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I stopped watching House about a year and a half ago, I think, but I did use to like the show a lot and I'm interested in watching the finale. Can anybody tell me whether it stands up okay on its own or how many episodes before the end they'd recommend watching? I'd go for three or four of them but probably not the whole season.

links: finales discussions and podcasts )
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Title: In Gear
Author: [personal profile] kass
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Fandom: House
Starring: House/Wilson
Rating: NC-17
Contains: n/a
Author's summary: "House wants to christen his new car."
Reader's notes: For the "vehicular" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
File info: mp3, 5 minutes, 2.3 MB
Links: download at MediaFire or listen streaming:
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Hello, fandom! Here is some kinky femslash podfic for your day (or night, or what have you).

Title: Collar
Author: [personal profile] danwriteskink
Fandom: House MD
Characters/Ships: Lisa Cuddy/Remy Hadley
Rating: NC-17
Contains: established D/s relationship
Author's summary: "Remy thinks Lisa is such a gadget freak, and yet she can't take her eyes off that collar."
Reader's notes: I already filled the "collars" squares on both of my [community profile] kink_bingo cards this round, but I really liked this story, so here is another fill!
Length: 11 minutes
Download Collar from MediaFire or listen streaming:

Title: Come In(to) My Parlour
Author: [personal profile] danwriteskink
Fandom: House MD
Characters/Ships: Lisa Cuddy/Remy Hadley
Rating: NC-17
Contains: spanking, service, established D/s relationship
Author's summary: "Lisa is having a tea-party, and she needs a perky maid"
Reader's notes: This fic won the [community profile] kink_bingo Arbitrary Mod Prize for Best Lifestyle Kink! I'm using the podfic to fill the "domestic/tradesman kink" square on my second card.
Length: 11 minutes
Download Come In(to) My Parlour from MediaFire or listen streaming:
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Title Multi-tasking
Author [personal profile] highlander_ii
Fandom: House
Characters/Pairing: Cameron/House
Rating: NC-17
Contains: d/s, toys, double penetration
Reader's notes: Congrats to [personal profile] highlander_ii for making a blackout at [community profile] kink_bingo! I really had fun reading this.
File info: mp3, 4:35 minutes
Download link: Multi-tasking on Sendspace (temporary link)
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I watched Whip It last week and it was great. Even the things that bugged me about it in the middle worked out in ways that I liked. briefly, with spoilers ) I would ship Bliss/Maggie but I haven't found any, but I did enjoy this Maggie/Pash fic, Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move by [ profile] mazily.

Then last night I rewatched Bend It Like Beckham, which I had just seen once a long time ago. It's similar movie in a lot of ways - the girl's joy in finding out she can do something she loves with other girls, the lying to her parents so she keep doing it, the inevitability of the MOST IMPORTANT THING in her sport happening on THE VERY SAME DAY as the MOST IMPORTANT THING in her family life, and other stuff. Like femslash ) Anyway, that was fun. It was neat to see the girls so young and cute and, well, kind of awkward and amateurish, after years of watching Parminder Nagra on ER and so many other movies with Keira Knightley. Oh, and what a trip to realized that Jess's older sister Pinky (the sort of ditzy one who doesn't care about anything but her wedding) was played by Archie Panjabi, whom I've been fangirling as Kalinda on The Good Wife. The characters couldn't be more different and I seriously wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't gone to look up something else on IMDB.

Hey, I think a lot of you saw [ profile] Philipa_Moss's Yuletide fic Looking Behind Now, in which Tony from BILB meets Johnny and Omar from My Beautiful Laundrette, but did you see that they posted a sequel last month? Bring Your Mother to Work Day is similarly clever and adorable.

So yeah, Kalinda's pretty awesome, isn't she?! And how about that Diane Lockhart?! Actually I love pretty much everyone on The Good Wife except for Peter, and he's okay too. So much chemistry between everybody too. I'm about two thirds of the way through the first season now. The show took a little while to hook me, idk, at first I thought the way they'd do the exposition was awkward and kind of boring. But the characters have really won me over and I've also really gotten to like the balance between the case of the week plot and larger arcs. It's become my go-to show when I'm ready to be entertained (and not challenged too much) for an hour before I go to bed, the way I sometimes watch Law & Order and used to watch House.

(Is it me or has House been really bad lately? Like, a lot worse than it used to be?)

I'm also watching the first season of Community! I don't usually watch a lot of sitcoms but I decided to check this out after all the campaigning for Troy in Fandom March Madness. All those gifs etc. had led me to believe that Troy and Abed were the main characters so it was sort of disappointing to watch the first few episodes, which were so much about Jeff trying to get in Britta's pants. Still, the ensemble stuff is wonderful and Abed is the wonderfullest (I hope he wins March Madness next year!). Besides the main characters, Señor Chang and Professor Whitman make me laugh a lot.

Speaking of people who want to be the guy from Dead Poets Society, [personal profile] cereta had a really great post a few weeks ago on Why I hate "one teacher who made a difference". I also really liked reading the discussions over the last few days in her Grading Hell Theater: Misconceptions post, especially the stuff about what English teachers and professors do in real life and what people think they can/should do.

[A smooth transition,] I am so excited about [community profile] remix_goes_wild, an open-ended challenge for writing lots of different kinds of remixes, for points! I think it'll be really good both for those of us who are remix addicts and also for folks who like the idea but have not wanted to deal with the deadlines, restrictions, and other pressures of the big exchanges. (Actually, I guess I'm a bit of both - I have done a lot of remixes but I decided I couldn't handle the pressure of Remix Redux this year.) Anyway, signups will open on April 1st and posting will be open through the end of the year. You can sign up to write and/or to make your some or all of your fic available to be remixed.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 08:32 am
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Here are some episode reactions, no plot spoilers for Undercovers or Nikita.

[community profile] undercovers, for all you Deamwidth Undercovers needs! There is also a friending meme on Dreamwidth and on LJ!

Undercovers 1x02 )

Nikita 1x02 )

House 7x02 )

Merlin 3x04 )

In less spoilery news, yesterday [personal profile] themadlurker wrote Worker's Rights, an adorable and very funny fic based on my request for Gwen and Merlin commiserating about their jobs. It can be read without any knowledge of season 3, though it fits especially well with the current dynamics. Check out the [community profile] camelot_fleet thread for some great world-building in comments.
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I have brief, non-spoilery thoughts on the last four episodes of House.

too lazy to make separate LJ cuts or look up episode titles )
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Are you guys using Buzz? Should I stay away from it because of privacy issues, or because it's a time suck, or what is going on? Should we be following each other? Where does the content go? Is it like Twitter? I am too lazy to figure this out. Please explain!!

Here is a meme! I did a similar one a few months ago, but hey, why not?

Comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

[ profile] slightlytookish gave me Merlin, Lost, and Doctor Who. My answers have some spoilers, especially for Lost, although I haven't seen this week's episode yet and would rather you not talk about it in comments. :)

favorite characters and stuff )

In other news, I've recently watched the first three episodes of Psych. Shawn is great! The rest of it I like okay, though not as much as Leverage, which I sort of think of as the same kind of thing – fun to watch without making you think too much, cheesy but smart in its own way, plots that get resolved in an hour, a small fandom but big enough to raise some eyebrows when it was included at last year's Yuletide, etc.

I had heard before I started watching that more Shawn/Lassiter gets written than Shawn/Gus, and while I agree with people who say that's completely ridiculous (and probably evidence of racism) considering how married Shawn and Gus are, I've also been impressed at how slashy Shawn and Lassiter have been despite not interacting all that much. I mean, I don't find Lassiter attractive and I don't usually like enemy pairings anyway, but damn.

I loved this week's episode of House!
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I really love that [ profile] camelotsolstice kicked off posting last night with the gorgeous Gwen/Morgana artwork Knight. I love that it's getting lots of comments and reading the comments I keep seeing people point out things about the picture that I hadn't noticed before. It's neat that it's so hot even though it's rated G and they're both fully clothed (like, you get to see about as much of Gwen's breasts as in my icon). And like for me the sexiest part is Morgana's armor but for other people it's the placement of their hands and I think for a lot more it's the way they're looking at each other. But just in general wow and yay.

And if you're looking for some more explicit Gwen/Morgana, omg check out [ profile] miakun's The Box!!!
Summary: Gwen discovers a box of kinky sex toys Morgana used with her last girlfriend.
From the kink meme prompt: Gwen/Morgana, spanking
Very sweet established relationship fic but eventually very sexy too!

While I'm reccing, here's an older one that [ profile] kaizoku pointed me to, a really fun vid to a great, catchy song, Not Everything Is Uniform by [personal profile] oltha_heri. It's multiship but tells a story and I love it.

[personal profile] zulu invited me to remix one of her fics so I was looking around and I had a ball reading her House MD/Star Trek Reboot fusion On The Edge Of Night (alternate link).

That was written for [personal profile] roga, and I also really loved Roga's new American Idol/The West Wing crossover Post Lambert, Ergo Propter Lambert, in which the Bartlett White House reacts to the Good Morning America thing.

It's funny because I don't even usually read House or Star Trek or AI or TWW fic, but put them together and I am so there. :D
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My roommate just let me know that they were talking about Battlestar Galactica and Lost on today's episode of the National Public Radio program Speaking of Faith. I haven't listened to it yet and might hold off until I've finished watching BSG, but in general I like the show for thoughtful conversations about religion so I thought I'd pass on the link: TV and Parables of Our Time, so you can listen or download if you're interested. The guest is Diane Winston, a professor of media and religion at USC, and they also talk about and play clips from House and 24.
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Hello, [ profile] springtime_gen and [ profile] purimgifts writers! I'm sorry for being a little late to post. I've been freaking out a little about having signed up for two challenging challenges at the same time and I had to run away for a bit. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with though, and I hope you're feeling good about the assignment you got.

Harry Potter person: You will have noticed that this is not my main fandom. In fact, this is the first time I've signed up specifically for an HP challenge, though I've ended up writing it a couple times in multifandom challenges. I find HP fandom kind of intimidating just because it's so huge, but I figured this could be a good chance to be a little more social in it. I don't think I have much to add to what I said in my request. I like girls (but also boys). I like fairly realistic fic (but also magic). I like different perspectives on the events of canon (but also Harry's perspective). I am pretty easy, really!

Purimgifts person: I had a great time with this challenge last year and I'm excited about doing it again. I requested a bunch of fandoms so I have a lot of things to say, though obviously optional details are optional… favorite characters and such )

Yay, fic exchanges! Thank you for signing up and for writing for me! I hope you both have a really good time with this.


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