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I watched a bunch of movies in the fall and wrote up little reviews of most of them but then didn't post because I didn't finish the reviews, which was partly because I hadn't finished one of the movies. I haven't been watching a lot of movies lately, but here is that old post, with a few additions, and no spoilers to speak of.

Fiction movies! Julie & Julia, Brick Lane, King Arthur, Love and Basketball, Imagine Me and You, Saving Face, The Prince of Egypt, Things We Lost in the Fire, The Mothod )

Also documentaries! Sound and Fury, Street Fight, Jesus Camp, When the Levees Broke )
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You guys, I wrote inaugural fic!

Fandoms: Homicide: Life on the Street, The Faculty, Doctor Who, Harold and Kumar, Heroes
Rating: G to PG-13 (gen)
Words: 2295
Note: Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for taking a look at this last night!

Five Families Who Watched the Inauguration of the 44th American President )
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I really loved watching the inaugural celebration on HBO today, but I just read on [ profile] darkrosetiger's journal that the TV special left out the invocation by Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop. I don't know if they had planned to have him on TV or not – apparently there were sound problems – but it's an awful shame. Now everyone will see the new president blessed by a pastor who campaigns against gay people, but they won't see Bishop Robinson or hear this beautiful prayer. I'm reposting the text of it here, with three of the wonderful pictures that [ profile] ladypolitik posted at [ profile] obama_daily tonight.

ETA: [ profile] msilverstar linked to this video:


A Prayer for the Nation and Our Next President, Barack Obama )
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As seen on [ profile] speccygeekgrrl's journal, West Wing credits for the Obama administration. :D

Also, here is a neat story I heard on NPR yesterday about a new book called Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to the New First Lady.
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Did you catch Bill O'Reilly on Thursday night's Daily Show? You can watch the whole show here or here but I was especially impressed with the second half of the interview. I mean, it's disturbing how amused Bill is over his own joke about Jon Stewart getting killed (WTF!?), but watch it for what Jon says about American traditions. Oh man I ♥ him so much.

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I found these parody Kirk/Spock pon farr stories yesterday through a link on a Fanlore page (lots more variations listed there) and they made me laugh a lot, so I thought I'd pass on the links. Logic and Lubricity, or, K/S as told by Jane Austen; with some less seemly parts, by Mary Ellen Curtin. And, for you academics out there (and those who like to laugh at academics), Unpacking Pon Farr: Kirk, Spock, and the image of the female void by Brancher. (My favorite line: "Jim, is it possible that within the structure of this text, we could engage in the free play of signifiers?")

And just now ran into this article in The New York Observer analyzing the U.S. presidential race in terms of Kirk and Spock: Be Logical, Captain! by Jason Horowitz. (That article doesn't take a slashy angle, but someone else sure could.)
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In an attempt to overcome not-posting inertia I'm passing on this video that I saw on [ profile] schemingreader's LJ, ten minutes of Barack Obama telling funny jokes about himself and John McCain. Whoo! McCain's speech is pretty funny too (with lots of shots of Obama laughing and looking rather handsome). They also say nice things about each other during the last minute or so of their time; don't know how genuine it is but it's a nice change of pace in the middle of such a nasty campaign.

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Today I'm happy that Barack Obama is our candidate and I think he'll be our next president. He's not perfect but I think he's the best major-party presidential candidate I've ever had the chance to vote for and I'm excited about that. And of the people who seem to have been on the short list I'm really glad he went with Biden.
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I haven't done a recs post in ages, so here's a longish one with no LJ-cut: gen, slash, het, femslash, and a nonfiction book.

I'm having so much angsty fun reading [ profile] mariole's new Beatles fic, The Space Between Us All. She's been posting two or three chapters a day and as usual with Mariole's fics there's a lot of tension that keeps you (or me, anyway!) really eager to see the next part.

There are a ton of new Harry Potter fics going up for various exchanges and I've only had a chance to read a few of them, but I did want to tell you about two that I've read. Occam's Razor is Harry/Draco with some Harry/Snape and takes place a couple years after DH. I'd clicked on it because there was a very enticing list of kinks in the heading, but I totally got sucked into the plot too. It's quite long and the author does a really nice job keeping you guessing while she moves the story forward and also including lots and lots of smut. Whoo!

I followed someone else's rec to What Makes All the Difference, a wonderful fic that takes place at Hogwarts during DH. It's Padma Patil's POV and has a romance with Seamus (plus a nice look at Neville being his awesome self). I really recommend this one especially to fans of, say, Rubynye's and Dana's fics about hobbits in the Shire during the Troubles – Padma's somewhat like Rosie and other female hobbits in that we see very little of her in canon but this author does a really nice job making her into a three-dimensional character who gives us a new perspective on that world.

Hey, speaking of girls! [ profile] trascendenza wrote a really lovely Heroes fic, a Claire/May romance called Will Set You Free. (When I first heard her talking about this pairing I had trouble placing May, but she is the pretty Asian-American cheerleader in Costa Verde, the one who tells Claire that she was awesome in try-outs. Wouldn't you rather see Claire with her than with West?) She takes up the theme we see on the show of Claire struggling with her identity and how much she can tell her family or the world and brings that to – get this – a lesbian story that does not end in pain and death! Whoo!

I also wanted to tell you about a book I just finished reading, Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights by Kenji Yoshino. Yoshino uses the term covering to talk about the pressure in US society for people outside of the "mainstream" (he talks mostly about gay people and racial minorities but also women and people with disabilities) to assimilate and conform. Their difference can be acknowledged (it's not the same as passing) but it shouldn't be "flaunted". He talks about this as a human rights issue but one that's not addressed by our laws, which cover discrimination based on identity categories but not behavior. So, for example, obviously it's illegal to fire/refuse to hire someone for being black, but the courts have upheld American Airlines' right to fire someone a black woman for wearing cornrows. Yoshino is a legal scholar and a Japanese-American gay man, and he writes a lot, and very honestly and beautifully, about his own personal experiences as well as legal cases and larger civil rights histories. I really enjoyed reading this and it's given me a lot to think about.


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