. And hey, if you decided to post some more baby pictures, nobody here would complain. I wish you and your family health, happiness, and hobbits.

My present, however, is unhappy teenagers, one of whom is hurt, neither of whom have any idea that their school's going to be taken over by aliens in six months. Sorry I took so long with this, sweetie!

The request (er, made back in October) was for angsty pre-aliens h/c Zeke/Casey. Let's put this in the spring before the aliens come, and imagine Casey looking and acting pretty much like Casey but also a tiny bit like Sandy from the first half of Flipper (you remember, sullen!Sandy). Along with being pre-aliens it's pre-slash (or gen, I guess), so the PG-13 is only for a little swearing and implied violence (no prettyboys kissing, sorry). 2558 words, unbetaed. Warning: Not much happens. ETA: Read the 500-word remix by [ profile] ibonekoen: Never Figure You Out (The Why Remix)/ETA

Nobody Else )
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ETA: Read the remix by [ profile] emmademarais: Incense (The Honey Remix). /ETA

Okay, I said I'd post this as soon as my friend got back from vacation, and she posted a little while ago, so:

Here is my Firefly ficlet (set of five drabbles) for my RL friend [ profile] gamerchick, who knows a hundred times more about Firefly than I do and who thinks fanfic is silly.

*is not intimidated in the least*

She asked for Jayne-centric and/or Kaylee/Inara. What I've done is a bit of gapfiller for "Out of Gas," in which Book, Jayne, Kaylee, and Inara spend several hours together on a shuttle, and the only thing we find out about how it went is that Jayne thought it smelled funny. Unbetaed because not enough of my friends are into Firefly.

Incense, PG-13 )
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Hurrah! Just set up wireless Internet in my parents' house, so I'm back, and with much reading to do.

In celebration of my newly recovered freedom, here's another pair of drabbles (which I actually wrote back in April). G and gen, although not exactly fluff.
ETA: Read Left Behind in the Lockholes (The Outlook Remix) by [ profile] hyel, written for [ profile] remixthedrabble in October, 2007./ETA.
At the Lockholes )


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