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So, I would like to run a Merlin fandom remix later this year, probably with signups in early August and fics posted in late September. It would be like RemixRedux in that the fics themselves would be posted at the AO3 and you'd need to qualify by having written a certain amount of them already, but different in that it would be just for Merlin FPF and Merlin RPF.

It's possible also that we'd do the matching in such a way that people could specify shipping/genre/rating preferences, whereas the big remix says that if you sign up you have to be able to work with anything in the fandom. Hand matching worked pretty well for us at [ profile] a_conspiracy, but we only had 13 participants there. (I also did hand matching for 78 participants in...a very large number of fandoms at [ profile] remixthedrabble round 6, but I'd rather not do something like that again!) I'd prefer to use the AO3's matcing process if we got more than 30 or so people, but I don't know how flexible that set-up will be since they're still working on it for RemixRedux.

Anyway, that's all a long way off, I just thought I'd mention that general intention in a public post, in case it helps people plan their commitments. Let me know if you're interested in participating or helping out, or of course if someone else is already planning to do something like this. And don't forget that sign-ups for RemixRedux end this Wednesday.

I've spent most of this weekend editing the Merlin pages at Fanlore, hanging out at the Fanlore chatroom and collaborating with some [community profile] camelot_fleet peeps and Fanlore regulars like [personal profile] facetofcathy and [ profile] frogspace. I still find Fanlore editing to be frustrating in a lot of ways but it's helped to have that interaction by gathering to do it as a group. Tonight some of us were talking about giving it another push in a month or so, not trying to work on it all the time or we'll burn out. I think we've gotten a lot of good stuff done this weekend and I'm especially impressed with [personal profile] heathershaped's work on the Gwen character page and [personal profile] ara's on Arthur and Merlin.

If you're curious, you can see the pages I've been editing on my user contribution page. I'd be especially grateful for any feedback or suggestions (either there on the wiki or here on LJ/Dreamwidth) on the Merlin/Gwen and Merlin/Uther pages. They're both pairings I ship and pages where no one else has written anything, so I feel very much like I've just written a "This is why I like this pairing! Here are some of my favorite fics!" but dressed up in fake neutral language. :)
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Title: With a Great Effort He Concealed It (The Shadow Remix)
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Starring: Frodo
Rating: PG
Warnings: Post-Quest angst.
Words: 100
Notes: Remix of The Shadow (100 words) by [ profile] lindahoyland for [ profile] remixthedrabble. Originally posted here. Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for the beta.

With a Great Effort He Concealed It (The Shadow Remix) )
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Title: A Body (The All We Are Remix)
Fandom: Lost
Starring: Ana-Lucia and Sayid
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: violence and swearing; takes place near the end of season 2
Words: 250 (5x50)
Notes: Remix of Lost (477 words) by [ profile] mstatertot for [ profile] remixthedrabble. Originally posted here. Thanks to [ profile] slightlytookish for the beta.

A Body (The All We Are Remix) )
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I don't often read in Buffy fandom but these two short fics caught my eye when I was doing some mod stuff at [ profile] remixthedrabble yesterday and I wanted to spread the word:
-The Next Generation by [ profile] kindkit (640w, rated teen), and
-To Boldly Go (The Remix) by [ profile] velvetmouse (508w, PG)
about Buffy, Dawn, and Joyce as Star Trek fans. Both really clever and fun and also touching, and a great example of remix adding something new to the original. Recommended for anyone who's a fan of fandom and of mothers and daughters. (Spoilers for Buffy and vague ones for Star Trek Reboot.)

Also here are two Merlin fics that have recently delighted me:
-A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies) by [ profile] netgirl_y2k (3,381w, gen with light shippiness), in which the OT4 fight zombies, Morgana in her nightie and Merlin armed only with cookware.
-For the Love of Arthur’s Armour by [ profile] slightlytookish (479w, rated G), in which Arthur gets jealous of how much attention Merlin pays to Arthur's chainmail.

Since my yoga class Monday night I've been entertaining myself dreaming about a Gwen-centric health club AU. I'm too lazy to actually write it but I still wanted to share the set-up. cast of characters and so on, no spoilers )
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It's rarepair femslash day at my journal! \o/ I'm reposting my remix of [personal profile] woldy plus two more of the ficlets I wrote for the [community profile] camelot_fleet party last weekend. Here's a screencap of Forridel for reference – Merlin meets her in just one scene of episode 2x03. My two fics about her are not compatible with each other.

Title: From Darkness (The Witches Will Be Dangerous Remix)
Pairing: Nimueh/Morgana
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for 1x13; (skip) Canon character death.
Words: 400
Notes: Remix of The Line Dividing (1700 words), by [ profile] woldy for [ profile] remixthedrabble. Originally posted here. Titles from the Adrienne Rich poem "From an Old House in America". Thanks to [ profile] slightlytookish for looking this over for me.
From Darkness (The Witches Will Be Dangerous Remix) )

Title: Sparring Partners
Pairing: Forridel/Morgana
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: AU of 2x03, no warnings needed
Words: 810
Notes: For [personal profile] woldy's prompt "steel and/or whispers", originally posted here at [community profile] camelot_fleet.
Sparring Partners )

Title: Here and Now
Pairing: Forridel/Hunith
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None; takes place after 2x03 but not very spoilery.
Words: 1230
Summary: In exchange for telling him how to find the druids, Forridel insisted Merlin tell her how to find a safe place to hide.
Notes: Inspired by a conversation at [community profile] camelot_fleet and originally posted here.
Here and Now )
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Title: And You, My Love, Are Gone (The Promise Not to Promise Remix)
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters/pairing: Suzie/Toshiko
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers only for episode 1x01, dark like Torchwood is dark.
Words: 200
Notes: Remix of And You, My Love, Are Gone (726 words), by [ profile] allfireburns, for [ profile] remixthedrabble. Originally posted here. Title and cut text from the Ingrid Michaelson song "The Chain".

So glide away on soapy heels, and promise not to promise anymore )
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Hey you guys, I've been remixed again! Three times, even! I'm so happy with all three of them:

Slivers on Your Tongue (The Two Worlds Remix), a remix of my genfic about Bill Weasley and his daughter Victoire - hey you multilingual kids and folks from bicultural families, have some great angst and love in just 100 words!

Tom (The Merope Remix) is subtle and haunting love potion fic and I think works really well on its own, even if you haven't read my over-the-top original (which I really wish I'd given a better title than "Merope" omg).

Done Dreaming (Calling Him Home Remix), old-fashioned Gwen/Lancelot LOVE hooray! - For this one I do recommend reading it along side my Done Dreaming because they're both dribble-drabbles and I just love the way they fit together.

There are some more fics going up tonight and tomorrow and then a little more time for reading before the reveal on Monday. All of them could use a lot more love, so if you've got a few minutes do check out the tags or the index posts at the top of the comm and have a look around.
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Posting has started for [ profile] remixthedrabble Round 7! Today [ profile] amathela posted the listing for Whoniverse and Jossverse. More fandoms coming throughout the week.

There are a bunch of other things I've been meaning to post about, but then there's also the need to sleep, so I guess I'll leave it there for now. Yay, drabbles! Yay, remix!
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Whee, [ profile] remixthedrabble assignments went out late last night! I got five different assignments and only one is an author I've remixed before. Besides that, it looks like I'll be writing in at least five different fandoms. Maybe more, because, omg crossovers! :D :D I started reading two people and have written 50 words of a remix that wants to be way more than 500, but having that limit there is probably a good thing, especially if I want to write five of them. Yay!

[ profile] camelotsolstice will also be going out later today! I am nervous and excited!

Since I'm looking at strangers' journals I suppose other people are or will be looking at mine in the next few days. *waves* Remixers, go crazy! Remixes are one of my favorite things in the world and I am not protective about pairings, endings, interpretations, etc. I hope you have fun.

Camelotsolstice person, you too! Please don't feel tied down by the prompts I gave in my sign-up. I wrote those down because I had to give something and becaues they're things I've enjoyed in the past, but I could go for something to do with new episodes or just about anything. Also I didn't give an Uther/Merlin prompt because it's my secret kink pairing, so any scenario with them would be fine. *blushes* When I was doing the sign-up I kept changing the order of the pairings I listed because I seriously don't know which one I want most, so do put Merlin in it please but pair him with whomever and write the story you want to write, and I'm sure it will be awesome. ♥
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Faculty fans, have you signed up for C/Z Trick or Treat? It looks like a lot of fun, just claim one of the horror movie titles on [ profile] aliensouldream's list and write, draw, or otherwise make something with it and and with Casey and Zeke for October 31st.

[ profile] remixthedrabble still wants you, whatever your fandom of choice. Sign-ups close Friday.

Almost halfway through September and so far no one's recced any birthday-themed fics at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. Are you all waiting for the 22nd? Okay then, I trust there will be a fabulous reccing party then.

I went to the Merlin multishippers party at [community profile] camelot_fleet again this weekend but didn't get any fics written, which made me sad, and I didn't really socialize as much as I'd hoped. On the other hand, I did inspire others to great works by giving them prompts, so I guess it's still a good thing I was there:
There are many other fics and drawings and great discussions in the comments, with links collected by [personal profile] heathershaped posted at the post-party Roundup.

In other news, I'm feeling lonely in rl and online and I know a link post isn't the way to overcome that. I, um. Hello? What did you do this weekend? What are you reading? What are you writing? Have you seen any good movies lately? Do you find it easy or hard to meet new people when you get into a new fandom? Have you tried editing Fanlore and what were your experiences with that? How are your cats doing? How are you?
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Yay, round 7 sign-ups are open at [ profile] remixthedrabble and will be until next Friday, the 18th. This round will be run by [ profile] amathela with help from [ profile] amory_vain and me, and will be more similar to round 5 than the Drabble Purist Round I did over the summer: more flexible wordcount rules and no anonymous posting, though I think Amathela is planning to spread out the posting over several days or a week again. Once again it's non-reciprocal, so you can sign up to write even if you haven't written much before or aren't comfortable with being remixed, and you can sign up to make your fic available even if you don't have time to write 100 words by October 15.

I'm happy about the timing on this (though it was mostly coincidence), that round 6 worked as kind of a warm up for a lot of us before RemixRedux, and round 7 can be a short easy challenge before most of the big holiday fests.

As with previous rounds, it will be awesome and fun and you should totally sign up! (Especially you hobbit and Merlin people because I want to get to remix you!)
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I made my last post private because I don't want to talk about Torchwood even in a vague way until after I get caught up. Thanks for the quick, helpful, and non-spoilery information, f-list! ♥

Today I'm happy that I finished a draft of my [ profile] remixredux09 fic and sent it to beta! She will probably have time to read it on Saturday and I will have time to revise and post before the deadline Sunday night. Hurrah!

I can't say I'm really happy with this story at the moment, but then challenges are like that. I'm uncertain about my writing and really worried about disappointing my remixee. :(

OTOH, remixing in general (or at least remixing in theory) makes me very happy. Remix squee! )
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Title: Walkin' After Midnight (The Slow Dance Remix)
Fandom: Firefly
Character: River
Rating: G
Words: 100
Warnings: none
Notes: Remix of Walkin' After Midnight by [ profile] lotus0kid (scroll down to #10) with references the Patsy Cline song of the same title. Written for [ profile] remixthedrabble round 6 and previously posted here.

Walkin' After Midnight (The Slow Dance Remix )
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Title: Wonderland Tour (The Morning After Remix)
Fandom: My Beautiful Laundrette
Pairing: Omar/Johnny
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100
Warnings: (skip) Underage sex and alcohol use, mention of racism.
Notes: Remix of Wonderland Tour (Last) (f-locked) by [ profile] theswearingkind, written for [ profile] remixthedrabble round 6 and previously posted here.

Wonderland Tour (The Morning After Remix) )
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Yay! Have posted the masterlist at [ profile] remixthedrabble and then gone through and edited all 150 posts to add in the authors' names. (omg.) I feel good about how the challenge went. Will probably repost my own fics here soon but for now I want to say thanks again to the three lovely people who remixed me:And now, here is a meme that I saw at [ profile] lady_ganesh's journal and that I found challenging:

List 10 (or however many) platonic male/female relationships in fiction that you enjoy. Read more... )
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Did the last fic update until Sunday's author reveal at [ profile] remixthedrabble today and it seems I didn't forget anything this time because nobody has e-mailed to ask why their drabble didn't get posted. Hooray! Also, another remix of my fic went up! I was so thrilled that a certain Mystery Author (whose name I know but won't say just yet) decided to remix "Just to Keep It", a short fic I wrote for Yuletide 2008 for the book and movie The Hours! Go read Just to Keep It (The Hindsight Remix)! It's a remix of a fic about a minor character who appears in only one scene of a book that no one else has ficced! It is full of regret and beauty! ETA: It is by [ profile] theswearingkind!

Here are some of my other favorites from what I've read so far, in no particular order. I know who some of the authors are but have forgotten others. I am editing it after the reveal to add the authors' names.
I am also really pleased that I've heard from all three of the people for whom I wrote remixes and I think they were all pleased, or at least they had the decency to pretend to be. :) And the most enthusiastic comment was on the drabble I was most excited about myself, so that made me feel really good. More on remixthedrabble and remixredux09 )
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More fics are up at [ profile] remixthedrabble, including Firefly and Doctor Who fandoms. The index posts are at the top of the page and there are fandom tags in the sidebar.

Here is something else neat: the Drabble Tree at [ profile] slytherin100. There are more than 100 100-word drabbles (all involving at least one Slytherin character) in the comments. To join in, take the last phrase of any of the drabbles and use it as the start of a new drabble (which can be about the same characters or other ones). I'm not that much of a Slytherin fan but I love the idea and I've written one so far, have started a couple others. The game is open through June 21st, and next month there will be a multifandom one at drabbletree on Dreamwidth.

I wrote a few Faculty ficlets for old times' sake: a drabble and 2 150-word ones (3 paragraphs of 50 words each). The prompts are from this post at [ profile] writing_game.

Slow Ride – 100w, Casey/Zeke, PG-13 )
Limits - 150w, Casey/Zeke, PG-13 with consent issues )
Chicago -150w, Stokely/Stan, angsty G )
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[ profile] browngirl, thank you for your postcard! It had just the intended effect!

Also, today is a beautiful day outside in real life. I went out for a short walk earlier but I should go for another. I've spent most of the day inside with my computer, partly because a new BSG disc came in the mail (yay!) but mostly occupied with mod business.

I started posting fics at [ profile] remixthedrabble today! One post for Dresden Files, Good Omens, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight and one for Horation Hornblower, Master and Commander, and Pirates of the Caribbean! Each remix exactly 100 words (unless someone counted wrong)! remixthedrabble and remixredux09 talk )
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I wrote my third and final drabble assignment for [ profile] remixthedrabble today, though I'll probably end up doing a couple pinch hits next week. It felt good to get that done. mod chatter )

I'm excited that [ profile] aliensouldream is going to try taking over Tweaked Fiction, the old Faculty fic archive, something I tried and failed to do a year and a half ago. Also I wrote a Faculty drabble-and-a-half this evening. I'll post here when I get through my 20 points at [ profile] writing_game or when a new game goes up.

[ profile] baranduin, [ profile] melusinahp, and others who get annoyed by excessive use of present tense in fic, you might enjoy reading this.

I'm two episodes in to the second season of Battlestar Galactica! I love it so much. I...find I don't have much else to say. I think it must be really hard to write fic for this show, especially when it was going on and you were still finding out things about the characters (as with early seasons of Lost) but also because (unlike Lost in my experience) you trust the writers and their way of revealing things when the time is right. Even if it hurts! I don't know, I'd just be afraid to interfere. Watching it though is fantastic. I think I'm going to watch one more episode tonight and then watch a fourth tomorrow afternoon and get the Netflix disc in the mail again before the post office closes. :)
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I've really been enjoying the drabbling I've been doing for [ profile] writing_game this week. I think their rules work better for me than [ profile] fanfic100 and similar comms because there is a structure and an order (which keeps it from being, like, "Do whatever you want," which would lead to me not doing anything) but they allow you to switch fandoms periodically, which means I don't get sick of what I'm doing and it helps me get remixable in more fandoms quickly – not that I've ever seen anyone offer to write Children of Men at a remix. :) I get a nice feeling of accomplishment from getting points and moving through the game, which I think helps keep me from getting anxious the way I usually do about whether they'll get comments.

[ profile] remixthedrabble is going well, I think! A few people have already sent in their submissions and I've seen on a few people's journals that they're making progress. So far I've written two out of the three drabbles I signed up to write and I have an idea of what to do for the third. I have been a strict mod and sent back a 96-word submission as unacceptable! (Google Docs apparently has a wonkier word counter than Microsoft Word.) So far it's been fun. I suppose the stress will come right at the end when a ton of submissions are coming in at once and we find out how many defaulted. But I put in a few days' leeway before we need to start posting, and of course this is a pretty easy thing for a pinch-hitter to do quickly.

I did an f-list trim this morning. I'd never really done that before! I mean, I'd occasionally cut one or two people before but this was actually going through and like, tidying up, noticing the people who'd unfriended me without my noticing, and a couple people who've stopped posting or whom I haven't communicated with in years. I unjoined some communities. It felt kind of nice, to tell the truth. (But if you think I've made a horrible mistake by cutting you, do send me an e-mail and we'll talk.) I've also friended a few new people recently. *waves*

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my Dreamwidth account. I think I want to import my LJ there before I start crossposting, and I want to wait until the mass screening of imported OpenID comments thing is available before I import. Also, I want to wait until they offer some journal layouts I like or make customizing layouts really easy before I start using it a lot. For now though I've got a reading list and I read it most days. Maybe when I start crossposting from Dreamwidth I will quit crossposting to InsaneJournal.

I also have a Twitter account. I don't really "get" Twitter but I've been trying to use it more, so, you know, if you're very curious about what TV I'm watching any particular evening or whatever, there's that.

Another thing I use inconsistently is Delicious. For a little while there I was being sort of conscientious about bookmarking the awesome Merlin fics I was reading, but then I got lazy and now it don't usually think of it. If anyone would like to explain to me what a Delicious network is for and how to use it I would appreciate that. Maybe if I can think of it as a social thing I'll remember to do it more often.

I've fallen behind both with reading and reviewing for [ profile] 50books_poc! I'm up to 18 books now which is almost on track for doing 50 in the calender year, but I've only finished one book so far this month and I haven't reviewed that or the four I read in April. :( Anyway, Jackie Kay is awesome -- I just finished a book of her short stories called Wish I Was Here and I loved it, though not as much as her novel Trumpet, which I read in March. Am close to finishing The Golden Road, a memoir by Caille Milner, which is pretty good although not as good as I thought it would be when I was on the first chapter. I'm only a little way into Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father which is seriously great. I mean, I had heard it was well written and insightful and everything and we all know he's a smart man, but the writing is seriously beautiful and I'm enjoying it so much.


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