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I was thinking about doing a review of my fic in the first three months of the year, but then I looked and realized I hadn't posted any new fic in January or March, and that made me sad, so I guess I'll just leave the review for the end of the year like I usually do. :)

I did write a teensy bit last month, and the final product of [personal profile] zephre's and my collaboration will probably be ready later today, and posted at [community profile] camelot_fleet along with the other Artword projects. I've never worked with an artist before and I was nervous about signing up for this, but it's been really awesome and I'm really happy with what we've made, and looking forward to seeing the others.

[community profile] camelot_fleet will also be hosting a podfic workshop this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this because I've been wanting to get into podfic but am intimidated by the recording software and such. I've really enjoyed listening to recordings by all three of the people running this and it's pretty much perfect timing, since sign-ups just opened at [community profile] ladiesbigbang.

Sign-ups just opened at [community profile] ladiesbigbang!! I'm so excited to see everybody's projects, with so much variety in the fandoms and media. Two people are planning on writing epic Alice in Wonderland fics, you guys! If you like female characters but don't feel like taking on a big project, consider signing up as a beta or cheerleader, or to create a complement to someone else's work toward the end of the challenge. They will need people with a lot of different areas of expertise.

RemixRedux assignments are going out this week! *bounces*

cool comms

Mar. 19th, 2010 10:51 am
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I've been meaning to do a Follow Friday post. These are posts to help people find interesting things to read on Dreamwidth. You can read all the public posts on the followfriday feed. Yesterday I used that to find this great post of links to communities by [personal profile] elke_tanzer. Check it out, because there are probably a lot more communities relevant to your interests there than here! There's also [site community profile] dw_community_promo for Dreamwidth communities that exist already and [community profile] create_my_comm for ones that don't but totally should.

I've never really had trouble finding interesting things to read on Dreamwidth, but I've had more of a challenge finding active and friendly spaces to interact with people, especially as someone who doesn't usually participate in meta discussions. And last week a good friend of mine from LJ was saying that they felt generally intimidated by Dreamwidth for similar reasons. So! Here are some communities that I think of as good places for getting to know people. I would love it if you'd tell me about others.

My favorite place on Dreamwidth is [community profile] camelot_fleet, the Merlin multishippers community. (OTPers and gen fans are welcome too, honestly, just come.) Most of the friends I have in Merlin fandom are people I met at their weekend parties and half my Merlin fics were written for prompts there. It's also a great place for discussion, art, challenges, hugs, and tea. The theme of tomorrow's party will be "Welcome the Newbies", so it's a great time to stop in if you haven't before.

[community profile] homeeconomics101! Post about domestic difficulties! Share your wisdom! Join in weekly or weekend decluttering challenges! This comm was just founded in January and has new people joining in all the time.

[community profile] runners got started back in May of last year and had gone kind of quiet over the winter, but it seems to be picking up again with a bunch of new members this month. I like that some people there are just starting out with the first week of the Couch to 5K program and others regularly run marathons.

I'm not practicing yoga these days, but people who are might appreciate [community profile] sun_salutation, which looks to be very active right now and also nicely balanced across different ability levels.

(Um, I was going to talk about some individuals here, but I'm feeling awkward about that, so maybe I'll leave it for another Friday!)

And finally, an LJ link for one of my favorite ficathons! [ profile] lgbtfest is open for prompts until March 24. This is "a fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. This fest is multi-fandom and open to stories about any characters you want to write as LGBT, whether they're canonically LGBT or not." Check out the rules and then leave some prompts (especially Merlin ones pls!)! The mods will collate all the prompts for us and then there will be claiming and then there will be fic!


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