Jun. 19th, 2011 02:26 pm
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-I posted a paragraph about the Brazilian movie Madame Satã over at [ profile] lgbtq_recs. I also made this icon (Dreamwidth only) for Leonera, the movie I recced last week. I've been having fun playing with Photoshop over the last few days and making some Treme icons for [community profile] kink_bingo. (I had also intended to finish a long-ish podfic before the [community profile] amplificathon deadline tomorrow but I haven't felt like working on it, so I haven't.)

-omg [ profile] summerpornathon! Over 56,000 words of sex toy fic by 78 different authors written last week and posted on Friday. So far I've read and voted on one of the three sets of 26. Almost all the ones I read were really good! Fun and hot and inventive and with a lot more variety than I was expecting. Still, I feel so overwhelmed, and I have no idea what to say at any of the party posts, eep, so shy and not wacky enough! And the new challenge just went up, and of course it looks awesome (kink grab bag!) but also eep!

-The June 10th edition of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour starts off with a discussion of X-Men: First Class. Not an especially substantive one, but as with most episodes it made me laugh and made me happy. They also talk about all the awful previews they (and I - twice!) saw before that movie, and about the recent silliness over whether YA fiction has gotten too dark. Could be a nice introduction to the podcast if you haven't listened before.

-I think people who are interested in the subject have already seen [personal profile] thingswithwings's new vid The Price and accompanying thoughts on manpain, but, well, here are those links again! As someone with a long history of enjoying watching men cry over their guilt (ha ha she used so many of my favorite Mulder moments) I have many reactions and feelings! Which I probably won't post about, but the reading and processing has been good. Someone also linked me to [personal profile] cesperanza's reaction post The Missing Link, where my friend and I agreed that Ces makes some smart and interesting points on her way to a conclusion we totally disagree with. :) Good discussion in those comments too - a nice treat to see people with different perspectives making a real effort to understand each other.

-Man, I'd love to read some good meta about manpain and the new X-Men movie, especially if someone wanted to put it in conversation with [personal profile] marina's post about Erik as a Holocaust survivor and/or [personal profile] happydork's less impressed post about that, and idk a bunch of other good meta that I haven't read. That is a post where I would lurk like whoa.
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Listen you guys, it's really important that you go to the Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness Round 2 post (with your legit active LJ account) and make good choices about voting for the awesomest characters, especially in races that are close. Buffy and Olivia are doing fine in this round but will probably need your support soon. I have conflicted feelings about Annie versus Merlin so I won't tell you what to do there.

But it's important that you VOTE FOR GUS. He is polling behind right now but you can make the difference and keep him in the running.

And above all it's VITALLY IMPORTANT that you VOTE FOR SCULLY. I was writing this a few minutes ago and she was ahead by nine votes, but now she is behind. D: D: D:

Look, you guys know I love the Eleventh Doctor a lot, but where would any of us be if it hadn't been for Scully? Scully is the bestest ever. As someone wisely said in comments to round one, a vote for Scully is a vote for all women in scifi.


Oh and also, speaking of Gus, [personal profile] themadlurker told me that she's now listened to all the Psych podfic in the Audiofic archive. There needs to be more, Psych fans and podficcers! I have done a couple and I honestly think they're more fun to read out loud than any other fandom I've tried. If you've been thinking about making a podfic, consider making it a Gus/Shawn podfic!
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Did the last fic update until Sunday's author reveal at [ profile] remixthedrabble today and it seems I didn't forget anything this time because nobody has e-mailed to ask why their drabble didn't get posted. Hooray! Also, another remix of my fic went up! I was so thrilled that a certain Mystery Author (whose name I know but won't say just yet) decided to remix "Just to Keep It", a short fic I wrote for Yuletide 2008 for the book and movie The Hours! Go read Just to Keep It (The Hindsight Remix)! It's a remix of a fic about a minor character who appears in only one scene of a book that no one else has ficced! It is full of regret and beauty! ETA: It is by [ profile] theswearingkind!

Here are some of my other favorites from what I've read so far, in no particular order. I know who some of the authors are but have forgotten others. I am editing it after the reveal to add the authors' names.
I am also really pleased that I've heard from all three of the people for whom I wrote remixes and I think they were all pleased, or at least they had the decency to pretend to be. :) And the most enthusiastic comment was on the drabble I was most excited about myself, so that made me feel really good. More on remixthedrabble and remixredux09 )


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