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I just did my fandom nominations for Yuletide! Nominations close in a little less than two days, so if you're planning on participating and have your heart set on a particular very small fandom, this is the time to make sure it's available. However, even if you don't do nominations this week, you can still play in the challenge with the fandoms other people have nominated. There are LOTS.

I nominated four movies, a TV show, and a book: Treme, Keeping the Faith, Antônia, Leonera, Caramel, Kindred )

There's been some great activity at [community profile] dark_agenda this week encouraging people to nominate, request, and write for sources created by and starring people of color. Check out the comm and the Chromatic Yuletide Spreadsheet of Doom if that is also an interest of yours. They are also linking to promo posts so it could be a good place to find out about some new tiny fandoms. (I have been meaning for ages to do a post about Leonera and Antônia and haven't finished it yet. Maybe this weekend.)
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I've been having a really nice week. I've been blowing off exercise (eh, the gym is closed and it's too cold to run outside) and rl work (eh, no excuse there), staying at home and throwing myself into some fun fannish projects. I started a new Merlin fic on Monday and another one yesterday and have been writing a ton on both. \o/ I haven't posted anything new but I've had new comments on a few older fics that made me feel really good. I've been archiving my old fics at the Archive of Our Own and exchanging e-mails to brainstorm for a small fic and art fest to be held at [community profile] camelot_fleet next month.

I finally finished watching Noah's Arc on Netflix instant viewing a few days ago. I liked the movie a little less than most of the episodes because (skip) of all the relationship/infidelity angst and because I was disappointed that Junito wasn't in it and that Noah ended up with Wade, who I still think is an asshole. I did like the part with Wade's mom though, and Chance's student Brandon was a cutie. It was still fun and I think I might request Alex fic for Yuletide next year.

On Tuesday I went out to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and I liked it pretty well, though not as much as I'd hoped. Comments on style and characters but no real spoilers )

I thought uploading my fic at the AO3 would be really tedious but it's mostly been easy and occasionally fun - I like skimming my old fics and deciding on tags for them. lots of AO3 talk )

Speaking of LotR, [personal profile] franzeska commented on the Dreamwidth side of the Fanlore post I did a couple weeks ago to ask whether I remembered the vampire hobbits fad from a few years back, and I had to say no, I think it was before my time. Does anyone else remember who the authors were, when that happened and where they got archived?


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