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As I had hoped would happen, [personal profile] frigg (so much more knowledgeable about Merlin fandom than I) has left an awesome long comment on my recs post from yesterday, including a bunch of additional recs and links, and thoughts about visual representations of subby Arthur. Do check out the comments if that's something you're into! And turns out there's a whole [ profile] arthur_submits comm on LJ that I didn't know about! Maybe I will post a link there and more people will comm and share their recs. (Or maybe I will be too shy.)

Speaking of LJ comms, [ profile] camelot_knights is running an Elyan Week starting tomorrow!

Elyan Week will run from Monday 24th January - Sunday 30th January at [ profile] camelot_knights!


Monday: Prompts
Tuesday: Icon Pool
Wednesday: Picspam
Thursday: Discussion
Friday: Kink Meme prompts
Saturday: Shipping
Sunday: Free for all!

Click the banner for the prompting post, which is already open!

There is also a new Porn Battle running at [personal profile] oxoniensis's journal now through February 3rd, with zillions of prompts in Merlin and many other fandoms, and a separate listing for prompts featuring characters of color. It is open to everything porny including fic, art, vids, and songs. (I've always found the Porn Battle kind of overwhelming with all the prompts and intimidating with the injunction to create hot porn, and I've never written anything for it, but maybe if I look at some of the smaller fandom prompts I'll come up with something.)

Being Human season 3 started/starts tonight whoo! And wtf I don't have a journal tag or any icons for it. Well, I guess I watched the first two seasons really quickly and not while they were airing so I never really talked about it. But this is one of my favorite shows! I can't wait to watch!

I notice that almost all my posts lately are either fanworks or cheerful links to fanworks and challenges, and I haven't been making many f-locked posts. I have been feeling mostly good about my writing (three fics already this month, two of them longer and porny! After only four shorter fics in the previous four months) and podficcing lately and not as good about the rest of my life. I will say though that today I did a load of laundry and washed ALL the dishes, so those are two things to feel good about.

ETA: Oh gosh I forgot to say [community profile] festivids!! That was my whole day yesterday, alternating tears of heartache and squeals of squee! (I should go back tonight and maybe that will put me in a better mood.) Well, I will try to do a separate recs post later but look just go check out the masterlist and luxuriate in the vids! And [personal profile] claudia603, the one Homicide vid is Lewis-centric and it's wonderful.
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So much happy small fandom reading! Here are my favorites from what I've read so far this Yuletide - several are for fandoms I've requested in the past or would have requested this year, and the fics have all the things I love - it feels almost as if they were written for me! I hope you like some of them too!

West Side Story, Treme, The Wire, Homicide, Law & Order: SVU, Bend It Like Beckham/My Beautiful Laundrette, The English Patient, The Little Mermaid )
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Happy birthday [personal profile] thingswithwings! I know that like most of us listeners you prefer long podfics, but as a reader I prefer the ones that I can record in one sitting and without causing my computer to crash! So I did a bunch of short ones, and [personal profile] such_heights also did one, and I put them in a podbook! This way you get an hour and seven minutes in six different fandoms without a lot of downloading hassle.

Happy Birthday, Thingswithwings (with pictures from 6 fandoms)

Readers: [personal profile] sophinisba and [personal profile] such_heights
Fandoms: Psych, anthropomorfic, The Little Mermaid, Homicide: Life on the Street, Leverage, Like Water for Chocolate
Download links: m4b at Audiofic, mp3 at Audiofic

Notes and links to individual mp3 files are below the cuts!

Gus Goes for the Gold Star by liviapenn (Psych), read by such_heights )
Stargaze by toft (Psych) )
There's No Backing Up Now by themadlurker (anthropomorfic) )
Now, the Matter by rubynye (The Little Mermaid) )
three-part disharmony by bossymarmelade (Homicide: Life on the Street) )
The Pie Job by thingswithwings (Leverage) )
La Adelita by eruthros (Like Water for Chocolate) )

Let me know if you come across any broken links or other problems with this post!

ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] dodificus for adding these to the Audiofic Archive!
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You guys, I wrote inaugural fic!

Fandoms: Homicide: Life on the Street, The Faculty, Doctor Who, Harold and Kumar, Heroes
Rating: G to PG-13 (gen)
Words: 2295
Note: Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for taking a look at this last night!

Five Families Who Watched the Inauguration of the 44th American President )
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Title: Interruption
Fandoms: The Sentinel/Homicide: Life on the Street (omg)
Starring: Jim and Frank (probably more for Frank fans than Jim fans)
Rating: PG + swearing
Words: 574
Notes: Totally and completely [ profile] claudia603's fault. Also I have only seen two episodes of TS.

Interruption )
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I'm not feeling very well today so I think it's a good day for staying in bed and posting a time-consuming meme. I saw this on the journal of someone I don't know, [ profile] anneliese.

I've made a list of 10 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?" "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?" "What would 2 and 7 do if they discovered buried treasure?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which.

Hint: They are from ten different fandoms (all of which have been mentioned at some point on this journal) and may include real people.

1. Monica Dawson (Heroes), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
2. Sam Winchester (Supernatural), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
3. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
4. Rose Cotton (LotR), guessed by [ profile] dreamflower02 (with help from [ profile] claudia603)
5. Rose Henderson (Lost), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
6. Detective Frank Pembleton (Homicide), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
7. Luna Lovegood (HP), guessed by [ profile] schemingreader (after [ profile] gamerchick drew out the clues)
8. Viggo Mortensen (Lotrips), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
9. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
10. Zeke Tyler (The Faculty), guessed by [ profile] claudia603

I'll fill in the names as people guess them.
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Yuletide authors' names were revealed yesterday and now I can tell you about my awesome first-year Yuletider experience. Of all the fandoms I offered, I got assigned to the one I most wanted to write, the movie Children of Men. ramble! ) The fic is Into That Good Night, PG-13 with canon character death and no happy ending. (Merry Christmas!)

Speaking of which, there's another Children of Men fic, not written for me but it could've been, that gives a wonderfully unsettling epilogue for the movie, Please Turn Out the Light (Four Things Kee Lost Onboard the Tomorrow) by [ profile] violacoye.

I also got bit by Yuletide Madness and wrote a filk and two stories in the last few days before the fics went up. I'm sure they would have been better with more time and thought and betaing, but it felt good to make an extra gift for those recipients and it sure was exciting to write so much in so short a time.
*Extended Version of the Rick Springfield song "Jessie's Girl", with added threesome.
*Esperanza, an OC fic just barely related to the movie Saved!
*Homespun, one of many responses to a late request for fics about how Emerson from Pushing Daisies discovered knitting.

I'll go back soon to add authors' names to the recs I made the other day. Thanks again to [ profile] stumbleglitter for Three-Part Disharmony, the great Homicide fic she wrote for me. I was really pleased to see that fic recced lots of places and to know lots of people were feeling the Bayliss and Pembleton love.

In other news, voting is finished for this year's Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards and four of my stories placed:
*He Came To Meet Me got third place in Genres: Romance: General.
*Thirst got Third Place in Races: Hobbits: Vignette.
*Lost in Translation and If I Keep You Beside Me got first and second places respectively in Races: Cross-Cultural: With Pippin.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in both these projects!
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I want to come back later with more Yuletide recs, because there are so very, very many great stories up there and I've only dipped my toes in to reading so far, but I do want to tell you about the one that was written for me, Three-Part Disharmony. This is a gen fic starring Rangers Detectives Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss from the TV show Homicide: Life on the Street. I have no idea who wrote this, but they did a fabulous job. It reads like a couple scenes cut out of the show, really true to the characters and their voices, and it still gave me a new way of thinking about their relationship. Besides that they included every little thing I'd asked for (as in, I thought maybe a story about this, or about that, or about this other thing, but this story worked in all of them!), including appearances from my other favorite characters. It made me really happy.

Friends, I am not just reccing this to be polite! I really think those of you who know the show would enjoy it a lot!

And if you don't know Homicide, you can try searching the archive for your favorite small fandoms. There are over 2000 stories this year in 732 different fandoms. Is that not amazing?! Happy Yuletide!
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[ETA: If you are my [ profile] yuletide author trying to find out more about me and my tastes, please don't pay too much attention to this one! It was written based on someone else's kinks. :)]

Title: The Box
Starring: Frodo, Detective Meldrick Lewis, Detective Mike Kellerman
Rating: PG
Words: 1266
Warnings: unbetaed, nonsensical LotR/Homicide crossover crack!

The Box )
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Now that the remix is over, I guess I felt the need to have more stress in my life inspiration to write, because I signed up for two more fic exchanges today. I'd love to see more of my friends sign up for them. Both will have fics posted throughout September.

One is for hobbits, A Movable Feast over at [ profile] waymeet. Waymeet challenges are usually for members only but this one is open to everybody and I hope a lot of people will sign up and there'll be a good variety of fics and art. Sign-ups close tomorrow (August 6th) for this one so if you've been thinking about it but not sure whether to join in, now is the time.

The other is the Multi-Fandom Character of Color Love Fest at [ profile] choc_fic. People offered prompts in the comm last month but it's open for anyone to claim them now. (I didn't write a prompt but I claimed one.) Each prompt has a specified day when you need to post the fic, but there is a huge variety in a lot of different fandoms. I'm a little nervous because, well, I'm not actually sure whether I've committed to writing incest for this one (o_0), but I'm excited about it anyway. The deadline for claiming prompts has been extended to August 13th.

I know there are a few other fans of the TV series Homicide: Life on the Street on my f-list. I don't feel like I know the show well enough to try to write in that fandom but I enjoyed [ profile] azrhiaz's Homicide fic at Yuletide last year and I was happy to see that there are a bunch of Homicide prompts in the fest, quite a few of them claimed already. So, whether or not you want to write, it might be good to friend that comm so you don't miss that great fic about Detective Pembleton or Lt. Giardello that's on the way. Similarly, if you've been wondering where the Hiro/Ando slash or the Wash/Zoe het is, it looks like this could be the place.

This evening I've been reading some great short gen Harry Potter fics in the community [ profile] dh_predictions. cut for vague DH spoilers )


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